The Scoop: Astrology doesn’t have all the answers for daters, but it can definitely help you learn more about yourself and your romantic prospects. Cindy McKean is an astrologer and the founder of Kansas City Astrology & Tarot. Cindy talks to us about her specialty in astromapping, and her tips for daters and couples who are interested in exploring astrology. She filled us in on astrological compatibility, how much to read into someone’s sun sign, and the scoop on birth charts. Cindy told us that intentionality is at the heart of many aspects of astrology – something it has in common with great – and often successful – dating practices.

I don’t go looking for patterns in astrology — they just find me. When my best friend from high school met my best friend from college, and they realized they were both Aquariuses, I admitted the similarities in their personalities were striking. I also pointed out that they were both my best friends, so the chances of their personalities being similar were quite high. 

My tune changed a bit when my two friends started asking me about other birthdays of those closest to me, and we realized that there was certainly a trend. In fact, there are a few trends.

While I’m not a prolific dater, I’ve only been in romantic relationships with Aries and Tauruses. And of all the close friends I’ve made throughout my life, a startling number of them were born under an Aquarius sun. If they weren’t, it’s almost a surefire bet they’re Cancerians. When I look at all my relationships, I can’t help but feel there’s an important resonance that lies in astrology. 

Cindy McKean is an astrologer, AstroCartoGraphy expert, and the sole reader for Kansas City Astrology & Tarot. She talked to us about astromapping, astrology, and all the resonances that can be found in the stars for singles. 

Astrology can be a fun and helpful tool for daters when they know how to use it properly, and Cindy gave her insights on how individuals can learn more about astrology.

“Astromapping is a very fascinating field,” Cindy said, “and it’s all about intention. Astrology can help us understand these powerful forces that work all around us and that we can work with.”

Astrology Helps Daters See Themselves – and Others

Astromapping is core to Cindy’s practice, and she explained how the tool works. “There’s two major ones,” Cindy said. “One is called astrocartography, and those are more powerful lines. And the other one is called local space lines or compass astrology.”

Cindy said astrocartography is how the planets are organized in space and how they project onto Earth. “They’re either on a meridian, which is high sun, noon, or midnight, or on the horizon, the ascendant or descendant, which is where the sun rises and sets,” she explained. “These are powerful places.”

Cindy McKean astrologer
Cindy filled us in on astromapping and sun signs.

The other kind of astromapping, local space lines, is based on information taken from the horizon. Cindy said, “It’s essentially looking at the horizon, especially from the ones at the time you were born, and how those planets come at you from different directions.”

Cindy dubbed local space line astromapping as “feng shui using astrology.” She explained, “You can arrange your space according to the local space lines. Let’s say you want to get more recognition at work. You could move your desk to Jupiter or your Sunline, and things happen. It’s all about intention for your local space lines.”

Astrology approaches like astromapping can help you think about what you want from many areas of your life. They can also encourage you to reflect on your unique experiences, outlook, and desires and really get in tune with them. Even better, they can help you make intentional changes in your daily life and start taking proactive steps to achieve your goals.

Looking to the Skies to Learn About Love

Cindy told us that the first step to dating success is making sure you’re truly ready for the experience. “If you’re ready for love– and I mean good and ready, no major issues going on– and you’re hoping for a partner to come into your life, you have to be aligned with yourself first,” she said.

Once someone is ready to authentically pursue new relationships, astrology can be a helpful tool. “Let’s say you’re ready for somebody new in your love life,” she said. “You could move to your Mars line or your Venus line, and those either attract sex or love. Venus is about love, and Mars is about sex.”

Cindy said sunlight can be useful. “Sunlight would be a positive thing for finding love. Just because it shines and it’s light on you, and allowing people to see you for who you are. Not just them, but you’re also seeing yourself in this authentic and bright light– it’s you, and authentic attraction.”

astrology can give singles insights
Astrology can give daters unique insights.

Singles can also use astromapping throughout their dating process. “If you want transformative sex, you could go to a Pluto line. I wouldn’t recommend living on a Pluto line, but you could visit if you’re looking for profound sexual experiences and getting to know your partner in a deeply soulful way. If you’re looking for spontaneity, excitement, and the unexpected, go to your Uranus line.”

Cindy uses astromapping to guide clients closer to love all the time. She told us she once had a client looking for a partner, and the client’s Venus and Mars lines were going over Italy. Her client visited Italy – and didn’t meet her partner. However, on her way back home during a layover at O’Hare, she met the man who became her husband — who just happened to be from Italy. 

Venus is the planet associated with love and most often associated with finding a harmonious partner. Astromapping doesn’t mean the love of your life lives in a specific place or you need to move to a city along your Venus line.

“You don’t have to be there,” Cindy explained. “It just means that person is coming remotely from that location. You can meet anywhere in the world, but it still connects that way as it did with the client who met her Italian soulmate at O’Hare airport in Chicago.”

Cindy Gives Insight Into Birth Charts and Sun Signs

When most people think about astrology, they probably think about sun signs. Sun signs are the most commonly known and discussed parts of a birth chart, and while they definitely translate useful information, Cindy said they’re just part of the bigger picture.

“I’m a professional astrologer, and I’m a Taurus, and I would never go around being like Capricorn and Virgo are going to be the most compatible for me, and where are they?” she said. “Instead, it’s all about whether you connect with a person or not. Once the connection is there, astrology can help you learn more.”

kansas city astrology and tarot
Cindy reads astrology, tarot, palms, and more.

Couples often seek Cindy’s astrology services, and she said she can line up two charts and analyze them. “I overlay one chart on top of the other and see how the planets rub against each other. It’s way more accurate than saying who you are and aren’t compatible with based on a sun sign.”

Cindy offers natal charts, current patterns, and transits readings, and creates astromaps for clients. She does personal tarot readings. And clients can choose to do a combined reading, where Cindy will combine two or more services within the same session, whether it’s tarot, palmistry, or astrological reading. She’s faculty at Kepler College who teaches beginner astromapping as well as advanced astrocartography techniques.

Astrology is a helpful tool for singles and couples alike. It can help us understand ourselves and each other more deeply and become better at getting curious about what makes us stir. “I look at it for insight and to see how you could work best with a person,” Cindy said. “It also shows you what you can avoid and where the patterns are. Go with what’s organic, and astrology can give you a deeper glimpse.”