The Scoop: Terminus 330 (T330) is a gorgeous wedding venue in downtown Atlanta. It offers three dynamic event spaces — the spacious main room, the intimate rooftop terrace, and the chic underground speakeasy — where couples can tie the knot. What really makes T330 stand out is the team’s friendly and personalized customer service. Throughout the year, helpful wedding planners collaborate with couples to create unique wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The day of a wedding can be a little frenetic. Everyone is hurrying around to prepare the venue, take pictures, and deal with any last-minute issues. And the soon-to-be-married couple is at the center of it all. They can be a jumble of nerves and anticipation because it’s their big day, and they rely on other people (not to mention the weather) to make it go smoothly, and at T330 it does!

Photo of a Terminus 330 wedding

Terminus 330 hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions throughout the year.

Any stress washes away the moment the bride starts walking down the aisle. A hush falls over the crowd as people rise to their feet and share in such an important and unforgettable moment. The music plays, and the bride takes that symbolic walk toward the rest of her life with all her friends and family to bear witness.

Shannon Smith, Managing Partner at Terminus 330 in Atlanta, said the bride’s appearance is her favorite moment in a wedding ceremony. She can’t help but get a little teary-eyed when the room grows quiet and focuses on celebrating two people in love.

“That’s why I do this,” she told us. “The energy in the room is one of sheer excitement, and it’s a wonderful feeling to know you were part of something so special.”

It takes a lot of manpower to pull off such a magical moment, but Terminus 330 (also known as T330) employs an experienced, knowledgeable, and caring team who know how to set the scene for a special moment.

Since July 2015, T330 has been a favorite event venue for locals celebrating major milestones: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, vow renewals, and more. This timeless space fuses modern services with classic decor to wow its guests. Shannon said she wanted Terminus 330 to stay true to the historic roots of Atlanta, even while building toward the future.

“We called it Terminus 330 because Terminus was the original name for Atlanta, at a time when it was striving to be the railroad hub of the South,” she said. “So that was our inspiration.”

A Competent Planning Team Customizes Each Event

Terminus 330 hosts more than 60 weddings a year, which adds up to a little more than one a week, and the team gives their all to making each one stand apart.  Increasingly popular are Friday and Saturday weddings, which have their own unique feel. They don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Terminus 330 asks couples what they envision and work together to turn those ideas into a reality.

Terminus 330 has three spaces where events can be held: the main room, the rooftop terrace, and the underground speakeasy. Each has its own personality and provides a beautiful and interesting backdrop for a wedding celebration.

Photo of a wedding reception at Terminus 330

Beautiful, upscale decorations make Terminus 330’s event spaces pop.

Central Station is the main attraction of the three spaces. This timeless space highlights the historic nature of the building with its hardwood floors and exposed brick walls. Central Station can hold up to 270 guests for a standing room-only cocktail party, or it can host an intimate seated dinner for 160 guests. The indoor space is flexible enough to suit just about any type of event.

Brides and grooms who choose to have their weddings at T330 enjoy the support of a hands-on and knowledgeable team. It’s not just the couple’s wedding planner putting it all together — Terminus 330 brings all hands on deck and allows couples to consult with a bar team, catering expert, and a host of other professionals with specialized skills. It’s something that sets them apart.

The T330 team can be as involved or as uninvolved in the planning process as couples want. Some people come to Terminus 330 with something very specific in mind for the big day, and they just want a beautiful place where they can run with their ideas. Others need a little more guidance when it comes to those details, and they want someone to patiently walk them through the checklist of tasks leading up to a wedding.

The Terminus 330 team can recommend local vendors, but it requires couples to use their bar service, (the venue operates under a state liquor license) in addition to their house caterer on Saturday evenings, during the month of December, and other select holidays. In addition to the food being sumptuous, the bar is noteworthy for its eight craft beers on tap, which is definitely a favorite among guests.

“We’re a bit different from other venues in Atlanta in terms of our mentality of how we put events together,” Shannon said. “We want to be part of it with you, working together as a team to make something special, and that comes off in everything we do.”

Turning Heads With a Craft Beer Bar Service

T330 aims to be an all-inclusive venue where every major aspect of an event can be handled by the team. Its wedding packages come with standard services, including a setup and strike team, a bridal suite, and a one-hour rehearsal, but it also offers upgraded services that you won’t find at a traditional wedding venue.

Photo of Terminus 330

T330 has a full bar stocked with premium beers, wines, and spirits.

“Our services make us stand out,” Shannon said. “For example, all of our bar offerings include locally and seasonally selected craft beer on tap because we want to up the quality of that service from what people may be used to.”

The wedding planning team also provides its couples with a wedding planning checklist and a packet of information, so they can become familiar with the venue, the schedule, and all the little details that go into their big day.

Terminus 330 provides unique services to satisfy its guests and treat them to something unexpected and delightful. The team’s deliberate focus on the customer’s needs has set it apart from other wedding venues in the area. T330 isn’t just a place — it’s a guiding force. The team sets the stage, arranges the logistics, and then lets couples take it from there.

Another upside of T330 is its central location in downtown Atlanta. The venue is walking distance to some of the city’s greatest tourist attractions, including the World of Coca Cola, The Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, CNN, The College Football Hall of Fame, and dozens of fun shops and eateries. Out-of-town guests can explore the area and have a great time during their weekend trip.

From start to finish, the Terminus 330 team supports couples on their journey to tie the knot, and the modern venue provides everything necessary to make the event something to remember.

“It’s all about a celebration,” Shannon said. “We want to be part of celebrating people’s special moments. That’s what it’s all about for us.”

Facilitating Life-Changing Moments in a Beautiful Space

After years of putting on weddings and big events, the T330 team has perfected its planning process. While couples can book up to two years in advance to get the exact date they want, Shannon said the team doesn’t need that long to plan the wedding. “Our team can put on a gorgeous wedding in 30 days if need be,” she told us.

Photo of couples getting married at Terminus 330

Hundreds of couples have fallen in love with T330’s spacious venues.

Terminus 330 boasts a 4.8-star rating on The Knot and a 5-star rating on Wedding Wire, and many brides praise the team specifically for their kindness, flexibility, and attention to detail.

“Our wedding day was beautiful, and the staff was wonderful,” said Elizabeth R. in a review. “We loved the space, and we felt like Terminus 330 is the perfect downtown venue.”

Emily F. was in Europe when she booked the Terminus sight unseen, and she was amazed when everything came together for her wedding in the South. She said the beauty of the space and its decorations were perfect and made for great photos.

“I was blown away with the helpfulness of the staff. Everyone was outstanding, I could not be more thrilled,” Emily wrote. “All of our guests commented on what a great space it was! I was so happy with how everything for the wedding day turned out and the majority of this is because of Terminus 330.”

In the last few years, Shannon and her team have seen couples of all ages, orientations, and backgrounds come together at Terminus 330. From non-denominational parties to traditional Catholic ceremonies, the team transforms the space to suit the couple’s wishes. “It doesn’t matter who you are,” she said. “There’s a place and an event for you here.”

Terminus 330 Delivers Extraordinary Customer Service On Your Big Day

Weddings involve a lot of hard work and planning to get the flowers, food, seating arrangements, and venue just right. A thousand small decisions lead up to that one big moment between two people. A powerful feeling of love surrounds the wedding ceremony, and couples deserve a romantic backdrop that reflects the hope and promise in each other’s eyes.

That’s where Terminus 330 comes in. Shannon and her team have put on hundreds of weddings, and they endeavor to make each one as unique as the couple saying their vows. They have a variety of services to customize the event and foster a dynamic atmosphere full of love and gratitude.

T330 offers a simple and stunning space where Atlanta couples can relax and enjoy themselves knowing that a hardworking team has their best interests at heart.

“It’s a team effort,” Shannon said. “Whether it’s a wedding or a vow renewal, we work so hard for that one moment where they’re just so happy.”