The Scoop: Sometimes going on dates can feel like a series of stressful job interviews. The team at Fourplay, an app for double dating, is trying to change that. This Valentine’s Day, the app will expand into State College, Pennsylvania, home of Penn State. The launch will include a neon-themed party at a local bar, making it the perfect event for singles on February 14.

As a girl, I would speak to my grandmother about what dating was like for her when she was growing up. The picture she painted was worlds away from what I knew. 

She and her girlfriends would go with a few boys to see a movie or get some food. They’d go to social dances at events put on by the local church or community center. She may have had a boyfriend here or there, but for the most part, dating was a lighthearted and casual thing, usually happening with other friends around. 

When I started dating, the lines between hanging out with my friends and going on a date were much firmer. With a few exceptions, I would either be going to social events with a group of girls or going out on a romantic date with the guy I was seeing. Whenever I started dating someone, it was with the expectation that we would either form a relationship or stop seeing each other entirely. There was no room for a middle ground. Dating always felt serious, even before it needed to be. 

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Fourplay is a new app that encourages double dating.

Julie Griggs and Danielle Dietzek created the Fourplay app to facilitat