The Scoop: Tentsile is an eco-friendly company that has changed the way people set up camp in the wilderness. Its award-winning tree tents and giant hammocks offer more space, comfort, and convenience than the traditional camping gear, and Tentsile’s waterproof tents also leave less of a footprint on the environment because they hang suspended among the trees. In the run-up to Black Friday, Tentsile will offer a week of excellent deals (30% off and more) to tempt couples to get off the couch and start camping in style. And you can use the code DATENTSILE15 when you check out to save even more.

There’s definitely something romantic about going camping. After a day of hiking, fishing, and adventuring, couples can snuggle up by the campfire and enjoy some peace and quiet. The crickets chirp, the stars shine, and everything just seems right with the world. It’s only natural to fall into each other’s arms in such a beautiful setting.

Photo of a Tentsile tree tent

Couples can set up a Tentsile tent to take their camping trips to new heights.

For many couples, the camping experience doesn’t end with daytime fun. A survey of 500 camping couples found that an outdoor trip can have a positive impact in the bedroom — or in the sleeping bag. About 90% of couples said they had more sex while sleeping in a tent together.

It’s no wonder so many couples plan camping trips when they need to get away from it all. Camping can lead to a lot of wonderful experiences, and Tentsile’s original tree tents have made it even more likely that couples will get cozy once the sun goes down.

Tentsile has designed giant hammocks and tree tents that offer a spacious sleeping space and hangout area suspended among the trees. Some of its tree tents can fit families of six, while others have just enough room for two.

Many campers have fallen in love with tree tents and take them on every outing. The waterproof rainfly keeps occupants dry, and the stretchy material helps them relax.

This November, Tentsile is sweetening the deal by offering Black Friday deals that’ll knock your socks off. For the week of Black Friday, Tentsile will give customers 30% off its tree tents and hammocks. Plus, we can offer extra savings with the promo code DATENTSILE15 that’s exclusive to our readers. Read on to find out how you can save money on your camping gear.

Special Sales Beginning November 25th

Camping is quickly become a national pastime in the U.S. and abroad. Approximately 78.8 million American households went on at least one camping trip in 2018, and 56% of camping households expressed a desire to camp more often in the coming year.

Younger generations seem particularly keen to get out in nature. Millennials make up 41% of all campers, and millennials with young children camp more frequently than any other age group — yet two-thirds of these avid campers said they plan to camp more in the future.

Photo of a couple in a Tentsile tree tent

Tentsile tree tents are ideal for intimate camping excursions in wooded areas.

Going on a camping trip can be a fun and budget-friendly vacation, and Tentsile can give camping couples and families more ways to save money and still be extra cozy in the outdoors.

Tentsile is making a huge Black Friday push and offering 30% off many award-winning products, including the Stingray Tree Tent, Connect Tree Tent, Flite Tree Tent, and more top sellers.

Thanks to the Black Friday deals, a Tentsile two-person hammock that typically costs $150 will be marked down to $105, offering valuable savings to customers who love a good bargain.

Tentsile’s Black Friday Sale will start on the Monday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, and it will last until the following Monday, Dec. 2. That’s right, for a full week, Tentsile will be slashing prices like nobody’s business and giving people a chance to camp in style without blowing their Christmas budgets.

Speaking of Christmas, deal-hunting shoppers may want to check out Tentsile’s tree tents, hammocks, and camping accessories to snag the perfect gift for an outdoorsy partner this holiday season. Tentsile’s tree tents can make an excellent gift for any holiday, and this gear brings with it the promise of making unforgettable memories on many camping trips to come.

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Unlike the Black Friday deal, this $15-off promo code doesn’t expire, and it can be used on multiple orders (but only once per order). Just go to your Shopping Cart and type it in where it says “Gift card or discount code.” Once you click “Apply,” you’ll get $15 knocked off your final order. It’s easy, and you’ll save a bundle on your purchase.

Photo of a tree tent

Tentsile makes it more comfortable to sleep outdoors and snuggle up with someone special.

Tentsile offers camping gear that’s sleek, comfortable, and versatile, and its seasonal promotions make it even more tempting to stock up on tree tents, hammocks, and other accessories.

With Tentsile by your side, you can explore forests and mountains with a portable hangout ready to go. All you need is three trees and a few minutes to set up camp. Many satisfied customers have taken to Facebook to rave about their experiences.

Marissa S. and her fiancé went on a four-day backpacking trip and took a two-person Tentsile tree tent with them. Marissa said she’d never slept well in traditional tents, but she was able to relax in comfort thanks to Tentsile. “I slept like a baby every night,” she said. “We found an incredible spot.”

“My wife and I really enjoyed a great sleep last night in our Safari Connect,” Dirk M. said in a five-star review. “I’ve owned a campground for 25 years, and my guests are blown away by this tree tent.”

The Tentsile team is proud to support so many camping ventures and encourage outdoorsy folks to spend time doing what they love with the people they love.

The team says, “These tensioned, floating shelters create usable camping spaces, both within and below, and, for comfort, remains unrivaled as the way to experience the natural world.”

Grab Your Gear! The Tentsile Sale Won’t Last Long

Many couples see camping as an opportunity to connect with nature, but it’s also a great way for them to connect with each other. Couples can grow closer together while lounging among the trees during the day, and a Tentsile tree tent can ensure they stay dry, warm, and cozy all night long.

Avid campers can stake out the best deals and discounts this upcoming Black Friday week and stock up on one-of-a-kind camping gear that’ll make their camping trips much more comfortable and enjoyable. Don’t forget the code you’ll want to use is DATENTSILE15.

“It’s great for nature lovers, perfect for watching wildlife,” said Nic E. in a Facebook review. “Camping in a Tentsile is such a unique experience and worth every cent!”