The Short Version: In the southeast Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra, Robyn Nind works relationship magic at Blue Label Life. Instead of employing staff to turn matchmaking into an assembly line, Robyn connects busy, high-achieving professionals through an exclusive service she runs independently. Many clients are time-strapped expats without social networks in their adopted country. Robyn helps them slow down and savor the experience of connecting on their own terms. Relationship doors open when clients let go of outcomes and have fun.

Many professionals in the dynamic cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra in southeast Australia are expats lacking family and social connections. Even natives with professional careers often work in other countries before returning home.

Either way, many of these results-oriented high achievers are at a stage in life where they’ve been down a road or two when it comes to relationships. They don’t have the time to socialize or join groups to find a partner, and the online option leaves many daters exhausted.

Folks like these are accustomed to success and feel they have much to offer and gain in a lasting love relationship. Many turn to matchmaker Robyn Nind of Blue Label Life to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Since 2005, Robyn has matched thousands of attractive, intelligent, successful single men and women looking for a genuine and caring partnership. Clients know what they want in a match but not how to find it. They value their privacy, understand how to present themselves, and are ready to get to it and start living again.

“The main reason people come to me is for privacy and exclusivity,” Robyn said. “But the other side is the support I provide. When you don’t have those social networks or family support, it’s nice to have that.”

Support and mentoring create a relationship-learning environment for busy professionals. Robyn draws on her previous career in counseling and psychology to help clients learn to let go of expectations and enjoy dating for what it is. Relationships come more naturally when they do that.

“A lot of people might think they’re open, but things come up when it starts happening,” Robyn said. “Just have fun and build friendships. And then it happens.”

Mentoring and Support Help Fine-Tune the Search

Blue Label Life started in 2005 as a team effort, but Robyn remodeled the business about seven years ago to make it more exclusive. Now, her clients deal only with her — she gets to know each one personally and maintains ongoing contact throughout the matchmaking experience.

“I really get to know my clients, so we get a better result,” she said.

Another differentiator at Blue Label Life is that clients take professional photos and see photos of their matches before they decide to meet them. People come to Robyn through the website or word-of-mouth. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Robyn would travel between Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne to meet clients. The pandemic turned Blue Label Life into a remote contact experience, where it remains.

“Now, I do my whole business like that, and it works really well because people are very comfortable with that now,” Robyn said.

robyn nind, matchmaker at blue label life
Robyn founded Blue Label Life to help high-achieving single Australians.

When she receives an inquiry, Robyn calls the prospective client to ensure they’re looking for the same things. Then, she books a free introductory consultation that usually takes one or two hours. It encompasses a discussion about values, lifestyle, priorities, goals, what’s worked and what hasn’t in dating, and what they’ve learned from their past relationships and experiences.

She offers the client a membership if she feels she can help. She then builds up a profile and starts matching.

That’s when the conversation begins. Robyn prides herself on maintaining constant communication with all her clients. She said that’s the most valuable aspect of her service.

“It’s what each client tells me about what’s going on with them, how they felt when they met their matches, that helps me fine-tune the search and get to the right partner,” she said. “When we meet people face to face, we learn what’s important for us.”

Empowering Clients to Open Up to Possibility

Robyn was not a fan of her previous counseling career. She would take negative experiences home, where she had enough to deal with as a single parent. But she had always been passionate about relationships and what made people tick.

“Matchmaking is the fun side of counseling — it’s coaching and putting people together,” she said.

Robyn’s YouTube is full of helpful content.

She had seen the same old faces time after time on the dating apps. Her contacts had run dry, and dating events were boring. She wanted to meet people who shared her values and were ready to make a go of it. Blue Label Life is a solution based on that period in her life and an antidote to the same frustrations her clients share.

What they have in common is the reality that relationship building is a journey. Meeting people is nerve-racking — many clients hang on to past relationships and fear. Robyn’s job is to help people open up to love and empower them to let go of all outcomes and trust the process.

Many clients tell Robyn that dating experiences make them feel interrogated. She uses her counseling background to train them to view matchmaking as fun.

It’s challenging for results-oriented individuals to approach dating as an open-ended experience. Yet Robyn counsels her clients to adopt that perspective to help depressurize dating and allow desirable personal qualities to come to the fore.

“You’re meeting people you’ll connect well with, and if they end up being a great friend in your life, you’re ahead,” Robyn said. “When we say, I want someone like this, or I have a list, or they have to be like this, or I don’t want this, it closes our energy, and we don’t attract the right people.”

Let Go of Outcomes and Love Yourself First

Robyn said love is ultimately about looking after your energy, sitting in your heart space, and understanding what you want, not what you don’t want.

“Don’t focus on red flags and all that stuff — to me, it’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is what you want and focusing on how you want to feel in this connection. That’s when you attract the right person you can have that connection and relationship with.”

Dating is similar to a job search, requiring a strategy. People don’t go into a job search without a plan, and dating without one doesn’t work either.

“We get what we focus on, so if you keep focusing on what you don’t want, you’ll continue to attract it,” she said. “It opens up your energy when you can move forward and say, I deserve to be accepted, I deserve to be loved, I deserve to have the best.”

robyn nind, matchmaker
Robyn says magic can happen when singles realize what they deserve.

High achievers are human like everybody else. Much of the work in Robyn’s client conversations centers on helping them understand that they deserve to be in front of someone who’s generous, accepting, and treats them respectfully.

Boundaries are a related concern that often gets mixed up in dating conversations. Robyn said the key to healthy boundaries is knowing what you want and being willing to disconnect if a relationship doesn’t make you feel good.

That holds even for women with a biological clock ticking. Other women may feel the pressure to build and maintain a career before starting a relationship with a family in mind. Robyn counsels building a positive relationship first and letting other things take care of themselves.

“You’ve got to trust that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be, and when you’re in that energy, it happens really quickly,” she said. “When people experience that and empower themselves, I know my job is done.”