The Scoop: It’s bad enough when an engagement or marriage doesn’t work out, but trying to sell a ring afterward can add insult to injury. That’s why WP Diamonds was founded as an easy and fast way to sell diamonds, jewelry, and watches for a fair price. Its experts can quickly offer a quote to buy your piece, and, if you’re pleased, you can ship it overnight to the team for a final review and offer. Users can sell engagement rings or wedding jewelry within 24 hours and, with the money freshly in their pocket, move on quickly.

Diamonds are forever… or until what they represent is over.

While people can find plenty of statistics on how many marriages end in divorce, a lesser-known fact is that 20% of engagements are also called off.

Couples can end an engagement for a variety of reasons beyond one partner getting cold feet. Some engaged couples simply can’t get excited about the wedding. Others may think their partner still needs to change before they can be happy in a relationship for the rest of their life.

No matter the reason, broken engagements and divorces can mean diamond rings that no longer have any use — or worse, bring back pain and bad memories.

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WP Diamonds was founded to give people a better experience when selling their diamond rings and other jewelry.

Selling those diamonds can also be a trying situation. Pawn shops typically try to offer next to nothing, and local jewelers may also low-ball sellers. Even if someone finds a place that’s willing to sell on consignment, the process can take a long time.

However, you won’t have those experiences with WP Diamonds. The company offers a trusted, modern-day option for selling diamonds, jewelry, and watches, and the entire process can be completed online and over the phone in as little as 24 hours.

“We buy rings from called-off engagements, divorces, and inheritances,” said WP Diamonds CEO Andrew Brown. “We also help clients upgrade their engagement rings. For example, when trends have changed and they want to change a marquise or a princess to a round or an oval diamond.”

WP Diamonds started in 2010 when Andrew and his business partner operated a wholesale business that purchased goods from pawnbrokers and retail jewelers. They saw a need for an alternative to how those shops treated sellers who wanted to liquidate their jewelry.

That’s when they came up with the idea to provide an honest, fair, and convenient online service to help those sellers get the best prices for their jewelry.

A Fast, Secure, and Fair Way to Sell Diamonds and Jewelry

Andrew and his partner created a system that offers the pricing benefits of selling a piece at auction with the turnaround time of dealing with a pawnbroker.

“It’s the best option to sell because we have a secure, fast, fair, private process,” he said. “It’s professional, seamless, and trustworthy; our reputation is paramount to us. And we want people to do their research and see what people say about us.”

The majority of customers who sell through WP Diamonds are female, but laws vary by state on who gets to keep the engagement ring if the engagement is called off. No matter who ends up with the ring, knowing what you’ve got to sell is the best way to identify a fair price.

Some jewelers will provide paperwork, such as a GIA report, detailing the specifications of the diamond.

“We sometimes see customers who will bring in a ring that was only purchased a few days ago. They’ve had a change of heart or the proposal did not go to plan,” Andrew said. “We have a fair share of men who want to sell the ring, and we buy a lot of watches. Those are predominantly male customers. You also get a lot of inherited pieces, which is a mix of male and female.”

Clients often find WP Diamonds because of the hundreds of positive reviews it has across the internet — including on Trustpilot and Google and their A+ BBB rating. Since it started, the company has worked with 1.25 million people and traded more than $100 million in diamonds.

A Straightforward Process Built on Professionalism

Andrew’s team includes experts who specialize in a variety of jewelry types. Louise Lieblich is the team’s head of diamonds and jewelry and has more than 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. Another team member, Thomas Pozsgay, oversees the fine watch division and has worked in the second-hand watch retail business for more than 35 years.

“We are experts in the pre-owned diamond, jewelry, and watch market, bringing years of industry experience and continuous training. We pride ourselves on our authentication process, strong prices, and exceptional customer service,” Andrew said. “We get a lot of referrals through friends and family, and that’s very important to our business. And you only get that if you thoroughly please the customers you deal with.”

Photo of WP Diamonds CEO Andrew Brown

CEO Andrew Brown spoke with us about how the company’s service helps it stand out.

The WP Diamonds process is simple. When users log on to the site, they can get an offer by identifying the piece they want to sell — whether it’s a ring, loose diamond, designer jewelry, or watch. They select the brand, material, and type and, if it’s a diamond, provide details about size, cut, clarity, color, and carat, known in the industry as the 4Cs.

Users can also send a photo and supporting information — including a GIA report that contains a full scientific and unbiased assessment of a diamond’s 4Cs. Experts typically reply within a few hours.

“If they’re enticed, we’ll send them a priority overnight shipping label and can get it the next morning. Or they can schedule an appointment in New York, the U.K., or Hong Kong,” Andrew said. “We evaluate the piece and ensure it’s the right stone, and then we hone in on what we think is the right price. And, if they sign the purchase agreement, we wire them the money. It can be done in 24 hours. If the offer is refused, we simply return the piece at no charge. There are never any fees or commissions deducted from our final price.”

WP Diamonds: Reassuring Customers Through Responsive Service and Support

A broken engagement or divorce can be traumatizing, and selling a ring that represents that relationship can be a daunting task. However, many people in that situation trust WP Diamonds because they see others sharing so many positive experiences online.

“We had a wealthy individual who was starting to divest his wife’s jewelry collection, and we met at the Ritz Carlton,” Andrew said. “He handed me a $2 million ring, having only spoken to me on the phone. He told me, ‘Andrew, the only reason I’m giving you this ring is that your online reviews and reputation were stunning.’ He’d been talking to Sotheby’s and Christie’s, but he decided to go with us because of our reputation and because we could deal with his items relatively quickly.”

The WP Diamonds team holds customer service as one of its top priorities — along with offering the right price and operating quickly.

“It’s great to have that service, and they know they’re getting a fair price,” he said. “I meet a lot of people doing this, and they’re so happy they found us. It’s a nice feeling to give something back.”

The company is also in the midst of an expansion in 2019. WP Diamonds now has offices in New York, London, and Birmingham, England for those who prefer face-to-face transactions. It also recently opened an office in Hong Kong and is planning to start buying high-end handbags as a part of its service — a natural complement to its other items.

“That’s another area for us to focus on and work,” he said. “And it’s more of the same — making people happy and paying a fair price.”