The Scoop: The postpartum months are a challenging time for new parents, and Cater to Mom is here to make it a little easier. Marsha Stephanson created the subscription box service for new mothers after feeling like there was a lack of resources and support during her own postpartum experiences. She talked to us about why mothers need extra support during postpartum and how Cater to Mom is making that support more accessible than ever. The service focuses specifically on providing products that give mothers the opportunity to take a break, relax, and reconnect with themselves.

My youngest brother was born when I was 9, so I distinctly remember my mom’s pregnancy and his birth. I also remember the many parties and showers we had before his arrival and the deluge of aluminum-wrapped casserole dishes that came in after.

From my 9-year-old point of view, having a baby seemed like an easy way to get tons of gifts, homemade meals, and attention. I now know there are way easier ways to get all of these things, but the support of my family’s friends, neighbors, and coworkers undoubtedly made those postpartum months much easier for my parents.

Parents need a lot of support in the months following a baby’s birth, and they often need support in several different areas. Cater to Mom is a subscription box designed specifically for new moms, and each curated box includes products new parents are sure to love.

Marsha Stephanson, the founder of Cater to Mom, talked to us about why she started the service and how new mothers can benefit from the subscription boxes.

The postpartum months can come with physical, emotional, and mental challenges that are unlike anything new mothers have experienced. And new mothers often rely on networks of support to make it through.

“It started out of my own frustration with the lack of postpartum care and support after having my first child,” Marsha said. “Everyone talks about what to expect when you’re expecting, but I felt like no one ever told me what to expect postpartum.”

Strengthening the Network Mothers Rely On

When Marsha had her first child, she said she searched for products geared toward continuing postpartum care. She had a hard time finding anything, and she thought this could be a problem many new moms have. Once she gave birth to her second child and experienced a difficult postpartum recovery, she knew this had to change.

“I was sitting in a coffee shop one day, and started thinking of concerns I had during my first postpartum period,” Marsha said. “I put together a list of survey questions and put it on Facebook. I got an overwhelming response, and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one experiencing this!’”

marsha, founder of cater to mom
Marsha founded Cater to Mom to support new mothers throughout postpartum.

From that moment on, Marsha knew that her new mission was to support moms as they navigate the often difficult postpartum period. The new baby is usually the center of attention during postpartum, and people often forget just how much mothers have been through.

Nine months of pregnancy, the experience of childbirth, and all of the psychological changes that happen in the weeks and months after – it’s a lot to handle, all on top of caring for their new child.

“I knew I wanted to start a business that focused on women’s health and support. I’m a veteran, and I also worked in mental health, and I’ve seen so many stories of women in the military as they go through motherhood and all the aspects of that,” she said.

Marsha said she founded Cater to Mom with one belief at its core: Every mother needs regular, ongoing information, support, rest, nourishment, and compassionate companionship as she navigates the postpartum period.

Cater to Mom Has Boxes for Every Taste

Cater to Mom offers one-time boxes and subscription plans for three, six, nine, and 12 months. If you opt for a one-time box, you can choose from boxes from recent months or go for one of Cater to Mom’s specialty boxes. 

When you sign up for a subscription, you can input information about the type of birth the mother had and her feeding plan. Cater to Mom will offer different items based on whether women gave birth vaginally or had a C-section and whether they’re bottle feeding or breastfeeding.

Every month, customers will receive a carefully selected assortment of five to seven items encompassing postpartum must-haves. These include recovery and self-care products, postpartum-specific care resources, bath and beauty items, or nourishing snacks. Each item is hand-selected with new mothers in mind.

cater to mom boxes
Cater to Mom has boxes for every kind of mom and postpartum period.

Once a subscription is ordered, the first package will ship in 2-4 business days. After that, customers can expect shipments each month.

The recent March box was called “Mama, It’s Your Time to Bloom” and focused on renewal and self-care. The box included skincare products, wellness items, and a daily mood and affirmation tracker.

One of Cater to Mom’s most popular boxes is its one-time Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box. These boxes include 10-12 items and are the perfect gifts for baby showers. Expecting mothers often receive plenty of items for their baby, but not always special items for themselves. The Postpartum Recovery Box is always a good gift idea for a baby shower or later during the postpartum period.

Supporting New Mothers in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Boxes from Cater to Mom also include postpartum-focused resources. Many new moms may not know the options and resources available to them as they recover from birth and step into motherhood.

“Another challenge for moms is knowing what resources are available,” she said. “Our boxes have information and resources for mental health resources, lactation support, and good questions to ask at your next check-up.”

cater to mom
Cater to Mom is dedicated to supporting small, women-owned businesses.

Cater to Mom is a small, woman-owned business, and Marsha told us that supporting other businesses like hers has long been important to her.

“Women-owned businesses tend to receive less funding, so we’re intentional about supporting other women and their businesses and giving them the opportunity to send their products,” she said.

Postpartum months come with so many changes and challenges, and Marsha said Cater to Mom can be one extra layer of support within a mom’s network. “At first, you know, our target audience was moms, and of course, it still is. But we have another huge group of customers– and that’s family and friends.”

Marsha continued, “What we’ve gathered over the last couple of years is that moms are saying it’s exactly what they needed.”