The Scoop: As an expat, connecting socially or romantically with those you meet abroad can be a struggle. Many expats long for the community of their countrymen but are unsure where to find it. Luckily for British and Irish singles in Australia, The Swanned dating platform can bridge those distances. On Swanned, expats can find romantic and platonic connections with each other while they enjoy their time in a new country.

It takes a brave person to choose to move to a foreign country. They have to confront the destabilization of being far away from friends and family, get used to a new language or at least regional dialect, and find their footing in a totally new culture and way of life.

Moving abroad at any phase of life is challenging, but it’s especially difficult as a single person. When couples move to a new country together or one partner moves to the other’s homeland, they still have the comfort of someone familiar in their new home. The couple can share in the joys of traveling with relative ease as they step out of their comfort zones with support nearby.

Swanned screenshot
Swanned is a niche dating app for UK expats.

British expats Natalie Smith and Isla Cameron felt the loneliness of trying to form bonds abroad after relocating to Australia. They were stuck in traffic one day and started discussing their dating lives in their new home. “After much debate, we realized there was a pattern,” Natalie said. “Our mates or dates with the deepest connections were formed with people with a similar expat mindset, who know what it’s like living on the other side of the world. Mostly, we connected with people from the UK.”

They realized that many expats craved the familiarity of a relationship with someone from the home country. They launched Swanned as a way for folks from the UK and Ireland living in Australia to find love and friendship with each other. The founders knew it would be easier for their users to connect with other expats than with folks who grew up a world away.

“It just seemed to be so much easier to go on a date when there was common ground,” Natalie said. “The good old British banter and Irish craic is a thing, and it becomes even more apparent when you live away from it.” 

As an American, I had to look up the definition of “craic” (an Irish noun meaning “enjoyable social activity; a good time”). But that’s exactly Natalie’s point: connecting with those who share a background ensures that little gets lost in translation.

Date-tastic Deals for Members

There’s a major cost to getting back on the dating scene, no matter where you are. While the joy of having a loving partner is priceless, no one wants to be short on rent because of a slew of first dates. Eating out, attending shows, buying drinks, and even paying for a ride home can all amount to major hits to your wallet. 

For singles living abroad, the cost of dating can run pretty high. Expats on certain types of visas are unable to work in their new country, or they work in low-paid jobs intended for young people traveling abroad for a year or two. Those who want to date need to get creative and find clever ways to be social on a budget while still covering their necessary living expenses.

Swanned app view
Singles on Swanned can access great deals for date activities.

Ever-committed to giving members the best possible experience, the Swanned team has worked hard to offer deals and discounts for its members to cut down the cost of getting out there. The Swanned team doesn’t want anything holding you back from forming new relationships in your adopted home. Swanned doesn’t just care about getting members matches; it cares about what comes after as well.

“Users will find deals on visas and migration assistance, wine and food deals to help with date nights, candles to get you in the mood and much more,” Natalie said. “We regularly run competitions and work with local venues and influencers where users can win free drinks in bars or exclusive sought after boat party tickets.”

Choose to Date or Find a Mate

Finding a partner is great and can do wonders to help expats feel secure and settled in their new homes. But having a romantic relationship is not the only way for expats to find love and support in their new homes. Even for those who already have a romantic relationship, making new friends with other expats abroad is a great way to gain some stability in a new place.

Natalie and Isla understand the need for expats to bond with their fellow countrymen in their new home in a platonic capacity, too. Finding friends organically in a new place is tricky, even when you have the same nationality. That’s why Swanned allows members to select whether they are looking for a “date” or a “mate” when scrolling through the platform. Users can quickly connect with people who want the same thing. “Our two mode options allow users to be clear with their intentions from the start, so you don’t fall in love with someone who’s about to move back home,” Natalie said. 

friends drinking beer
The “mate” feature offers expats a great way to make new friends.

The mate feature also has the added benefit of giving expats in an exclusive relationship a way to find new friends online, without crossing the boundary of going on an app that is explicitly for dating. Even when you’re in a relationship, being in a new place with few social ties can feel really isolating. But for those using the Swanned app, it doesn’t need to stay that way.

“Our new mates function helps those who aren’t necessarily looking for love find new communities and friendships while they are far away from home,” Natalie said. “Having a strong community and meeting people who have things in common with you is key to happy, healthy relationships.”

Make Your Expat Experience Easier with Swanned

Even the most adventurous and independent expats need a little bit of home abroad. There are many wonderful places to see and live, but without some familiarity, anyone is bound to feel isolated after a while. 

Social connections and shared customs tend to be the biggest factors in participating in one’s culture. Without close relationships with people of the same background, it’s natural to lose some of your connection to home after a while. For expats who wish to live abroad permanently, creating a social network and even romantic relationships with those who share their background is a great way to maintain a connection to their culture. 

For expats who plan on returning home soon, meeting a friend or partner abroad who plans on returning to the same place is a nice way to jumpstart relationships back home that can last a lifetime. Traveling in early adulthood is a great experience, and it offers adventurers a chance to connect with themselves, other cultures, and the world around them. 

couple standing with bikes
Expats can make serious or casual partners on Swanned.

But many people seek to settle down, get married, and build a close family and social circle as they get older. Years spent independently or with short-lived flings can take time away from building relationships that are critical to the future. Expats who plan on returning to the UK no longer need to wait until they get back home to start looking for serious relationships thanks to Swanned.

British expats in Australia have loved using Swanned, and now the team is excited to open the app in more places. “Our mission is for expats everywhere to find mates and dates so we will be rolling out the app globally,” Natalie said. “Next on our hit list is the Antipodeans in London which will be closely followed by launches in Singapore and New York.” Expats can join the wait list to use Swanned in London here:

World travelers seeking partners and pals need look no further than Swanned. The platform is great for casual dating, platonic relationships, and even long-term relationships. The team named the app “Swanned” with these serious commitments in mind. “Swans mate for life and hence we believe they are the ultimate symbol of love. Swans swimming towards each other make the shape of a heart with a swan’s hearts breaking when they lose their one and only mate. If that isn’t a true symbol of love we don’t know what is!”