Everyone wants intimate relationships with the people they love. Intimacy can look different in different people, and it is often cultivated through a network of emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and sexual contact.

Intimacy has many definitions. Here’s a very simple one: a feeling of deep emotional connection. An intimate relationship gets at the heart of who we really are and what we really want, and because of that, it can be tricky to navigate at times.

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When intimate relationships involve sex, as in the case of romantic partnerships, things can become even more sensitive and confusing to handle. But, when intimacy is attended to, and sexual relationships can enjoy the benefits of that intimacy, couples can discover deeply profound connective experiences.

Intimacy coaches help singles and couples discover new ways to deepen their emotional and sexual connections and experiences. They can help clients identify their blindspots and then attend to these troubled areas with compassion and a future-minded approach.

These New York City-based intimacy coaches have a range of experience levels and specializations working with clients with diverse sexual and gender identities and orientations. These coaches help clients strengthen their relationships with themselves and others by strengthening each respective part of the intimacy network.

Dr. Stephen Snyder

Dr. Stephen Snyder is a sex and relationship therapist who’s helped over 2,500 individuals and couples find renewed closeness and connection. Some individuals may have no problem with sex outside of a committed relationship but struggle with sex within one. Dr. Stephen has a background in treating clients experiencing sexual intimacy problems that interfere with sexual happiness in a committed relationship.

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Dr. Stephen helps his clients understand why they are experiencing their problems and gives them educational resources about their situation. Often, the root of intimacy issues are deeper, emotional issues. Dr. Stephen attends to both with compassion and gives couples the space required to explore and express their desires.

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Cyndi Darnell

Nothing is off limits or taboo for Cyndi Darnell, a certified clinical sexologist and holistic couples counselor. Cyndi helps couples struggling to find connection and deep intimacy in their relationship. She specializes in serving couples and individuals in sexless relationships, with mismatched sex drives, and who struggle to achieve meaningful intimate experiences.

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Cyndi offers holistic counseling, sex coaching, marriage counseling, and integrative couples retreats to help people struggling with intimacy. Cyndi’s approach recognizes that intimacy struggles expose sensitive and vulnerable spots for many people and treats each client with a personalized and compassionate approach.

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Dr. Marisol Westberg

Dr. Marisol Westberg is a sex therapist who helps people get to the root of their intimacy concerns. Dr. Marisol specializes in helping clients who are struggling with their sexual relationships with others and themselves, along with couples who don’t have the kind of sex life they want. Dr. Marisol gives her clients tools for better communication, conflict resolution, and increased intimacy.

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Sexual desire in a relationship is complex, and Dr. Marisol helps her clients work through all of its complexities. She helps couples understand each other more intimately and allows this deeper understanding to permeate into their sexual connection. Dr. Marisol is based in New York but serves couples through her teletherapy practice.

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Justina Victoria

Justina Victoria is a psychosexual expert who specializes in helping men and couples overcome sexual dysfunction. Justina has helped clients experiencing erectile dysfunction and sexual anxiety and works closely with her clients to create an understanding and open atmosphere. Justina’s focus is on helping men overcome the areas of their intimate sex lives causing them problems and step into an authentic and self-fulfilled sexuality.

Justina has years of experience and has worked with clients experiencing a broad range of concerns, from fear of rejection to healing from heartbreak. She gives her clients a perfectly balanced mix of educational resources and tried-and-true advice. Intimacy problems are complex, and Justina attends to every angle. She focuses on addressing the heart of the issue and creates a unique plan for each client.

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Jessica Childs

Jessica Childs is a Somatica Certified Coach and the founder of Oracle Intimacy. Oracle Intimacy is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Therapy practice in Woodstock, New York, that serves individuals and couples with sexual concerns. Jessica helps her clients get out of their heads and find more joy, ease, and pleasure in their intimate relationships. 

jessica childs

Jessica was trained at the Somatica Institute, a training academy that focuses on nurturing the mind-body connection to explore and deepen intimacy. She specializes in helping clients who are uncomfortable in the intimate presence of others. She teaches them how to enjoy intimacy and reap all its emotional and relational benefits.

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The Lady Jin

The Lady Jin is a somatic healing and pleasure coach who helps clients claim their pleasure in love, sex, and relationships. Jin helps her clients align their bodies and minds for authentic expression and self-love and then shows them how to take these skills into relationships with others. She works with individuals and couples in person and virtually. 

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Jin speaks Mandarin and English and has a background in treating clients with Asian cultural backgrounds. She helps her clients break down internal barriers keeping them from true intimacy and learn habits that build closer connections. Jin helps clients address deep-rooted beliefs about themselves and their sexuality and replace harmful beliefs with empowered and enlightened ones.

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Adena Teitelbaum

Adena Teitelbaum is a Somatic Sexologist and Relationship Coach who works with women to rewrite their stories and heal patterns in love, sex, confidence and relationships. 

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Adena uses the lens of intimacy as a means of accessing deep internalized beliefs that keep us small and get in the way of us living our most fulfilled lives. Using somatic, or body-centered, approaches she helps her clients learn to connect to their inner wisdom, release shame, restore a connection to their body, tap into their innate well of erotic energy, and clear blockages that keep them from loving connection, joy, and deep physical pleasure. Her work aims to help clients step into their authentic selves, reclaim their sexual story, find their voice, know their worth, and experience the pleasure and aliveness that only comes from an unbounded expression of one’s fullest self.

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Amy Levine

Amy Levine helps her clients address their sexuality questions and concerns and helps them break through them to find sexual empowerment and enjoyment. Amy is a sex coach who helps singles and couples with a straightforward, compassionate, and experienced approach. She helps couples with mismatched sex drives, men struggling with premature ejaculation, and women who have never had an orgasm.

amy levine

Nothing’s off limits with Amy, and she creates a comfortable and open environment where clients can feel free to express themselves authentically. Authenticity is one of the foundations of a flourishing sex life, and Amy gives her clients useful tools they can implement to tap into their own authentic sexual expression.

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Candice Leigh

Candice Leigh is an erotic blueprint and intimacy coach who helps her clients reunite their spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality. Candice’s personal approach combines elements of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Yoga Therapy, Neo-Tantra, and energy work. She has over a decade of experience teaching and practicing yoga, which ultimately guided her to discover Neo-Tantra.

candice leigh

Candice blends elements of yoga, Neo-Tantra, and other healing modalities. She works with men, women, and gender nonconforming clients, and her practice Naked Yoga Therapy offers specialized services for femme and masculine sessions. Through Naked Yoga Therapy, Candice helps her clients see and feel their bodies and minds without judgment. 

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Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright is a clinical psychologist and an expert on all things modern relationships. Dating and falling in love looks a whole lot different than it did 20 years ago, and people navigating modern relationships have a new host of relationship concerns to contend with. Rachel has worked with thousands of people and helped them discover ways to improve communication, decrease anxiety – and have better sex.

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Rachel gives her clients tools that they may not have ever been taught before, like how to express their desires around sexuality or navigate complicated relationship dynamics. Rachel serves clients nationwide through telehealth services and has experience helping individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds and identities.

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Intimacy Empowers, Connects, & Ignites

Time spent building and cultivating a sense of intimacy, whether it’s with yourself or another, can never be time wasted. The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships, and the quality of our relationships is often determined by their level of intimacy. A problem with intimacy can deeply impact the other areas of a person’s life.

But flourishing intimate relationships have the ability to empower and fulfill us in a way few other experiences do. Intimacy coaches can help you get there faster, make the process smoother, and help you discover a path to truly authentic self-expression.