The Scoop: Navigating healthcare is a major headache for many people. But with telemedicine, receiving care can be much easier. Azova offers comprehensive telemedicine service to eliminate healthcare friction such as long hold times, repetitive questions and inconsistent medical attention. The service is particularly useful for busy women looking to take control of their reproductive health.

The American healthcare system is undeniably flawed. According to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Policy Research poll, 56% of Americans believe that the healthcare system is not handled well. Americans deal with high premiums, high deductibles, and difficulty finding care. They may wait weeks or months to see a specialist while their health declines.

Women consistently feel the frustration of an expensive and ineffective healthcare system. Even healthy young women tend to go to the doctor more often than young men. From early adolescence, the onus is on women to bear the burden of reproductive health. Permanent and long-term birth control methods fall on women and often require several doctor’s visits. Hormonal complications associated with starting a new birth control can dramatically affect women’s lives and necessitate other treatments and medications. STDs usually result in more significant health complications for women than for men. 

For women who are single and sexually active, caring for reproductive health is even more frustrating. Women who don’t have a trusted and committed partner to be free from future STI infection or to help manage birth control methods must watch out for their health alone. Seeking consistent care for sexual health can be anxiety-inducing, time-consuming, and of course, expensive. Some women may even find the experience shameful. But now, there’s a different way.

When Cheryl Lee Eberting founded Azova, she had no idea what a vital telemedicine resource it would become.

With Azova, all of your care providers are accessible in the same place.

“I launched a skincare line specifically for people who have eczema, and within three days of launch have people from all over the world emailing photos of themselves asking for help,” Cheryl told us. “This was a huge impetus in identifying how to bring healthcare to anyone anywhere.” Azova has expanded from an online skincare company into an online healthcare system that revolutionizes common expectations of modern medical care. 

“We believe that healthcare should be simple,” Cheryl said. “We have created a whole new system. The new healthcare system connects all of your healthcare providers through a single application and enables you to control your medical records and enables your providers to collaborate in taking care of you.”

Azova’s system makes seeking treatment as a single woman far simpler and more convenient than ever. According to Cheryl, “This is how healthcare should be.”

A Network of Networks

One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with healthcare is keeping multiple service providers informed about your treatments, diagnoses, and additional care. If you seek providers in different hospitals or private practices, they may lack access to your outside records. You may waste entire appointments telling your provider information they could have read beforehand if they only had access to prior records. If they are unaware of a treatment you receive for a different medical issue, they may even prescribe you medicine that has adverse effects on your other treatment.

If you move, you may need to embark on a difficult transfer and referral process that can slow down your ability to seek new care. A referral to a specialist often requires seeing a primary doctor in the area first, even when you have no medical reason for an office visit. 

doctor on video call with woman
Azova can provide users with quality care on an efficient timeline.

In reality, you and your providers would save a lot of time if each party had quick access to your medical information. You would be able to get referrals without a whole new appointment and office visit. You could rest easy knowing that all of your treatments are compatible and all of your providers are aware of each medical issue you have.

“Azova is unique in that we are a fully connected digital health system — we are a network of networks,” Cheryl said. “Unlike many single-solution telehealth companies, we offer access to doctors, therapists, pharmacists, imaging centers, laboratories, and more. Our goal is to enable you to access all of your healthcare over time through a single application.” 

Asynchronous Care Means Greater Convenience

When most people think of telemedicine, they imagine video calls with their doctors. Video chat can undoubtedly be part of receiving care through Azova, but even that is unnecessary in many cases. Patients can solve or treat many medical issues through asynchronous care alone. 

“It is good to understand the different modalities through which telemedicine can be delivered: video, telephone or asynchronously,” Cheryl said. “Asynchronous telemedicine means you can submit your medical history and any photos as needed and your doctor can review your information and send your diagnosis, treatment plan and prescriptions without talking to you. There are some scenarios where video is really the best way to do it; however, there are other scenarios where the more convenient asynchronous options are great.”

writing by laptop
Asynchronous treatment is a convenient option for many Azova users.

Azova users find that many issues they used to solve through a time-consuming office visit — usually requiring them to take time off of work or school — can be solved by a quick message exchange with their care provider. Receiving help asynchronously can help users fit medical care into their busy schedules and prevent treatment from falling by the wayside. 

Patients who feel anxiety or shame about going to the doctor can largely alleviate their worries when they receive help online. Asynchronous care can make it far simpler to handle your emotions when seeking treatment. Many stressful issues associated with reproductive health can be treated virtually and even asynchronously through Azova.

“There are many conditions that can be addressed virtually, including STD treatment, excessive bleeding, irregular periods, PCOS, thyroid issues, emotional well-being, and more,” Cheryl said. “If there is a concern for something that does need to be examined in person, our providers will help you to find an in-person women’s health provider.”

Azova Changes Telemedicine for the Better

Healthcare is a fundamental right. Without your health, nothing matters. Yet access to high-quality and affordable healthcare seems out of reach for many people. The team at Azova understands that this needs to change. Healthcare needs to become cost-effective, efficient, and for most physician care, digital.

“We are working to provide comprehensive digital healthcare services by building more and more connected digital health networks,” Cheryl said. “There is so much benefit to connecting all of your healthcare providers through a single application.”

Something so crucial as caring for your health needs to be easy to navigate. Many elements of healthcare are preventative — such as STI and cancer screening, physicals, and birth control consultations. These elements of your healthcare are the easiest to put off when the barrier to receiving them is too high. But when you go too long without checking on these facets of your health, the results can be painful for you, your family, and even your partners. 

The team at Azova doesn’t want patients to choose between healthcare and enjoying their lives. They have created a convenient, shame-free platform that allows its users — many of them single women — to take control of their health without taking up a significant component of their lives and finances. 

“We hope to become the most comprehensive digital healthcare services delivery platform in the nation,” Cheryl said. “We are directly focused on women’s health in delivering comprehensive solutions that make the stresses of life more manageable. The world is a difficult place right now, and we want to become your trusted partner in helping you to navigate it with good health.”