The Scoop: USA Today Bestselling author Farrah Rochon steals the hearts of many fans with her romance-driven book series “The Boyfriend Project.” Throughout the series, Farrah explores the challenges that modern singles go through while dating. The final book in the trilogy is “The Hookup Plan,” which will be released in August 2022. As an example of how complex yet rewarding love can be, Farrah authentically creates characters that resonate with single women who are looking for hope and fulfillment in their own love lives. 

I remember when I first fell in love with books. I was 13 when my bookworm journey began. The feeling I got from reading a good book was like no other. Reading not only kept me out of trouble, it also helped me dive into the hype of fiction. I never knew why fiction was so popular until I realized that creating authentic stories can educate readers about the reality of our world — or better yet, the reality you wish to live in. 

Picture of Farrah Rochon.
Bestselling author Farrah Rochon puts a feminist twist on romance books.

USA Today Bestselling author and love advocate, Farrah Rochon has built a devoted following with her romance book series “The Boyfriend Project.” The series follows the love lives of three very different women trying to figure out what love means to them. Many readers have found the series to be funny, sexy, and refreshing to read. 

“A prime example of how complex and insightful romances can be. Farrah Rochon deftly explores what it means to go viral, the unique joys of strong female friendships, and the particular struggles of Black women in the workplace, all within a great love story,” said Jasmine Guillory, New York Times bestselling author of “The Wedding Date,” in a editorial review

Farrah’s spark for writing romance novels started during her collegiate years in the student lounge at Xavier University of Louisiana. From then on, Farrah couldn’t put the pen down as her writing career took off, and she has perfected her craft. Farrah told us that as a romance author, she loves providing hopeful fantasies for readers – especially with all the hardships going on in the world right now. 

“Romance novels provide an escape. That is so incredibly important these days. Even though I put my characters through a series of trials, readers can count on everything working out in the end. Some may consider that unrealistic, but real life is so tough right now; we all deserve a little fantasy,” she said. 

Staying Booked And Busy

With the COVID-19 pandemic still active, finding new things to do indoors is challenging. You can only play the same music soundtrack so many times before you start going crazy. Books are great alternatives to keeping you entertained. It’s been said that a good book is like a good friend that’ll stay with you for a long time. 

“The Boyfriend Project” has the full capacity to keep anyone entertained. As a three-book series, readers can look forward to not one but three enlightened love experiences. Farrah told us that she always knew the series would be a three-book series, but what she didn’t expect was the high praise that came along the way. 

“This book was EVERYTHING you want in a romcom,” writes a Goodreads member in a five-star review. “Farrah Rochon, you queen! This was fab!”

The Boyfriend Project website screenshot.
“The Boyfriend Project” series is a fan favorite.

Farrah told us the inspiration for “The Boyfriend Project” came from Twitter, of all places. The book series begins with a scene in which the main characters, three women, discover they are dating the same guy, and they stir things up in a veritable Tweetstorm. Farrah said she witnessed a similar scene unfold in real life on the social media platform.

“I was up one night reading through an actual live-tweeting event that had gone viral, and I thought it was a great basis for a book. The protagonists, like all of my characters, came strictly from my imagination,” Farrah informed us. 

The series keeps readers engaged with its cleverness and fleshed-out characters. People from all walks of life have found the characters to be relatable to themselves or people they know. A story about love, friendship, and career challenges is certainly relatable to what people experience on the daily. Reading modern romance is a breath of fresh air. 

“’The Boyfriend Project’ is a wonderful mix of what I love in romance: romantic tenderness, great chemistry, bright individuals, expertise in their jobs, deep friendships with secondary characters, and excellent conflict between them leading to great trust-building,” according to a Frolic review. 

Farrah,a fan favorite, is continuously booked and busy chasing writing deadlines. Farrah’s other book series outside of “The Boyfriend Project,” are set in a variety of backdrops from the hustle and bustle of the city to the quiet serenity of a small town. 

Romance Novels That Empower Single Women

As you can imagine, a major demographic of Farrah’s fans consists of women — single women. Single women are attracted to hopeful stories that pertain to love. At a time when finding true love is rare and unexpected, it’s important to keep hope alive while waiting to find your special person.

Farrah said she strongly believes that true love is out there. She wishes to empower women through her books and encourage them to remain patient along the journey to happily ever after. Her subject matter is about more than just writing kissing scenes and creating heartthrob male characters — Farrah’s books empower women to know their potential and how they are deserving of love. 

“My romances tend to have a feminist tone to them. My heroines are always accomplished women who would be just fine on their own,” Farrah told us. “I strive to show readers that they shouldn’t settle for just anyone just because society dictates that they need a significant other in order to be whole. This is especially true for The Boyfriend Project series.”

Farrah's book collection.
Farrah Rochon has explored many romantic plotlines in her books.

Romance novels are just a starting point for Farrah’s influence. Beyond her books, she also offers guidance and support to aspiring writers like herself. Farrah has written detailed workshops for her fellow writers to help them learn and grow. Aspiring writers can check out her free handbooks “For Serious Plotters Only” and “Using Psychology to Create Memorable Characters.”  

Both workshops provide valuable tips on how to write a great novel. Her willingness to help and support upcoming writers is a testament to the community formed around romance writing. Embracing a philosophy of paying it forward, Farrah seeks to empower readers and writers in more ways than one. 

Farrah Rochon: “The Hookup Plan” Will Satisfy Romantics

As it’s been said many times before: all good things must come to an end.  As Farrah planned from the very beginning, “The Boyfriend Project,” series will wrap up with the final book, “The Hookup Plan.” Unlike the other books, “The Hookup Plan” is more of a sex-first love story with a tug of war of emotions.  

Screenshot of The Hookup Plan book cover.
“The Hookup Plan” will be a heartwarming ending to the series.

“’The Hookup Plan’ fits into my favorite romantic trope: enemies to lovers. My heroine, who really doesn’t have time for love, decides to hook up with her high school nemesis on the night of her 15-year reunion because she knows there’s no chance she would ever fall for him. But it’s a romance, so we all know how that goes,” Farrah said. 

The story focuses on a young man’s determination to win over his high school crush. Romantics are in for a special treat. Farrah told us that readers can expect to go on a fun ride with the characters as they witness how the main character realizes how fine the line between love and hate really is. It’ll be a satisfying end to the series. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a story in which two people find love in the most unlikely place. 

“The Hookup Plan,” will be released August 2, 2022, and is now available for readers to pre-order on Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other popular platforms. Although the series is sadly coming to an end, readers can look forward to what else Farrah has up her sleeve. 

“I have no plans of returning to the series once it wraps up with ‘The Hookup Plan,’ but I think readers will be satisfied with the story and how everything ties up in the end,” Farrah told us.