The Scoop: Well-educated people may struggle to find romantic partners because they want to connect with someone on their intelligence level. Those singles may also find barriers to romance on typical dating sites. The Educated Singles Club is a place for intelligent daters to connect through their shared passion for knowledge. The dating platform caters to singles worldwide who prioritize intellectual curiosity over hookups.

Singles looking for love say they want — more than any other quality — a partner with intelligence. In a survey of more than 200,000 people, men rated intelligence as the most essential quality in a partner, while women ranked it second, after humor.

“High intelligence, for example, indicates an array of desirable heritable traits, including creativity and problem-solving, and suggests stimulating companionship for a long-term relationship. The adaptive benefits of intelligence makes smart look pretty darn sexy,” wrote Psychology Today about the findings.

Notably, super-smart singles — those above the 90th percentile — were found marginally less desirable than other intelligent daters. That may be because of the myth that brilliant people may lack social awareness.

Many of those intellectual daters turn to The Educated Singles Club, a platform that caters to single people seeking partners who match their ambitions and intelligence levels.

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The Educated Singles Club connects intelligent daters with potential partners.

The site caters to many wise women who are more likely to be single. Women may prioritize their intelligence and careers and struggle to find men who appreciate their ambition. In a British study, some men viewed a woman’s intelligence as a hindrance in their relationship.

“Their intelligence was predicted to cause problems in the relationships. Whereas high intelligence in the male partner was not seen as problematic, but desirable. These cultural stereotypes and gender biases are inhibiting women from being seen as equals. Rational and educated women are being ignored and chastised for their intelligence,” wrote Elite Daily.

Intelligence can be a determining factor in relationships, especially for women. Many daters say they want smart partners, but not someone too bright.
Educated Singles Club is a place for intelligent daters to find each other and avoid the confusion on other sites about just how smart someone wants them to be.

Connecting Over Shared Knowledge

Intelligent singles are in demand, but singles interested in finding an intelligent date may struggle to find someone who matches their education level on typical dating apps. That is the problem that The Educated Singles Club sought to fix.

Dr. Finn Majlergaard created the platform for singles disappointed with other dating apps and sites. He discovered scores of well-educated singles through his research. Many said they were happy being alone, especially if dating meant settling for partners who did not match their intelligence.

But those singles were often still looking for partners to attend cultural, social, and professional events. Dr. Majlergaard hypothesized that if singles connected on that level, eventually physical and emotional attraction could develop.

The Educated Singles Club was born out of those observations. Members must have a master’s degree to join the dating site. The team assesses each potential profile, and about 85% of potential users don’t meet the platform’s strict membership criteria.

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Members prioritize education as one of the most important aspects of compatibility.

“Instead of trying to make an unreal, glamorous first impression, we invite you to make yourself attractive intellectually, socially, culturally, and physically. By sharing photos and by initiating or contributing to discussions on our forums, you have the opportunity to show more sides of yourself to an exclusive group of academics and other well-educated singles,” a post on the site reads.

Users flock to the platform, and its active forum because they seek partners and peers who are also well-educated and curious.

According to a survey on the site, more than half of respondents said it is important if their partner is well-educated. Another 25% of users said their future partner’s education level was of some importance. A smaller percentage noted that they would never date someone less educated than they were.

The Vaccination Status Feature Offers Peace of Mind

One of the most recent features of The Educated Singles Club allows users to identify their vaccination status on their profiles. At first, the platform considered COVID-19 vaccination status a private matter, but after members responded with their preferences, the site decided to take a poll.

“It is a subject that divides people across the globe. But it has been paramount for The Educated Singles Club to emphasize that we don’t have any opinion on this matter,” the site said in a press release.

More than 2,000 members responded to the vaccination status survey. The site asked whether vaccination status should be a new information field on a member’s profile. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they thought it was a good idea, 19% thought it was unnecessary, and the remaining 13% were undecided.

Ultimately, the site added a field to the profile where members can designate their vaccination status. Answering the question is voluntary, and the default answer is “I prefer not to say.”

Screenshot from The Educated Singles Club
The Educated Singles Club offers a safe space for users to build friendships and relationships.

Users can acknowledge they are fully or partially vaccinated. Members can’t search for other users based on their vaccination status, but they can view that information when they click into someone else’s profile.

“We are only responding to the wishes of many members. Our initiative has mainly been positively received. But as we all know, it is a very emotional topic, so not everybody has been pleased,” according to the press release.

Still, the more educated an individual, the more likely they are to be vaccinated, according to a study from the University of Southern California. The university “found that more than 76% of U.S. adults with at least a bachelor’s degree have already been vaccinated or plan to be, compared to just over half (53%) of those without a college degree.”

The Educated Singles Club Aims to Match More Daters

Humans are physically, emotionally, and intellectually attracted to each other. The Educated Singles Club aims to connect people who share all three attractions, starting with the most important: intelligence.

“We can become mutually attracted on the physical/sexual level, which is what is happening when we swipe through photos in an app like Tinder. We can also become mutually attracted emotionally when we share some fundamental values with another person. And finally we can become intellectually attracted to each other,” The Educated Singles Club blog explains.

If singles base their relationships on emotional and intellectual attraction, their partnerships will last longer. Having at least two of the three attractions is key to a lasting relationship.

If they meet in the Educated Singles Club, they have a good chance to develop all three.

The dating site has more ideas to connect intelligent singles looking for love and plans to roll out new features in the next few years. For instance, the team wants to organize educational camps where members from around the world can meet for several days to explore and discuss particular topics.

It also wants to strengthen its global ambassador program and form a think tank to develop ideas of global interest, including climate change solutions, sustainability, and human rights.

“The Educated Singles Club is based on very strong values and on a state-of-the-art technology platform that enables the global community to connect, communicate and collaborate in almost any possible way,” according to a press release from the platform.