The Scoop: Couples looking at engagement rings or other unique jewelry can feel overwhelmed by the process of selecting the perfect piece. The experts at Happy Jewelers stand ready to answer questions and simplify the experience to connect couples with precisely what they want. Happy Jewelers offers in-person service and reliable phone and text availability because customer service is a priority for the highly respected business. And its Engagement Ring Wednesday promotion on Instagram is especially popular with couples ready to tie the knot.

When partners want to select the perfect engagement ring or a special piece of jewelry as a gift, they may have plenty of questions. But when browsing, in-store or online, they often can’t find anyone with the knowledge or patience to answer them all. Happy Jewelers takes a different approach by making customer service, not sales, its top priority.

Happy Jewelers is a family business that takes pride in its history of providing high-quality jewelry. Owners Gabe and Danny Arik are the second generation owners taking after their father Isa, who grew up on a farm in Turkey but was always more interested in the finer things in life.

The Happy Jewelers logo
Happy Jewelers aims to help customers select the perfect engagement rings and other unique pieces.

Isa’s passion led him to learn about handcrafted jewelry, and he eventually left his native Turkey to live in the United States. He opened his first jewelry business in Southern California in 1973. It evolved into Happy Jewelers, which officially opened in 2001. Today, the business has grown into a widely respected jeweler that many couples turn to when they’re ready to take the next big step in their relationship.

Hayley Larue, Social Media Manager, Diamond Specialist, and Director of E-Commerce for Happy Jewelers, said the family foundation has been a significant part of that growth. The company now has a brick-and-mortar location in California and an online store that leads in the industry in terms of quality and expertise. Happy Jewelers also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, and all of the fine jewelry it sells.

“Because we sell at wholesale, compared to other retail stores that sell at the full retail value, customers will always get a great deal when they shop with us,” Hayley said. “We also offer a lifetime warranty with any piece purchased through us.”

Team of Experts Helps Customers In Person and Online

Brothers Gabe and Danny lead the Happy Jewelers team, and their passion is evident.

“I love people and designing jewelry for them. Life is a journey, and jewelry helps to commemorate those special moments in someone’s life,” Gabe said. “Whether it’s an engagement, birth, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or just because, jewelry is a symbol of love and admiration. That’s what I love, helping people create a symbolic memory.”

Gabe’s younger brother, Danny, said he loves sharing the moment of excitement that comes from a marriage proposal. Along with Hayley, Happy Jewelers has 10 other diamond specialists who can answer customer questions in the US and around the world.

“We work with people all over the world,” Hayley said. “When we’re not working with customers in the store, we are working with out-of-state customers via text, and we send videos of diamond options.

The diamond specialists help partners customize the ring of their dreams by selecting the cut, the color of gold, and a unique and breathtaking design.

Part of the process is educating customers about the choices they need to make to get the desired product. The company has an extensive blog that teaches about types of stones, including cushion cut, which is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond with rounded edges.

Other educational blog posts offer information on why customers should avoid buying directly from Rolex and the difference between lab-created and natural diamonds.

Engagement Ring Wednesdays Empower Customers

Hayley said the team provides so much education because Happy Jewelers wants customers to feel empowered in the decision-making process. That’s because someone may wear the piece they select for the rest of their lives.

“Whether you’re buying in-store or online, we strive to give everyone the best experience possible,” Hayley said. “We want our customers to feel like family. Walking into a jewelry store can be intimidating, and we want everyone to feel comfortable.”

Happy Jewelers gets people excited about trending cuts and styles through its popular Engagement Ring Wednesday Instagram posts. Each Wednesday, the company features a ring available for purchase at a discounted price. Once the unique ring sells, other interested customers can recreate the ring at market price. The weekly promotions have been wildly popular, Hayley said.

Screenshot from Happy Jewelers website
Engagement Ring Wednesday showcases some of the most popular rings at Happy Jewelers.

“It has honestly been a hit ever since it started,” she said. “Our customers always look forward to it.”

Beyond its promotions, customers can shop through the Happy Jewelers website for natural or lab-created diamonds and browse by shape, setting, or metal. The company also offers beautiful wedding bands and a wide range of jewelry gifts. Its selection includes watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pieces from its Evil Eye Collection.

“It is believed that if you wear evil eye amulets or evil eye talismans then you are safe from bad energy and the evil eye curse,” reads a blog post on the Happy Jewelers website.

Happy Jewelers: Excellent Online Reviews Prove Satisfaction

Customers who do not live in Southern California may be wary of buying such meaningful jewelry pieces online. But Happy Jewelers has a long list of testimonials and glowing feedback from couples grateful for the company’s services and quality pieces.

Happy Jewelers maintains a 5-star rating on Google, and many reviewers mention how pleasantly surprised they were by the care the company puts into making the shopping experience excellent. For example, customers can start the engagement ring selection process by sending an inquiry through the company website — and still receive the same responsive service.

One recent review praised the team’s professional communication.

“I was apprehensive buying this online, sight unseen, but in working with someone who answered all my questions and with money-back guarantee, I bought it,” one satisfied reviewer wrote. “And the reaction from my wifey was great. Thank you!”

Another satisfied customer said Happy Jewelers was the best jewelry store she and her fiancé had ever visited.

“As soon as we enter, we are always greeted with smiles, respect, and enthusiasm,” she wrote. “Happy Jewelers has the most kind-hearted, professionally skilled, and knowledgeable staff that I have had the pleasure of working with. Their staff offers to help in person and via phone or text, whenever needed.”

And one husband said Happy Jewelers is the only place he will purchase jewelry gifts for his wife from now on.

“Of course, she’s the one who brought it to my attention,” he wrote in a testimonial. “She and her family stand by this place and only get their items from here. Best quality for the best prices.”