The Scoop: Insomnia, snoring, incompatible schedules, and sleep apnea can contribute to couples sleeping separately and decreased intimacy in relationships. Sleepace offers smart bedding and other home solutions to address many of those common concerns and help people improve the quality of their sleep. Its innovations include sleep trackers, relaxation aids, and products that can adjust the bedroom environment to keep people comfortable while they sleep.

A recent survey found that those who are losing sleep — and not sleeping with their partners — are not alone. About 12% of married respondents told the National Sleep Foundation that they sleep alone because the nighttime patterns of their partners were too disruptive.

Insomnia, snoring, inconsistent schedules, or even sleep apnea don’t just interfere with a good night’s rest; they can lead to health problems and a lack of satisfaction in marriages. But sleeping well with your loved one is shown to improve the quality of relationships.

Many individuals, couples, and families are turning to technology to help reduce the frustration that comes from poor sleep. A wide variety of innovative products now leverage smart tech to offer insights and monitor sleeping habits. Some can even automatically adjust the bedroom environment to provide ideal conditions each night.

The Sleepace logo

Sleepace designs products that can help people understand their sleep patterns.

Sleepace is a leader in the sleep technology industry, offering smart bedding and home products designed to improve bedtime habits and, perhaps, even strengthen romantic relationships.

Its products rely on state-of-the-art monitoring devices and connected systems with cloud capabilities to help users make their routines as healthy and consistent as possible.

“Our mission is to help you achieve your best sleep, and our sleep tech products will be standard in the future smart bedroom,” said Baiyang Zhuang, a member of the Sleepace marketing team.

Of course, not only can a good night’s sleep help improve your relationship, but it can also be beneficial to your health. A restful night is considered one of the most important things people can do to manage their weight, mood, productivity, and general body function.

That’s why so many people rely on Sleepace to help regulate their bedroom experience to realize those benefits.

Started by Three Ph.D. Students From Peking University

While studying microelectronics engineering for their Ph.D. program, three Peking University students Ben, David and King discovered how important sleep is to a healthy life and became interested in monitoring sleep patterns and behavior.

Working together in the school’s laboratory, they developed advanced sensors to track people’s sleeping routines. In 2011, after refining their technology, they launched the company, Sleepace, to take their products to the general public.

Graphic of Sleepace bed tracker

Sleepace technology can track movements during sleep and even communicate with other devices to adjust the bedroom environment.

The team focused its work on sleep monitoring of infants and the elderly because one of the founders was concerned about his mother, who lived separately from him.

“We care about our parents, so we at least call them once or twice a week to check if they are OK. And they always say they are OK even if they feel uncomfortable and sick,” said David, the president of Sleepace, “He remembered the time his mom broke her leg but did not tell him. Other family members had to tell him. That made him worried — and then motivated.”

But even though an estimated 300 million older adults live in China, that focus on younger and older populations didn’t gain enough traction. That’s when Sleepace shifted its focus to include busy young executives between the ages of 25 and 35. Those professionals often bring stress from their everyday lives into the bedroom, but they need to be sharp in the morning to be productive. Today, many of Sleepace’s customers work in the tech or finance industries.

“They want to improve their sleep quality, or, at least, help them get a full understanding of their sleep routine so they can make corrections and improvements,” he said.

Smart Tech Allows People to Monitor Their Rest and Create Calmer Surroundings

Couples who purchase a Sleepace system are making an investment in better understanding their sleep patterns. Baiyang suggested starting with the sleep tracking pad, which connects to an app on a mobile device via Bluetooth and analyzes heart rate, breath rate, and the number of times users turn over every night. The device itself is a flat pad that rests under a pillow.

Users can also connect a Wake Up Light, which can help them wake more naturally in the morning. Another product, Nox Aroma, releases herbal scents, plays soothing music, and emits wavelengths of red light that naturally raise the levels of melatonin in the body to help them fall asleep faster.

These systems can provide a bedtime routine that can fine-tune the body’s internal clock for better sleep.

“Sleepace’s technology enables the monitoring of two people in the bed at the same time. And, with our auto-monitoring tech, the sensor knows whether you are awake playing with phones or if you are actually going to sleep,” Baiyang said. “We believe this is our leading tech advantage in the market.”

And monitoring devices offer two specific benefits for couples. First, they can provide partners with a clear idea of what the other is experiencing throughout the night. Secondly, they can trigger real-time environmental adjustments to help improve sleep.

If your temperature is too high, the technology can adjust the air-conditioning unit. If too much light is entering the room, it can automatically close the curtains. Users can also connect a humidifier or dehumidifier to the system so they can experience an optimal humidity level for a perfect night’s sleep.

Sleepace: Working on Innovative Ways to Improve Sleep

Baiyang said the team behind Sleepace is made up of people who are focused on helping individuals, couples, and families improve their lives through sleep technology.

“The team works hard and rationally,” Baiyang said. “We aim to ensure what we are doing is meaningful, rather than just looking fancy or interesting. We want to create useful and deeply impactful products for the world.”

After its success in the smart bedding market, the company has turned its attention back to developing products that are useful to new parents and those with aging relatives. Sleepace is also researching new ways it can improve sleep, including providing added home security to help people rest easy.

Another new development could be a game changer for anyone with a partner who snores. Soon, Sleepace plans to roll out monitors that make a slight motion in the bed if users are snoring to prompt them to adjust their sleeping position. That may be enough to help keep couples sleeping peacefully.