The Scoop: It’s safe to say that the world of romantic relationships is evolving, which means people have to change the way they date. Singles had different dating styles and tactics to meet a potential love interest than they do today. That is why it’s helpful to have dating coaches and professionals to help you along your dating journey. Dating expert Sam Whittaker shares insightful dating tips on the online men’s magazine Mantelligence. The magazine’s stated mission is to help single men succeed in their relationships with the firsthand expertise from the magazine’s writers and editors. Mantelligence is filled with many dating resources, articles, and how-to guides that will help men shift their mindset to better prepare them for their perfect date. 

The dating scene today is vastly different than it was when our parents used to date. I was talking with my father recently, and I discovered that many men court women differently today than they did a few years back. Women have become more in tune with themselves and more vocal about what they want, which has prompted single men to shift their mindset to get their dream partner. 

This shift requires men to be aware of the current dating trends and change their mindset and strategy on how they date. To help in this shift, Mantelligence provides single men with supportive dating coaches and experts, so they don’t have to go it alone. Sam Whittaker, Mantelligence managing editor, shares insightful and relevant dating tips for men to use to win at finding love. 

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Sam Whittaker, dating coach and Mantelligence managing editor.

Sam along with many other Mantelligence dating coaches is determined in helping singles become better and more intelligent daters and lovers. Mantelligence was designed to help singles think smarter and be proactive in their dating lives. Logic is a part of dating that many singles don’t consider. Dating with no plan or no strategy isn’t impossible to do but it certainly is more challenging. 

Over the years, Mantelligence has helped many single men with their love lives. The Mantelligence team is committed to gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. With this in mind, anyone who desires to learn new dating skills and tactics is welcome to its services. 

“We are grateful that each month, we’re able to guide over 1 million readers to become better, more intelligent versions of themselves,” said the Mantelligence team. 

Learning How to Shift Your Mind for Dating Success

Changing old habits and learning new ones is not always an easy task. Some of the habits we have come are ingrained, and we have to actively work to adopt new healthier habits. According to a Duke University study in 2006, 45% of all our daily behaviors are automatic.

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Mantelligence advises people to shift their mindset to get better dating results.

Sam told us that changing how you do things is the quickest way for singles to get exactly what they want out of a relationship. While it’s good to learn how to shift your mindset and adopt new healthy dating patterns, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Sam encourages his clients to stay authentic and build meaningful connections along the way. 

“The mindset in the dating scene is everything,” said Sam. “Depending on a guy’s perspective on dating, he is likely to attract (or not attract) the ideal partner he is looking for. It’s important to go into the dating scene knowing what you want and don’t want from dating.”

The Mantelligence team helps singles find the right dating strategy for them. Everyone has and needs different dating approaches to get what they want. Sam told us that there are dozens of strategies the team came up with. But one thing they keep in mind is the power of mutual and honest communication. 

“Whether it works out or not, less animosity is left when both know there has been complete honesty in their time together,” said Sam. 

From Actionable Dating Tips to Fun Trivia Games & Quizzes 

Going to a dating coach for relationship advice and dating tips can sound intimidating at times. But at Mantelligence the dating coaches serve as trusted friends who know how to help you with your dating life. There are tons of dating tips, advice, and insights available on Mantelligence for men to check out. 

Mantelligence’s goal is to give singles the proper tools, including specific articles that drill down on practical social skills, to help them navigate their dating life. Whether you want to learn some superb pick-up lines or let someone know that you’re not interested in them, Mantelligence has articles that will answer your questions at any time. 

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Men learn how to be better lovers from the Mantelligence dating coaches.

“Modern dating isn’t easy, but with the right mindset, it doesn’t have to bring distrust and bitterness to those looking for mutual companionship built on trust and respect. Just keep things simple, straightforward, and comfortable and you’re golden,” advised Sam. 

Have you ever planned a date with someone but didn’t know what to say or what to do? I’ve been there and if it weren’t for Google, I may have had no luck. Mantelligence also offers advice on fun games and quizzes to play with each other. Sam encourages singles to keep things fun in their relationship. With these 16 fun game ideas, men can impress their girlfriends whether they’ve been dating for five months or five years. 

Thanks to Mantelligence, singles can also learn about the best dating apps available. Online dating can be rather intimidating at first, but Mantelligence guides singles on what to expect and how to properly online date — which makes things a whole lot easier. 

Mantelligence is An Award-Winning Dating Service

Sam and his colleagues have helped shape Mantelligence into a primary source for men since it launched. Talking to women may not come as natural for some people, but with help from the team, anything is possible. Mantelligence has won many awards, including “Best Site for Men” from Feedspot in 2021 and “Top Self Improvement blog” from Wealthy Gorilla in 2019. 

Mantelligence is a great resource for learning new dating skills, but Sam said the best way to get results is to practice what you’ve learned. “Aside from the official Mantelligence site, the best way to get great at dating is to get out there and see what works best for you!” Sam said. 

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Since it launched, Mantelligence has helped thousands of singles.

Sam told us he’d like to see people less focused on approaching dating as a band-aid to recover from past relationships and more as a way to discover their authentic selves. 

Outside of helping men with what to say on their date, Sam also has helped thousands of men identify their style. Figuring out the best haircut for his features and learning new grooming routines all play an important part in getting the woman of their dreams. 

Sam told us that the number one misstep is trying to be someone you’re not. He advises all singles to be themselves and to aim not to over-impress because, at the end of the day, you want to attract someone who wants you for you. 

“It may not always be roses when it comes to the dating scene, but putting yourself out there and getting to know people is the perfect way to move one step closer to finding the ideal partner for you,” said Sam.