The Scoop: Political arguments can tear personal relationships apart, especially when opinions become tainted with bias and resentment. However, a reputable fact-checker called Media Bias/Fact Check has endeavored to foster rational, truth-based viewpoints by evaluating bias in over 2,600 media sources. Dave Van Zandt founded Media Bias/Fact Check to help well-informed individuals gain objectivity in an increasingly polarized political world.

Political polarization has impacted the modern dating scene in subtle yet pervasive ways. It’s not uncommon for today’s singles to see a date’s voting history as a dealbreaker, and some Trump administration staffers have admitted to downplaying their political opinions on dating apps to avoid rejection.

Couples who once agreed to disagree now argue over the facts (or the alternative facts), and those heated discussions can instigate breakups and divorces. This isn’t just an American phenomenon. In the U.K., eHarmony found that the Brexit vote has led to over 1.6 million failed relationships.

OkCupid graph of political opinions