The Scoop: Getting married is a major life change. That “I do” at the altar is a special moment that marks a new beginning in a life-long relationship. But what some couples may not realize is that marriage entails combining two lifestyles. Sharing responsibilities can be challenging sometimes, and that’s why experts at the PsychNewsDaily blog often share tips and advice articles to make things easier. PsychNewsDaily editors give couples the opportunity to learn how to find the right balance for household chores so they can excel in their relationship. 

Moving in with your partner is a dream come true — so they say. Couples soon find out that sharing the same space is not always rainbows and butterflies. Something as simple as household chores can make or break a couple from prospering in their relationship. Couples must understand and adopt a healthy way of splitting up household chores. 

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PychNewsDaily was launched in 2020 to inform people on the latest research.

The PsychNewsDaily is on a mission to help people with their mental health, and its blog shares details on how couples can divide housework equally. Couples who find it hard to problem-solve and work together around the house often find themselves struggling with communication. Couples can learn the importance of communicating and how they can improve their communication style by reading PsychNewsDaily. 

PsychNewsDaily was launched in 2020 and was primarily producing science-based articles that addressed the latest research in psychology. PsychNewsDaily Editor, Douglas Heingartner, a journalist for over 20 years, said he realized there was a need to inform people on more personal things such as basic lifestyle skills. Since then, PsychNewsDaily has grown in content and expanded its audience by tackling topics such as careers, relationships, and spirituality, among others. 

Douglas and the PsychNewsDaily editors strive to make relatable content that readers can enjoy and apply to their life. Sharing tips on how to manage household chores is just one of the many topics PsychNewsDaily addresses. Sharing household chores may be a nuisance but it’s an important topic that needs to be discussed with your partner at some point.

“It can be difficult to divide the housework equally, especially if you have different schedules or live in a smaller space. But there are a few things you can do to make things more fair,” said Douglas. 

Producing Healthier Relationships with Balance 

Everyone needs to have balance in their life. With balance, people see that life is more functional and easygoing. According to Troomi, finding balance in life helps you improve your overall health. Once couples get married, balance becomes a key element in obtaining a healthy relationship. Couples dealing with household chores should find the right balance that will work for both of them. 

But how do couples find balance in chaos? PsychNewsDaily shares how couples at any stage in their relationship can learn how to compromise and create a housework schedule that works for them. Creating a concrete list of what chores need done and who does them can save couples a lot of arguments and headaches. 

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PsychNewsDaily editors write relatable content for a large audience.

“First, try to sit down and talk about your expectations for who will do what tasks. If one person is working longer hours or has a more demanding job, they may need less help around the house,” advised Douglas. 

Taking turns doing tasks around the house is a great first step that couples can take. Not everyone likes doing the same housework. By taking turns each week couples can feel like they put in the same effort in being equal. 

Although being equal in a relationship is recommended, Douglas told us that couples should try to be flexible and understand that things may not always be perfectly equal. Instead, they should aim to do their best and should show each other grace throughout. 

How to be a Better Roommate to Your Partner

No one wants to hear nagging all the time, and living with a slob is not ideal either. Similar to living with your siblings, couples can find themselves butting heads because they’re not on one accord with housework. Learning how to be a better roommate isn’t something people need to learn during college. Being a good roommate to your spouse is just as important! 

In a recent study, PsychNewsDaily identified key things about couples and how they share household chores. The study revealed that people sometimes operate under this idea of strategic incompetence. In a nutshell, Douglas said that partners in some relationships choose to do chores poorly to avoid doing them in the future. The study gathered that most people confessed that they’ve witnessed their partner doing this. 

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Couples can check out PsychNewsDaily blogs to improve their relationship.

Not putting in the full effort to work with your partner around the house will result in relationship problems that could have been avoided. PsychNewsDaily discovered that couples spend an average of 75 minutes per month arguing about household chores, with the main argument involving how to divide chores fairly. 

“If they instead just spent that wasted time on the actual chores, there would be a lot less to argue about,” said Douglas. “And this figure seems to be on the rise mainly due to the recent rise in work-from-home situations: more family members at home means more dishes, more laundry, more trash to take out, and more cleaning in general.” 

Couples who have been together for 10+ years tend to argue less than newlyweds do about housework because they have created a routine that works for both of them. Douglas told us that with time couples tend to argue less as they get to know each other more. After a while, it’s less about who does what chore and more just helping out when you can. Outsourcing chores that nobody wants to do is a compromise that will go far in any relationship. 

PsychNewsDaily Help Couples with New Responsibilities

Arguing about chores is a common issue in most relationships. PsychNewsDaily uncovered in research that approximately three-quarters of couples disagree on how to split up household chores fairly. Douglas told us that women are more likely than men to report that they feel they do more than their fair share of the chores. 

A great way to include your partner in daily chores is by sharing the benefits that come with completing household tasks. One benefit that most don’t realize is that you can lose weight by doing household chores. PsychNewsDaily released a fun read that shares all the deets on how couples can get fit while still helping each other out around the house. Who knew taking on such a responsibility would result in getting in shape? 

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Reading PsychNewsDaily blogs can help couples with new responsibilites.

“Stay curious, and always be open to learning new things that might initially seem counterintuitive. As long as you have an open mind, you can always find new and interesting ways to improve your life and the lives of those around you,” advised Douglas. 

PsychNewsDaily pushes couples to understand that dividing household chores can be done with little to no arguments. Keeping up with the house while managing other life responsibilities can certainly be challenging. Thanks to a supportive team of editors, couples can use PsychNewsDaily for advice whenever they find themselves in a sticky situation that needs some cleaning. 

“Whether it’s learning a new skill or developing a better understanding of yourself and others, growth is something we should all strive for. By continuously pushing yourself to become better, you can always make progress,” said Douglas.