The Scoop: Kindbody is a modern healthcare provider with comprehensive services for fertility and family building. A diverse team of professionals offers both in-person appointments at a local clinic and virtual consultations about everything from nutrition to mental health. Some Kindbody patients are single and want to freeze their eggs for the future, while others are couples who are considering IVF and other types of conception care.

Kindbody is an innovative fertility center founded in 2018. Its mission is to make healthcare more affordable and convenient for single women and couples who are tackling fertility challenges — or even just asking fertility questions.

The Kindbody team is committed to expanding the meaning of fertility treatment through technological advancement and compassionate care.

Its first OBGYN clinic opened in New York City, and the team has since launched clinics in major cities across the U.S. The Denver mobile clinic began rolling this summer, and a new location in Orlando is scheduled to open as part of a partnership with Disney. These clinics offer a combination of in-person and virtual services.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kindbody was exploring virtual medical tools, including a proprietary electronic medical record and video consultations with a clinician.

“As a founder, I’m really proud of our utilization of technology,” Dr. Fahimeh Sasan told us in an interview. “We were already completely entrenched in virtual by 2020, so it was easy and effortless for us to transition to more virtual with Covid. Now we’re finding a happy medium where we can save people time and increase access to fertility care.”