The Scoop: With “sleep divorce” on the rise — the practice of couples consensually sleeping in separate beds — plenty of folks are missing out on the experience of going to bed and waking up with their special person. Disagreements over preferred room temperature can be frustrating, so companies like Slumber Cloud have developed sleep products with customized comfort in mind. Their Ultracool pillow and comforter are made with innovative technology to solve your sleep issues once and for all, and allow you and your partner to keep the peace while you both count your sheep.

There’s nothing like snuggling up to the ones you love as the weather starts to cool down each year. Curling up together under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoying each other’s company is a special way to connect. Sharing a bed with your partner, too, can be a fantastic way to build physical and emotional intimacy. 

Waking up next to the one you love every morning is something people often take for granted, especially when you live together or have shared a bed for many months or years at a time. It can become routine or even irritating in some cases when you and your bed partner have opposing sleep needs. 

Different schedules, sleep patterns, or environmental needs can take co-sleeping from awesome to annoying pretty quickly. After all, you need your sleep to survive, so these factors can become frustrating when they start to get in the way of you catching those Zs. 

Two gay men in bed with one lifting the sleep mask off of the other
Waking up next to your significant other is a gift, and should be fun rather than frustrating.

The temperature of your air conditioning or bedroom can be a rather contentious topic for some couples. When you and your partner first start sleeping in the same bed, it’s easy to forgo your own comfort to make the experience peaceful and nice for them. As time goes on, though, it’s best to come to an agreement about things like lighting needs, whether you want the TV on while you drift off, or whether you both want arctic-level temps so you can snuggle under the blanket. 

This is easier said than done, however, and sleep brands like Slumber Cloud are familiar with this conundrum. Rather than struggle to compromise on your sleeping needs, you and your beau can rest easy — literally — knowing that Slumber Cloud’s bedtime products will satisfy both of you. 

The Science Behind Slumber Cloud is Out of this World

Shopping with your significant other when you first move in together can be incredibly fun and exciting. Deciding which lamps to get, what accent colors you like, and playfully arguing over your preference of throw pillows are all part of the giddiness that comes with initial cohabitation. One element that many couples don’t consider, however, is that they’re going to be using the same bed for the foreseeable future. 

Wrapping up like a toasty warm burrito with your love at night can be a great experience, but what happens when you both get sweaty and stuck together? Snuggling up becomes a lot less pleasant when it feels like you’re literally baking under the blanket. To this end, many couples get frustrated and end up conceding to the idea of sleep divorce — an arrangement where couples sleep in separate beds. 

Young black couple sitting at kitchen counter laughing and having breakfast, woman wrapped in white comforter
Sharing a bed is one of the exciting parts of living with a partner — but there are times when your individual sleep needs may clash.

You may be surprised to learn that more than one third of couples in the U.S. have chosen a sleep divorce with their partner. Rather than fight over the covers or endure their partner’s loud snoring, many people are now choosing a peaceful night’s rest over sharing a bedroom. If you and your partner are struggling with opposing nighttime needs but can’t fathom splitting up overnight, there is hope. 

Slumber Cloud understands that modern problems require modern solutions, so the brand has taken extraterrestrial technology into the bedroom. Their pillows and bedding products are specifically designed with comfort in mind — thanks to space science.

“The technology we use in all of our products was designed for NASA spacesuits. It was actually used in NASA spacesuit gloves. It’s all Space Foundation certified, so it has a pretty unique background on it. You could say that it’s literally ‘rocket science,’” said Katie Mellott, Slumber Cloud’s brand manager.

Regulation Over Reactivity

You probably don’t think too hard about the material of the pillows you buy or the way they were made. Rather, many folks will choose the best quality pillow they can afford to try and get the most bang for their buck. This often means their bedding products will come from big box or department stores, where they’re mass produced for low pricing in mind. 

Young couple laying together under white bedsheet and laughing
Most people settle for mass-produced bedding from big box stores.

There is nothing wrong with buying on a budget, but if you and your S.O. share a bed each night, you may want to consider other factors when you’re shopping for your bedding. Katie explained that Slumber Cloud is all too familiar with the issues many couples face when it comes to co-sleeping, so their mission is to provide relief. 

“We’ve heard from so many couples who say that they’ve either had to sleep in different rooms with their partner because they’re so drastically different, or they’re always fighting over what kind of covers to have on the bed,” she said.

To mend these broken bedrooms, Slumber Cloud has taken NASA technology and created an incredible solution. Their mattress pads, sheets, pillows, and blankets are all made with Outlast® technology, which Katie says is “a phase change material that absorbs and stores your excess heat when you’re too hot. But if you get too cold, it’ll release that heat back to you. So it’s constantly working through the night to manage your temperature fluctuations.”

Slumber Cloud bedding bundle
Slumber Cloud’s NASA technology keeps you and your partner cool and comfortable all night long.

Unlike other options on the market, she pointed out that Slumber Cloud’s bedding works by using temperature regulating technology to prevent wide fluctuations in temperature throughout the night, rather than just respond to them.

“A lot of people get too warm and throw off the covers, but when you get too cold, you throw them back on. So what people may not realize is they’re getting out of that nice deep sleep state and they’re not getting the quality sleep they need. Our bedding is designed to prevent those temperature fluctuations,” Katie said

The proactiveness of Slumber Cloud’s technology keeps you and your boo from ever having to get too hot or too cold in the first place, so you can enjoy your rest. 

Customization is Key

Once you and you and your S.O. know that you’ll be sharing a bed long term, it’s a good idea to identify your specific sleep needs and figure out how to meet them individually. Even if it means getting separate blankets or using different types of alarm clocks, the brand and features of the products you buy for bedtime can make all the difference. 

When you’re hitting the hay, do you find that you tend to get warm really quickly? Then you’ll want to look for bedding options that are designed to address that common problem. Katie’s recommendation would be Slumber Cloud’s Ultracool pillow and Ultracool comforter.

Couple laughing in bed sitting under Slumber Cloud comforter
The Ultracool comforter is breathable and regulates your temperature for maximum comfort.

“Our Ultracool comforter is a really great product, because it’s going to be on the cooler side, but it’s still that nice traditional any-season weight of a comforter. So you’re getting that fluffy comforter, without the sacrifice of temperature control,” she said.

As for the pillow, Slumber Cloud has just released an exciting improvement on the original: the adjustable Ultracool pillow. Katie shared that this is a totally unique model, because it is half-memory foam and half-polyester fiberfill. If you’re someone who likes to flip your pillow to the “cool side” during the night, this is a great option for you. The memory foam side allows for breathability, and the polyester provides a bit of a softer feel. As a bonus, you can use the zipper opening to remove either half — making this a fantastic option for any sleep style.

Thanks to Slumber Cloud, you and your love can rest easy knowing that you won’t need a bedroom breakup.