The Scoop: Many foreign language learners struggle to gain fluency when the teaching method is just a class. To fully learn a language, students need an immersive experience. With News in Slow Italian, students of Italian can listen to the language at a reasonable pace, all while listening to their daily news. The service can be a fantastic collaborative experience for couples who wish to learn Italian together.

When a person learns a new language online or through a class, getting a full immersive experience can be challenging. Learning vocabulary and grammar is undoubtedly essential for language acquisition. Still, it doesn’t guarantee that a student can communicate effectively, let alone fluently when talking to a native speaker. Constant exposure to the language is the best way for students to improve their speaking and listening skills for real-world use. 

News in Slow Italian offers the perfect immersive solution for students of Italian. Curated by a team of multilingual journalists, linguists, and creatives, the service produces quality news content targeted at individuals in the process of learning Italian.

The website offers premium podcasts for language learners. Subscribers can listen to the weekly news show, explore an original series, or work through the