The Scoop: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, TS Fitness focused on small group fitness classes with six clients who help motivate each other. Since New York City’s quarantine, however, the studio has added new offerings for individuals and couples. The TS Fitness team has been hosting virtual workouts for several years, but the company has expanded those options to people in New York City and beyond. The online workouts have helped many couples continue to improve their health while at home.

Couples may find they have much more free time together at home during the age of quarantines and social distancing. And many singles and couples are using that time to work out — even more than they have before, according to Noam Tamir, the CEO and Founder of New York City’s TS Fitness.

Noam shared the story of one woman who started working out more consistently. Before quarantine, she’d come into the TS Fitness center once or twice a week because she was too busy with work to regularly make time for exercise.

But many of the TS Fitness classes have moved online, so clients can work out with personal trainers — or in groups — virtually. The woman now works out in her own home with weights and other household equipment any time it fits into her schedule. During quarantine, she’s been working out two to three times per week with the TS Fitness team.

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TS Fitness helps couples stay healthy together at home.

“I’ve seen a lot of people get into better shape now because of the consistency. They work out more often, whereas before they would only work out maybe once a week because they were so busy,” Noam told us.

Couples are also taking more classes together since they may have fewer places to go outside of their homes. And having a workout partner can make them more likely to meet their fitness goals. They may even like it more than if they tried to stick to a routine by themselves.

“When people exercise together, they push themselves harder and enjoy themselves more. It’s scientifically proven that if you work out with someone, you’ll work harder and be more likely to stick with it,” said Noam.

A Group Fitness Experience at Home

Noam has always been passionate about fitness and hospitality, the two areas of focus that have made TS Fitness successful in New York City.

“I was bullied when I was younger, and exercise helped me build my confidence. It was empowering. Later, I got into hospitality and hotels. I loved going above and beyond, and eventually, I decided it was time to open up my own place,” said Noam.

The fitness studio’s concept is all about togetherness: “TS” stands for “together, stronger.” Most of its classes are small groups of six people. The idea is that class sizes are large enough to motivate participants, but small enough to provide individual attention from the instructor.

TS Fitness still offers its group classes in an outdoor space next to the studio, albeit with only four participants instead of six. The shaded area extends 40 feet from the studio and is covered with rubber flooring for comfort.

Photo of TS Fitness Founder Noam Tamir conducting a virtual workout

TS Fitness Founder and CEO Noam Tamir also offers individual virtual workouts.

The company has expanded its virtual offerings, as well. But unlike other fitness centers that have only recently moved online, TS Fitness has been offering virtual classes for the past six years.

“Hotels contact me to do virtual training for their guests,” said Noam. “And we have a lot of experience with that kind of class.”

The studio offers virtual classes that include strength and toning workouts called TS Tone Live, a calorie-burning class called TS Shred Live, and TS Barre Live.

“Tone is more like weights-required workouts. Shred is for people who don’t have access to weights,” Noam said.

Couples can sign up for monthly memberships that let them decide to take classes once, twice, or three times per week.

Reach Goals Faster by Working Out With a Partner

Since TS Fitness has moved mostly online, many couples find themselves training at home together. One of the most significant benefits of that arrangement is that they don’t have to pay for two memberships, since the training takes the same amount of time for the TS Fitness staff.

Noam said he thinks that couples workouts also provide more accountability and connection. He also appreciates helping people work out together in their homes.

“A lot of clients have started bringing their significant others. That’s been an incredible part of virtual training. One person sees their partner working out, and they say, you know what, can I try it?” Noam told us.

Some of this newfound commitment comes from couples feeling less self-conscious working out in a comfortable setting. Even in a small group fitness class, other clients would see them working out, which can be nerve-wracking for some. With fitness classes on Zoom, though, only the trainer — and your partner — can see you exercising.

An element of friendly competition often makes working out more fun for couples.

“We make it a little competitive. It’s a healthy competition, but it draws couples together, and they enjoy it. It creates more of a sense of community,” Noam said.

One couple is preparing for their wedding in 2021 by working out together at home. They got engaged five months before the pandemic struck, and now have a wedding planned for sometime in 2021.

Another common goal for couples is working out together to look good on their wedding day.

“I have four or five clients whose weddings have been postponed, and they want to stay active and keep working out,” Noam said.

TS Fitness: Helping Those Stuck Inside Stay Active

Though quarantines and social distancing have been difficult for many, the TS Fitness team has found a way to help individuals and couples through this challenging time. And the company is excited about the new clients who have found their virtual fitness classes. Before, most clients lived close to the New York City studio, but now TS Fitness attracts fans from around the country.

“We’re not limited by geographic location anymore. Normally, New Yorkers won’t go more than 10 or 15 blocks from their jobs or their homes to work out. But now I’m getting clients from Florida and Nashville, who hear about us from someone else,” Noam said.

One of the reasons the studio has become so popular is that it goes above and beyond for clients. For instance, Noam has loaned 80% of the studio’s weights to clients who didn’t have their own at home. He even drives around New York City, dropping off weights to new clients.

“They appreciate it because it’s almost impossible to get a kettlebell right now,” Noam said with a laugh.

Further, clients receive individualized attention from the trainers and more one-on-one and small group training with Noam himself. Though his background is in training, he’d been doing more administrative work than training in years past. But now, Noam has found himself offering more than 40 individual sessions each week.

“Clients are getting me one-on-one, which hasn’t happened before. People are getting a lot more attention. Everybody has their calling, and it’s been an honor for me to give as much as I can,” Noam said.