The Scoop: Our minds can be in so many places at once, we sometimes forget to give our mental health some attention. From work and school, family and friends, and worries about the future, life can get a little crazy sometimes. But it’s important that we remember to prioritize our mental well-being even if it’s for one day out of the week. The Moodfit app is a program designed to give users a break from the pressures of life and provide a guided routine to relax our brains. Use this promo code for an extended free trial and get started on your much needed rest and recuperation! 

Sometimes the craziness of life can build up without us even thinking about it. I often go through my daily routines automatically. Wake up. Eat. Write. Sleep. Repeat the next day. It becomes a comforting pattern. So when one of my daily habits or tasks isn’t completed, I feel like my day is off track, and just like that I’ve lost control of my life. 

People tend to forget that they need to care for their mental wellness the same way they do their physical needs. That’s why the mental health app Moodfit is here to help people refocus and gain control over their overall health. 

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Moodfit offers mental health exercises and analytics to help users be more mindful.

Data from the World Health Organization shows that approximately 800 million people in 2018 were suffering from mental fatigue and instability due to stress. And that was before the global pandemic.

The human body can subconsciously accumulate emotional trauma that can negatively impact people’s daily lives. We have to prioritize our mental well-being just as we would care for a broken bone or a deep cut. Moodfit is an app that provides users with customizable tools to help them care for their mental health. 

“When users start with Moodfit, we recommend they start with a few simple daily practices like keeping a mood journal and perhaps simple breath work or a gratitude journal. We also encourage them to track any variables that they think may be affecting their mood like their sleep or exercise,” said Ron Gentile, CEO of Moodfit.

The Core of Mindfulness is Being Present 

Have you ever heard the saying, “The past is history, the future is a mystery, but the present is a gift?” It may seem like a cheesy saying, but there is value in having our minds be in the now rather than the when. It alleviates the anxiety of thinking about the what-if scenarios people create in their minds. Moodfit emphasizes teaching users to appreciate the present moment they’re in by offering different mental and physical exercises. 

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The tracking tools help individuals keep tabs on their progress and goals.

A highlight of the app is the focus on meditative practices that are more than just random inhales and exhales of air. Moodfit users are able to experience guided meditation that helps them recenter their focus into the present moment. After a few practice sessions, users can conduct their own mediation sessions that can put their minds at ease. 

“This app has changed my life! It has so many features and keeps me constantly in check with my mental health,” according to an anonymous Moodfit testimonial.

A key benefit of the app is that it’s programmed to function differently based on the user. This is not a one-size-fits-all plan. Moodfit allows users to personalize their plans to create a tailored and more effective experience. Singles who join Moodfit learn how to adopt healthier behaviors and change how they view life situations that can result in having a more positive perspective.

“I think if we all had a better appreciation for the struggles (too often silent) of others we’d come from a place of more compassion and would have more willingness to help others. The statistics tell us that 50% of people will have a mental disorder in their lifetimes. Yet prevention and treatment of mental health issues are sadly far behind physical health and there is no issue more foundational to quality of life than good mental health.” said Ron. 

Helping People Become the Best Version of Themselves 

Procrastination is a problem many people struggle with. What starts as a five-minute break turns into a two-hour session on TikTok or binging on Hulu. Plenty of other people can relate to this, and that’s why Moodfit makes productivity a critical focus point in the app insights. The app works as a support system for users to face their personal challenges at their own pace and fashion. 

The resources on the Moodfit app are vastly helpful. Users have multiple ways to check in with themselves and improve their mental health. The app has a goal system that measures the progress users are making to reach their desired finish line for mental health improvement. Some of the tools the app uses to measure this are mood expressions, gratitude affirmations, breathing techniques, and mindfulness sessions. 

Moodfit screenshot
Mental health is a journey, and it’s easier to start with the right tools.

“Game changer. This app is fantastic… I feel much more in control of things rather than things controlling me. Thank you!” said one anonymous Moodfit user.

The app even helps users schedule daily reminders to focus on mental health and ensure these actions become a part of their routine. 

“We find that users can have success with many different features in Moodfit,” Ron told us. “It’s really about them finding the tools that work for them. Mental health is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.” 

While using the Moodfit app can be therapeutic, it isn’t intended as a substitute for seeing a therapist. That’s why Moodfit offers suggested mental health resources for people who want to work with a therapist. In fact, Moodfit can be a great companion for people working with a therapist.

Moodfit Paves the Way to Good Mental Health 

One thing about mental health is that people feel like it’s something they can’t control. People will allow false narratives to creep into their  minds and limit their potential. That’s why Moodfit offers  tools that help build a skill set that allows people to care not only for their mental health but their overall health. 

People lead busy lives. And constantly thinking about your responsibilities and what comes next can build anxiety without you even knowing. When you change the way you think about things, it’s like a breath of fresh air comes into your life and you can start to feel more in control of your responses. Moodfit allows users to feel calmer in the present moment and take value in prioritizing their mental health. 

“The most heart-warming part of being involved in Moodfit is hearing user stories telling us we changed their lives or how we helped them get through the stress of the pandemic. There are so many people dealing with so much suffering. Anything we can do to help alleviate that even a little bit we feel good about.” said Ron.