The Scoop: Not everyone enjoys working out, but it’s a necessary part of leading a healthy and balanced life. Home gym and workout program Tempo makes exercise approachable for everyone, no matter their age or fitness level. With rentable equipment, one-on-one coaching, and a plethora of workout videos to choose from, Tempo is the perfect option for anyone looking to get into shape and maintain good health. The Tempo program offers a convenient option for singles trying to easily improve their confidence.

A person who doesn’t identify as an athlete may struggle to find the motivation to exercise. Working out may feel like a chore. On top of work, hobbies, spending time with friends, and dating, some singles may feel like they simply don’t have enough time to work out. 

But there’s a consequence: when you neglect exercise in your adult life, it significantly diminishes your physical and mental health – and perhaps even your confidence. Taking risks and putting yourself out there in other parts of your life can be challenging. For singles, this may mean that dating gets harder.

Tempo Head Coach Melissa Boyd
Tempo Head Coach Melissa Boyd leads fitness classes.

Tempo Head Coach Melissa Boyd used to struggle to motivate herself to exercise. Growing up, she was never particularly athletic, and she had begun to see athleticism as contrary to her identity. “My love of movement came in my early college years,” Melissa said. “Fitness was a great healthy release and helped me keep more balance in my life. I realized the narrative I had written for myself as a youngster had kept me from finding the movement that made me feel successful and confident.”

Melissa took the passion for activity she discovered in college and used it to build a career. She became more interested in the science of training. She learned the marketing tools used in fitness. She got her instructing certifications, led classes, and learned from leaders in the fitness world. She took her life experiences around fitness and used them to inform her coaching, eventually opening her own studio. She then joined Tempo, an at-home fitness service that fits into users’ lifestyles and locations.

Tempo offers at-home guided classes and one-on-one coaching with a twist: the program comes with a convenient, clutter-free home gym. The gym materials pack away in a small space and leave you with everything you need to succeed in the courses. The software offers check-ins and motivation help to give you the support of an in-person gym community with remote convenience.

The Tempo program can offer singles a fun, convenient, and approachable way to get into exercise. Tempo’s workouts will help you push yourself physically and believe you can accomplish goals. As you try to find a partner, this new source of self-esteem is essential.

Taking Your Home Gym to the Next Level

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, home gyms have been on the rise, and they’re here to stay. Many individuals who used to frequent gyms in their community have realized the convenience and comfort of working out from home. Some people who never intentionally exercised before the pandemic decided to get into it with home workouts, learning that they were far less active without the built-in walks to work and places of recreation. Getting into exercise is less intimidating at home, without the glances of fellow gym-goers. When I went to a traditional gym, I was always afraid that someone would approach me to correct my form. I quickly shied away from lifting weights.

While home gyms are an excellent option, they often limit the exercises you’re able to do. Without equipment, you’re limited to bodyweight exercises. If you invest in an elaborate gym setup, you’re forced into relegating a room in your home to serving exclusively as your gym. For most people, this is a significant sacrifice of space.

The Tempo logo
Tempo makes working out easy and appealing at home.

Tempo solves the dilemma of gym equipment storage by offering full home gym rentals. You can rent all the equipment you need for Tempo exercises to stay in your home. Instead of constantly buying more equipment as you grow stronger and more knowledgeable, you know exactly what you’ll need and pay at the start of your membership. When you aren’t using your equipment, it all packs into just one square foot. 

“Tempo is changing the game in home fitness and providing greater access, value, and benefits to its community,” Melissa said. “By removing steep upfront costs and long-term commitments, Tempo provides more consumers with an affordable, holistic fitness service. With its real-time feedback capabilities, members are able to receive weight recommendations before each exercise based on recent performance.”

Personal Training Help

Many people enjoy going to an in-person gym because it offers a sense of accountability that may be difficult to find with individual at-home videos. You may have friends at the gym who see you there at the same time each week, or you may even have a personal trainer. 

Competitive athletes have coaches to hold them accountable and to help them improve, just as regular gym users often work with their own trainers. A trainer can help you improve your form and technique, decide which workouts are best for your goals, and even help you make healthy lifestyle changes outside your workout. The trainer’s support and belief in you can help you push yourself to become more fit.

Photo of a man lifting weights in home
Working with a personal trainer can help you get the most out of your workouts and make sure you’re doing exercises correctly.

Anyone looking to get into shape on their terms should consider using Tempo’s One-On-One Fitness Coaching program. “One-On-One Fitness Coaching is particularly effective because it provides users with real-life certified trainers to help them set goals, personalize programs, and stay motivated and accountable throughout their fitness journey,” Melissa said. 

With Tempo’s personalized program, users get the support and camaraderie of a fitness community all through their phones. With the help and guidance of a trainer, there is no need to worry if you’re following the program correctly. You’ll have the leadership of your certified trainer to walk you through your exercises.

Singles working with a coach may even find that the support and affirmation they receive in the fitness world helps them maintain confidence in their romantic life. When you believe in yourself in one facet of life, it becomes much easier to find confidence in another.

Date With Confidence After Starting Tempo

Working out is a vital part of living a healthy and well-rounded life. Even if sports and exercise have never been your thing, enjoying your workouts is just as essential as eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep. Not only will these healthy habits help your body continue to thrive, but they also help regulate your emotions, boost your mental quickness, and improve your outlook on life. Exercise isn’t just another hobby; it’s something everyone should do in their own way.

With Tempo, working out becomes approachable, convenient, and enjoyable, even for people who aren’t natural athletes. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your health, or accomplish a new challenge, Tempo has the workout materials you need to reach your goals.

Photo of a woman working out in home
Exercising can boost your self-esteem and make it easier to date with confidence.

Dating comes with plenty of challenges; perhaps the trickiest one is managing your mental health and resilience. Bad dates, mixed signals, and some minor disappointments are all, unfortunately, part of the process of finding long-term love. Regulating your feelings through exercise and finding a new passion are great ways to build up your positive relationship mindset and feel better about the value you bring to new relationships.

Tempo helps users get more active in a supportive community. It’s an excellent way for anyone to get active and possibly even develop a love of athletics for the first time in their lives.

“Seeing my approach really resonating with people and watching it spark a love of movement in others had me hooked for life,” Melissa said. “I love helping people realize fitness isn’t just sports but thoughtful, progressive, creative, and meant for everyone. I’m always trying to learn more and get better and teach to encourage others to find their love for fitness, centered around their own passions and interests.”