The Scoop: Tina B. Tessina is a psychotherapist with over 45 years of experience to back her dating and relationship advice. She has worked with countless singles and couples and has inspired deep emotional awakenings by connecting to her clients on a personal level. In addition, Tina has written advice articles and self-help books that deliver practical tips for anyone navigating online dating, romantic relationships, and other areas of life.

Tina B. Tessina’s journey to become a counselor started over 45 years ago with an awful marriage. She and her husband were so unhappy that they could barely talk to one another without it blowing up into a fight. They went to couples counseling to try to fix things, and the counselor broke them up into individual sessions after the first meeting.

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Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a private practice in Long Beach.

Tina stuck with the solo sessions, her husband did not, and they decided to get divorced. Tina continued going to therapy to figure out why she had chosen a poor relationship partner and how she could make better choices in the future. With the blessing of her therapist, she went back to school and began studying psychology.

“Like so many counselors, I got into it because of my own issues,” she said. She started out with questions, and found answers. Tina is now a celebrated psychotherapist, author, and dating expert with offices in Long Beach. She has been happily remarried to Richard Sharrard since 1982.

When Tina opened her private practice in the 1970s, she was one of five counselors in Long Beach. Today, she said she’s the only one of the five still in business. She attributes her longevity to her positive attitude, compassionate techniques, and overall resilience.

“I don’t burn out because I focus on what’s changing and what’s possible,” she said. “I always enjoy watching them change and go from a dysfunctional relationship to a healthy relationship that lasts and makes them both happy.”

Working With Gay & Straight Singles & Couples

Tina described her counseling methods as “extremely practical.” She doesn’t waste time on trivialities, and she doesn’t point out issues without offering solutions. Tina partners with her clients to do the deep psychological work it takes to make a lasting change in life. She has a full toolkit of therapy techniques she can use to get to the root of any personal issue.

“It’s a client-led process,” she told us. “I look at what the client wants to do, and we work on it together.”

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Tina helps her clients overcome past issues and mental blocks, so they can cultivate healthy relationships.

Individuals and couples of all ages, backgrounds, and sexual orientations turn to Tina for guidance. She only saw clientele in her hometown of Long Beach at first, but video counseling tools have now allowed her to reach people all around the world.

Some clients choose to schedule weekly sessions, while others just check in once in a while or during crisis situations. Tina allows her clients to decide what works best for them, and she is flexible enough to meet with them in person, over the phone, or through Skype.

While they work closely together, Tina tends to develop friendships with her clients, and she said she feels invested in seeing them succeed.

“I don’t think you can heal others without caring about them,” she said. “I get close to my clients, we build a relationship, and that works for me very well.”

Her Romance Guide Promotes the Get-a-Life Dating Method

Throughout her career, Tina has published multiple books on the topic of love and relationships. She has counseled couples on how to form happy relationships, and she has inspired singles to enjoy their independence and regain confidence in themselves. Her books take on major life issues — including dating, money, sex, and children — and address them with positivity and psychological insights.

Cover of "Dr. Romance's Guide to Finding Love Today"

Tina’s new book prepares online daters to create real-life romantic connections.

Tina recently published “Dr. Romance’s Guide to Finding Love Today” to tackle issues she has seen in the online dating world. This self-help book walks singles through the challenge and adventure posed by a dating site and teaches them how to create their happily ever afters.

This romance guide walks singles through the online dating process from identifying mental blocks to making a real-life connection. Tina pulls back the veneer and reveals the common traps online daters fall prey to — including misjudging someone based on a dating profile.

“I see a lot of people struggle with online dating,” she said. “It’s not reality-based. It’s like advertising yourself over text and email. Once you meet in person, that’s when reality begins.”

Tina pointed out that dating profiles can be misleading, and it’s not until you meet in person that you know if you have chemistry or relationship potential.

“I call my dating method the Get a Life method because it’s important to get out and meet people in person,” she said. “My book is based on making dating successful, safe, and fun.”

Over 200 Blog Articles are Available for Free Online

In addition to writing books, Tina has also written advice articles where she can share her wisdom with a broader audience.

Tina has published an impressive library of over 200 articles available for free on the Dr. Romance Blog. This blog offers singles and couples the reassurance and knowledge they need to move forward and handle a variety of personal issues. Some of her articles discuss dating issues and others discuss relationship issues, but they all provide calm, clear advice based on years of experience.

Many of these articles use real-life scenarios to illustrate a point and deliver sage guidance. Sometimes she answers a question from a reader’s Dear Dr. Romance letter, and sometimes she draws from her own experiences and professional knowledge to encourage readers to never give up hope.

“Hope is what keeps us going, gives us the courage to pursue our dreams, and draws us into creating the future.” — Tina B. Tessina

Readers can also find inspiration from her Happiness Tips, a monthly column where Tina looks on the bright side and reminds people of the importance of self-care, relationship resilience, family, friendship, and basically enjoying life.

Tina approaches love and life with an empathetic frame of mind, and her kindness comes through on every page.

“My whole focus is on how to have a happy life,” she said. “The thing that leads to a happy life is generosity and caring. It’s all about kindness and learning how to take care of yourself so you’re not just giving and not getting anything back.”

Tina Cares About Helping & Healing Others

Over 45 years ago, Tina didn’t know how to sort out her own relationship, much less anyone else’s, but years of studying psychology and working with couples have helped her understand the ins and outs of the dating world. Now she has the strength, knowledge, and passion to cheer on every client who visits her office.

Tina is a compassionate guide for singles and couples facing personal issues. She delivers thoughtful advice in one-on-one sessions, self-help books, and free online articles to help people around the world improve the quality of their relationships.

Although she has been at this a long time, Tina said that every day at her therapy practice is different, and she sees every client’s challenges as an opportunity to inspire growth and happiness.

“Every person is unique, and every situation is unique,” she said. “Every relationship is a brand new thing, and you have to work it out from scratch. There’s no template. People think there’s one right way to do, but there’s not. There’s just what works for you.”