The Scoop: SALT is a Christian dating app that supports singles through every stage of the dating journey. The app was founded in 2018 to give the online dating landscape a Christian dating site made for and by Christians. Sarah Paxton is the Director of Operations for SALT, and she told us about the app’s mission, values, and how it’s meeting the changing needs of modern Christian singles. SALT is free to download and create an account and is infused with faith-honoring elements at every turn. 

Christian singles have long represented a crucial portion of the online dating population. When online dating first broke onto the scene in the 1990s, Christian dating sites were among the first to appear and gain serious mainstream traction. But that was 30 years ago, and nearly everything about the online dating scene today is markedly different.

There are thousands of dating apps and nearly endless options for digital dating. With all the options out there for Christian singles, it can be hard to know which platform will have the kind of singles and approach to online dating that works best for you. Christian dating apps should have the perfect blend of modern features and a traditional approach to faith-centered dating.

SALT is a Christian dating app established by Christians for Christians. The app was launched in 2018 and is available in 12 languages and nearly 40 countries. Sarah Paxton, Director of Operations for SALT, talked to us about the app, its story and features, and what Christian daters today are looking for from an online dating experience.

“SALT is a platform that was built from scratch with Christian singles in mind,” Sarah said. “Some of the other Christian apps and sites we see can be versions of the secular sites, slightly changed for Christians, which can work for many people. We wanted to make something that was designed, from the beginning, for and by Christians.”

On a Mission to Change Online Christian Dating

Paul Rider and Erti-Chris Eelmaa are the co-founders of SALT. The duo paired up to create a dating app for Christians that was more than just a dating app. Sarah said the team wanted to create a platform that was focused on supporting Christian singles through every stage of the dating journey, from meeting and making friends all the way to marriage.

“Our team understands first-hand the difficulties that Christian singles face while online dating,” Sarah told us. “We’re always paying attention to what our users want, and we want to be flexible to continue and evolve our platform.”

SALT is a dating app made for modern Christian singles.

Listening to users’ needs and meeting them is core to SALT’s mission. Sarah said the dating scene changes so fast, especially online, that it is essential for online dating platforms to be able to keep up with the changing needs of its users. Christian singles have unique needs from their dating platforms, and Sarah said SALT integrated faith-focused features in fresh ways.

Users are encouraged to share their faith perspectives on their profile, but SALT goes a step further by integrating faith-centered elements throughout the platform. “It’s really important for us to have encouragements and reminders throughout the app,” Sarah said. “Whether it’s a Bible verse or a spiritual reflection, we want to remind users of their identity and beliefs.”

SALT puts the focus on faith during online dating without making things too serious at the start. Sarah said that while SALT’s main mission is connecting singles for God-honoring partnerships, it’s also about guiding users through whatever the online dating journey holds for them. “We want people to feel happy and encouraged, whether they’re single or not,” she said.

Faith-Focused Features That Users Need

SALT is free to download, and creating an account is simple. Sarah said users will be prompted to answer a few faith-based questions, where they’ll get an opportunity to express their unique religious perspective and what they’re looking for from their dating experience.

Users can also share values important to them in their profiles through keywords like honesty, generosity, and humility. Like other dating platforms, singles can upload photos to their profile and customize their details to the level they see fit. SALT lets users add voice notes to their profiles so other singles can hear their voices while learning more about them.

SALT app features
The app’s features are designed to build genuine connections.

Christian singles can set preferences for distance and age and then begin browsing profiles. When they see someone who piques their interest, they can send a heart. If it’s a match, they can begin chatting and getting to know each other. Singles can audio and video chat within the SALT app, and can send voice notes through the text chat.

SALT’s features are designed to encourage intentional dating that focuses on the substantive parts of forming relationships rather than the superficial ones. “We’re about intentional dating,” Sarah said. “It’s important to think about the kind of person you want to meet, and the kind of values that are important to you.” 

Building Strong Communities, One Relationship at a Time

SALT’s dating app is just a slice of what the platform offers the Christian community. TABLE by SALT is a place for Christians to talk, share, listen, and encourage each other, and singles can find a backlog of past TABLE talks that will be sure to inspire them. TABLE virtual events are held frequently so SALT users can enjoy live engagements.

SALT’s YouTube channel is jam-packed with relatable and topical insights for young Christian singles, along with a video series called Third Wheel Dates. “We have a wonderful host, Lauren, who third wheels on dates with Christian singles, and then, at the end of the date, the singles decide if they want to go out again,” Sarah said. The show is hilarious and light-hearted but also offers singles real-life insights into first dates.

Navigating the dating world as a Christian single isn’t always easy. Sarah told us it’s essential for singles to know who they are first before deciding to pursue a romantic relationship. “Prepare yourself to date,” she said. “Pursue your relationship with God, friends, family, and think through your values and what you want.”

Third Wheel Date graphic
Third Wheel Dates allows singles on SALT to connect in person.

This isn’t to say singles need to have everything figured out before they start dating. “I’m not saying you have to be perfect and have everything sorted, but you want to be the best partner possible, and that starts with self-esteem and solid identity and relationships.”

SALT is the place for Christian singles who have decided it’s their time to explore the possibilities of online dating. The platform focuses on fostering genuine connections through a shared devotion to Christian values and beliefs. “Healthy and strong marriages are the bedrock of society,” Sarah said. “We believe in helping Christians find good relationships and Godly marriages.”