The Scoop: SENREVE is on a mission to combine luxury with practicality, and its handbags make great gifts for a partner or a special occasion. The company crafts its stylish bags out of 100% Italian leather and makes each bag convertible into three or four unique styles. SENREVE also offers multiple options for leather type and color, and now other home goods, including scented candles and cashmere blankets.

Actress Jessica Alba posted a picture of a SENREVE Midi Maestra bag in Dragon Forest on her Instagram page with the caption “Obsessed.” While the photo showed what looked like a satchel, the Midi Maestra is actually a unique handbag that converts into a backpack, crossbody, or tote. It may look like a sleek handbag, but it can also carry an 11-inch tablet and other essentials.

Jessica isn’t the only celebrity who’s a fan of SENREVE. Lady Gaga posted a picture of the Midi’s larger cousin, the Maestra, on her social media. In the photo, she holds up the bag’s tag, which reads: “Don’t be a rockstar. Be a legend.”

The SENREVE logo

SENREVE makes handbags that are both luxurious and versatile.

The Maestra has the same convertibility as the Midi but can hold an up to 15-inch laptop. Both bags are made of Italian leather and come in a variety of textures — including pebbled, dragon, and mimosa leather. Some customers prefer classic colors, including butterscotch, grey, or black, while louder options include purple and red.

And they make excellent gifts for partners because of their functionality that fits any lifestyle. That is because SENREVE was founded by two women who wanted to bring more utility to handbags.

“SENREVE was inspired by the women who do it all. Our mission is to revolutionize luxury by empowering them with beautiful and versatile products,” said Elise Pent, SENREVE Chief of Staff.

Its customers have shown that they want stylish bags they can use in their daily lives.

SENREVE has plenty of options, and its bags are built to last, so a gift will be remembered for years to come. And the company has seen so much success with its handbags that it has added home goods, including cashmere throws and scented candles, to its product line.

Creating Bags with Many Different Uses

Co-Founders Coral and Wendy wanted SENREVE to be a different kind of company and product line. They were often the only women in rooms full of men at previous companies. The pair also wanted to disrupt the luxury space by developing versatile and elegant product options for women.

Before starting the company, the pair felt limited by available handbag options. They could buy a beautiful bag — at a premium price — but they wouldn’t dream of toting that purse around the city. Alternately, functional bags often lacked the sophistication they desired.

SENREVE bags strike a balance between those two aspects of life. Italian artisans make each bag by hand in family-owned factories. The leather is 100% Italian, as well, and unlike many other luxury brands, the material is water-resistant and scratch-proof. That means that, if a SENREVE bag gets a stain on it, a customer can clean it with a damp cloth.

And if anything happens to the bag, customers can send it back to SENREVE for a free repair.
That balance of high-quality design and ease of use has made the company popular with women who use them in various situations.

“Many of our customers are busy women who need products that can multitask. They care about elegant design, impeccable quality, and innovative construction,” Elise said.

Entering the Home Goods Space with Blankets and Candles

SENREVE recently expanded its offerings beyond handbags to provide customers with other high-quality, practical products. SENREVE now sells home goods, including cashmere throws and scented candles, and has branched out slowly so it can continue to ensure quality.

“We launched our SENREVE At Home collection with an exclusive line of candles and cashmere products. Our first products will consist of two different candle scents and 100% cashmere blankets, to keep you cozy and zen at home,” said Elise.

SENREVE’s cashmere blankets are made from Mongolian cashmere. The cashmere is spun and hand-dyed in Mongolia, and the double-sided blankets are also hand-stitched there.

“Luxury cashmere is very aligned with our vision to empower women with beautiful, artisanal products that are timeless and versatile. We are so thrilled to be sharing our high-quality 100% cashmere to launch our SENREVE at Home line. We’re also introducing relaxing candles that are 100% vegan, hand-poured, and non-toxic which are perfect to help create a calm and Zen ambience at home during this crazy time,” said Coral Chung, SENREVE CEO & Co-Founder said in a post on the company’s blog.

Customers can choose colors that fit their home decor scheme. Neutral blankets include a gray-and-gray, yellow-and-almond, and almond-and-brown options. Those looking for an accent piece can choose blue-on-brown or agate options.

Screenshot of celebrities with SENREVE bags

Many celebrities enjoy the color and leather options SENREVE offers.

The options are limited because of the time it takes to create a single blanket. Those looking for more affordable options for their partner may consider one of SENREVE’s scented candles.

Its two products are called Sense and Dream. Sense incorporates smells of bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom, and sandalwood, while Dream has the scents of tropical fruits, lemon and lime, and mountain greens.

“We have thoughtfully brought together each element of the candle with consideration to you and the environment,” according to the SENREVE website. “Blended effortlessly with essential oils, the wax is hand-poured with a natural, 100% vegan, clean-burning base, with a hand-woven cotton wick — a combination specially developed to maximize the burn time.”

Candles may be purchased individually or as part of a bundle so couples can experience both scents.

SENREVE Products Make Truly Memorable Gifts

SENREVE bags make lovely gifts for a partner or a special someone, and the company has bags to fit every personality. So customers may want to take notes on what their partner likes in a bag.

They could opt for the Maestra if they think their partner would want to use a backpack, tote, handbag, or crossbody bag.

Alternately, the Aria can be a belt bag, clutch, or crossbody, all achieved by adding or removing a chain. Next, partners should consider the size of the bag. The Maestra comes in three sizes, so it’s essential to think about what they need to carry. Measuring a partner’s laptop is a good idea — the classic size Maestra has a padded sleeve that fits a 13-inch computer, while its central compartment fits up to a 15-inch version, so it is perfect for taking to work.

Finally, they should consider the type of leather and the color. SENREVE accepts returns for 30 days, but people tend to know what colors and styles their partners like.

Another option SENREVE offers is the vegan handbag, instead of the standard leather option. The company recently launched an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to leather products. While the bags are currently only available for pre-order, customers can expect the products to ship quickly.

No matter what product customers pick, they can be sure that a SENREVE bag, candle, or cashmere throw will be a stand-out gift that their partner will use.

“We believe women are multifaceted and can have it all — no compromise necessary,” Elise said.