The Scoop: As a dating and relationship expert, Andrea Syrtash has advised couples through all sorts of difficulties, including how to delegate chores, diffuse conflict, and rekindle romance. She has shared her advice in televised interviews, on podcast episodes, through seminars, and in self-help books. She even co-hosted a TV show about relationships on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Now, after struggling with infertility, Andrea has a new perspective on relationships and has developed a website to speak to couples who have difficulty conceiving. Pregnantish is an informational resource for soon-to-be parents of all orientations undergoing fertility treatments and hoping to bring new life into the world.

Andrea Syrtash has been interested in love ever since she was a child. Before she could write her own name, she would doodle a heart and a smiley face in place of her signature. A happy heart was her first identifier, and it has remained part of her identity as an adult.

While working as a journalist, Andrea’s career soon turned toward the love and relationships scene. In 2005, she contributed to a “How to Survive Dating” article series, and it wasn’t very long before a radio host dubbed her a dating expert. Much to her surprise, the title stuck. A year later, Andrea appeared on “The Today Show” where she answered common questions about love, dating, and relationships.

Photo of Andrea Syrtash

Throughout the years, Andrea Syrtash has interviewed thousands of people about their relationships, and this has shaped her advice.

A few years later, Andrea came on board the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) to co-host a reality show called “The Life Story Project.” For this show, she interviewed everyday folks about their relationships on a purple couch on the sidewalk. She listened to hundreds of people describe their relationships and tell their life and love stories.

Andrea has spent her career as a journalist pursuing topics that interest her and have affected her life, and she has often found that those issues resonate with other men, women, and couples as well. Recently, she used a tough personal experience as an opportunity to expand the relationship topics she addresses. When she and her husband struggled to conceive a child for many years, Andrea realized that infertility is one of the toughest chapters of a relationship (the relationship someone has to a partner, community, and herself) and the issue was rarely addressed from a non-clinical or non-medical perspective. So, she built a lifestyle platform decided to supporting people through the experience of infertility.

Now Andrea is expecting a child, and her cousin is acting as gestational carrier for her. Andrea’s journey to motherhood hasn’t been easy, but it has motivated her to start a website to make the way a little less treacherous for people who have difficulty conceiving or need Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). As a relationship coach and author, Andrea speaks to these challenges and how they can be overcome on Pregnantish.

“My inspiration has always been to help people better navigate relationships,” she said. “I don’t just talk about dating, love and sex, or romantic connections. Relationships affect everything and are the most important thing in the world. My work will always be focused on this.”

Pregnantish™ Can Help You and Your Partner Navigate the Ups and Downs

Andrea has been medically infertile since she was 14 years old when she was diagnosed with endometriosis. She’s faced other issues in her body, included invasive fibroid tumors, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to start her family. It took a number of years and difficult pregnancy losses, but she and her husband finally found a way to conceive a child. She knows from personal experience how infertility issues can impact a relationship, and she has brought that awareness and sensitivity to her new platform.

In the last year, Andrea has launched an informational website called to inspire women, men, and couples to build families regardless of their situations. It’s not just for couples; many singles are starting their families with help too. The website’s motto is “real talk about fertility,” and that’s exactly what its articles and videos provide. Andrea intends to compile information and resources that can help couples of all orientations as they navigate pregnancy issues.

The Pregnantish logo

Pregnantish shares a positive and empowering message with couples of all orientations.

Pregnantish has a section dedicated to LGBT couples. This section includes interviews, advice articles, and practical information to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals and couples undergoing fertility treatments. These tricky issues don’t get talked about much in the mainstream media, and Andrea hopes shedding a light on them on Pregnantish can help future parents cope and carry on through adversity.

“So many people are silently navigating infertility, in vitro fertilization, and egg freezing,” Andrea said. “My goal is to better support people through this experience.”

Andrea’s new site is an extension of her work with couples. She has spent her career discussing various roadblocks to intimacy and happiness, and now she is tackling a subject that is close to her heart: infertility.

Debunking Dating & Relationship Rules in Bestselling Books

Throughout her career, Andrea has used her gift of gab to pen self-help books that speak directly to singles and couples experiencing relationship difficulties. Her library includes cheekily titled dating guides, like “Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband),” that encourage readers to challenge the conventional wisdom with common sense.

Photo of Andrea Syrtash and Jeff Wilser

“It’s Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date” gives singles permission to trust themselves when going out on dates.

Andrea co-wrote “It’s Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date” with Jeff Wilser in July 2013 to encourage readers to trust their own instincts in the dating scene. She and Jeff advocate for ignoring made-up rules about when to call, when to propose, and when to have sex with someone. This book debunks common dating myths and provides more realistic maxims based on years of studying real couples.

Andrea and Jeff’s plain language and candid advice resonate with many readers who are tired of sacrificing who they are for the sake of playing it cool. “It’s helpful to get validation on your gut feeling about these topics,” wrote Nina in an Amazon review. “They give great examples and will keep you laughing throughout. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it!”

“The impact I’ve always wanted to have on the dating industry,” Andrea said, “is to move away from the fear-based advice and rules that I so often see out there.”

Andrea even dedicated one of her books, “He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing,” to “women who should never settle when they settle down,” because she believes the most important dating rules and standards are the ones you set for yourself.

Keeping Busy With the Support of Others

Andrea is a mover and shaker in the dating industry, and she reached that position by working with and learning from the best in the business. While she’s been a guest on some of the biggest television networks and on the most popular shows, she’ll always make time to weigh in in smaller mediums and for audiences that are interested in her advice. Andrea also appreciates that the people she’s worked with through the years, including her talent manager and her assistant at pregnantish, who are kind and driven.

“My only requirement is that the people I surround myself with are driven, kind, and creative,” she said. “They don’t need to have gone to a special school or have exact experience. If someone is driven and creative, they’ll figure it out. If they’re kind, they’ll be good to work with.”

In addition to being a known TV personality, Andrea works behind the scenes as a writer and producer. She’s a member of the Producers Guild of America and has also partnered with top brands to create compelling branded content in campaigns focused on love topics.

In May 2016, Andrea spoke at the TEDx Makers conference. Her talk, entitled “How to Make Love Outside the Bedroom,” discussed how to better manage business relationships from the perspective of a dating and relationships expert.

In addition to having a baby this winter, Andrea’s hands are full with many exciting projects in the works. This month, she will appear on five episodes of a new television show, “Irreconcilable Differences,” on the Reelz network. She’s in development with Buzzfeed and Nylon Magazine to co-produce and host digital videos, and she’s starting a podcast with Midroll Media, the largest podcast network in the world. She’s also in development for a new TV show, which she says she’ll share more about later.

“I’ve been extremely busy with the new projects, and it’s very exciting!” she said. You can follow her @andreasyrtash and @pregnantish to keep up with everything she has going on. She often posts quick tips or links to informational video content designed to teach viewers how to love better and live better.

“I want people to focus on self-love and building up their confidence and knowing what they value most,” she said. “When you do this, you’ll attract better people to you.”

Andrea Syrtash Empathetically Advises Couples

Since she was a child, Andrea has had a soft spot for love and has wondered what makes relationships tick. She has given dating and relationship advice on various TV networks, radio shows, podcasts, and social media platforms, and now she has expanded her brand to include a website for people trying to start their families with a little help. She makes a point to share her own life experiences to connect with her audience and give them hope.

Over the last decade, Andrea’s straightforward dating and relationship advice have impacted many people’s lives and showed them a better path to happiness and love. Whether she’s inspiring couples to work through relationship issues that pop up during infertility or motivating singles to set high standards for their partners, Andrea’s advice comes straight from her heart and makes people stop and think about what matters to them.

“I want people to always remember my simple relationship tip: If you hear yourself trying to convince someone of your value, that’s your cue to move on,” she told us. “A good match will see you and value you.”