The Scoop: Couples looking to shake things up for their date night should consider visiting Telluride Brewing Company. Located in Telluride, Colorado, at the base of Telluride Ski Resort, this brewing company has everything for couples to enjoy themselves after a fun ski adventure. With a wide selection of artisanal craft beers, stemming straight from Rocky Mountain snow-melt, Telluride Brewing has rightfully claimed its title as one of the best date spots to visit while in Colorado. 

Life changes in the blink of an eye and before people know it, the right circumstances emerge that take them down a new career path. Telluride native Tommy Thacher knows this all too well. 

Photo of Tommy Thacher.
Telluride Brewing Company Co-Founder and President, Tommy Thacher.

Tommy was just like any other hard-working man in Telluride when his life changed for the better. At the bar where he worked, Tommy met brewmaster Chris Fish and the two would find themselves wrapped up in discussing what they envisioned the perfect beer to be. Eventually, this conversation grew into daydreaming about the possibility of opening a brewery of their own. 

Over the years, the two became best friends and decided to turn their dreams into a reality. So they created the Telluride Brewing Company in May 2011. Since then, the Telluride Brewing Company has flourished and gained a respected place in the world of craft brewers. 

Telluride Brewing is one of the best breweries in the area, and it is locally famous for its distinct and innovative crafted beers. Tommy told us that the team is always looking to expand their menu. Couples can find it exhilarating knowing that the Telluride Brewing team always has something new up its sleeve and that every experience visiting is a new one. 

“Innovation is key, and you have to keep your customer base excited about coming in. And they obviously like their old faithful but if you can get them to try something new, it’s a win,” Tommy said. 

Brewing Badass Beers Since 2011

Regardless of whether it’s their first or their 100th date, couples can enjoy drinking award-winning beer while reflecting on shared memories or interests. Since its opening in 2011, Telluride Brewing has received a variety of top awards from competitions to festivals they’ve entered. Telluride Brewing is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and welcomes all guests.

Tommy told us that most guests come from the ski resort. They usually are exhausted from their day and want to relax. The Telluride beer garden is a nice place for couples to go kick back and relax without interruptions. 

Telluride Brewing Co. logo
The Telluride Brewing Company has been serving badass beers since 2011.

“We promote people coming in and connecting and just having conversations. What would be better than riding your bike all day or skiing all day then coming in and enjoying a delicious beer in a nice setting,” Tommy said. 

The Telluride Brewing Company has many beers to choose from. Tommy told us that they have 20 taps at both breweries to choose from but their IPAs are the kings of the beers there. From seasonal beers to fan favorites, the team actively tries to experiment with new flavors at the brewpub or the taproom. Not only do new beers keep their customers happy, but Tommy shared that it keeps the brewers’ imaginations going — which is exciting and a win-win for everyone! 

“After spending the day jeeping and hiking we stopped at Telluride Brewing Co before heading back into town to our hotel… In addition to their delicious IPA and Face Down Brown we were happy to see an interesting variety available in the taproom itself,” David wrote in a review.

From Beer Garden Summers to Cozy Brew Pub Winters

According to Tommy, Telluride is one of the most magical places in the world. He said that it is not only a beautiful mountainous setting but one of the most multidimensional places as well. Telluride offers an array of fun outdoor activities from skiing to summer hikes and bike riding. 

Screenshot of different beers offered.
The Telluride Brewing Company has a variety of beers to choose from.

Depending on the season, couples can take advantage of what Telluride Brewing and the surrounding area have to offer. Tommy told us that the summer is the town’s busiest season. The Telluride Bluegrass Festival kicks off the summer with a fun four-day event that sees about 12,000 people partying together. In early June and October, Telluride Brewing throws block parties in the street, and couples can enjoy the fun atmosphere with a beer in hand.

“We’re one of the beer sponsors for the mountains so we do events with them. We’re also one of the big sponsors for Blues and Brews in the fall. Anything we can do to give back to the community and do our part we try to do,” Tommy said.

Telluride Brewing has two locations, one is near town and the other in Mountain Village. Tommy shared that Mountain Village is more popular in the winter due to the skiing season. He pointed out that most guests don’t need cars because of the efficient gondola lifts that drop them off at the Mountain Village location. Couples can enjoy the ride and view on the gondola while looking forward to exploring the ski slopes and ending the day at Telluride Brewery, which will have a cozy and warm space ready for them.

“Telluride Brewery is a must-go brewery, amazing beers, amazing staff. If you’re in Telluride, you must stop. Long day after the slopes must grab a beer,” said AJ in a review

Telluride Brewing Promotes Community & Hospitality

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to receive the best customer service when they go out on a date. You want to be treated with respect by servers who are in high spirits — even if your indecisive girlfriend or boyfriend changes up their order for the third time. At Telluride Brewing, guests don’t have to worry about the quality of service they will receive. The Telluride Brewing team has a mission to provide exceptional customer service while still creating a warm and welcoming environment. 

Tommy told us that in addition to being brewery owners they’re proud to be members of the community. After living in Telluride nearly 20 years, Tommy and Fish have really gotten to know the heart of the city and the people. “It’s one of the best communities to be a part of,” he proclaimed. 

Photo of Telluride patrons
The Telluride Brewing Company thrives off of the Telluride community.

With an abiding love for their town, Tommy and Fish pay homage to their local support by ensuring that they receive the best customer service. To them, it’s more than just making a quick buck, it’s about creating a welcoming community for locals and newcomers to enjoy — with a good beer, of course! Many guests appreciate such hospitality, saying that they take pride in being Telluride natives. 

“Telluride locals love Telluride Brewing Company beer and the pub. You can taste economically, and enjoy the latest brews. The owners and bartenders are super friendly, call ahead and get a quick tour when staff is available. They even helped us with tips on home brewing,” a guest shared in a review.

We can expect even more from the Telluride Brewing team in the near future. Tommy said that, although they are Colorado-based, they are looking to expand their online sales and spread the word about this local gem of a brewing company.