The Scoop: As a fine dining establishment, the Sardine restaurant offers a serene escape from the bustling streets of Bali, Indonesia. The chef-inspired menu tantalizes the senses with fresh seafood and seasonal delicacies, and the cocktail lounge has an array of fun drinks to take date nights up a notch. Couples can celebrate special occasions or treat themselves to a delightful evening by stopping by the Sardine for lunch or dinner.

Sardine is an award-winning, crowd-pleasing Bali restaurant where couples can create memories that last a lifetime.

Stefanie P. and her partner stopped by Sardine for lunch on Valentine’s Day. The Australian couple didn’t have a reservation, but the hostess managed to find them a small table overlooking the rice paddies.

“We would definitely come back,” Stefanie said in a TripAdvisor review. “The food was fresh and tasty, and the view of rice fields was gorgeous.”

Photo of Sardine

A French chef and Slovenian artist opened Sardine to celebrate the beauty of Bali’s food and culture.

Another TripAdvisor user named TripperEmelia and her husband spent their 20th wedding anniversary dinner at Sardine, and her five-star review complimented the friendly service as well as the stunning views of the countryside. “Seeing the sunset and lights turn on was spectacular,” she wrote.

For years, Sardine has been a go-to date destination for tourists and locals celebrating a special occasion. The spacious, open-air restaurant offers a beautiful look at the surrounding fields, and its fine dining menu constantly changes to reflect the catch of the day.

Sardine sprang from the love and passion of Chef Pascal Chevillot and his wife, Pika, who’s an artist and interior designer. They combined their talents to create a beautiful location and delicious menu that would keep people coming back for more.

Today, their daughters have pitched in to work at Sardine, making the restaurant a true family business.

Camilla Chevillot told us Sardine’s atmosphere is as important as its menu, and both reflect Bali’s unique culture. “My parents fell in love with Bali and wanted to create a kind of place where they would like to go to make you feel where you are,” she said. “They also wanted to build an eco-friendly place — this is why they choose to build with bamboo.”

The Daily Menu Features Fresh Fish & Organic Veggies

The Sardine menu is constantly changing to reflect what’s in season. The chefs visit the neighboring fishing village, Jimbaran, every morning to pick out the catch of the day, and only the freshest fish appear on the menu’s daily specials. Plus, the restaurant gets its vegetables from organic gardens in the mountain village of Bedugul, and those freshly picked ingredients change depending on the time of year.

As a result, every time you visit Sardine, the menu will be slightly different. Diners can be adventurous and try something new, or they can stick with some tried-and-true menu items that remain popular throughout the year.

Photo of grilled sardines

Sardine chefs use only the freshest seafood and vegetables when preparing classic Bali dishes.

Some signature Sardine dishes include Jimbaran-style grilled fish, seared duck breast and leg confit, crispy-skin Tasmanian salmon.

Couples seeking a special date-night experience in Bali need look no further than Sardine. Every Wednesday, Sardine invites guests to sample its Balinese Roast Suckling Pig (raised by the restaurant), and on Friday nights, the kitchen concocts an Indian Ocean Bouillabaisse, which is a savory stew that warms people’s hearts and pairs well with a bottle of red wine.

“Any day is a good day for a date at Sardine,” Camilla told us. “During the day, the ambiance is more like old Bali, and at night when it’s lit up, it’s more magical and romantic.”

One of the most romantic times to visit Sardine is just before sunset. Couples can sit on the terrace where it’s quiet and have a drink as they watch the sun go down over the rice fields. It’s a great venue for making declarations of love, whispering sweet nothings, and just savoring time with a significant other.

Whether you’re on vacation or simply stopping by for lunch, you’ll find Sardine is always ready to serve world-class food and drinks in a dynamic, one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

“Our lunch at Sardine was delightful,” said Yvette J. in a Facebook review. “Delicious meals, the most beautiful desserts, potent tropical cocktails, and gracious service all in a picture perfect setting.”

Couples Make Memories on Date Nights & Celebrations

As a family-run business, Sardine provides fine dining with a friendly, personal touch. Most of the staff members are Balinese and have been working at the Sardine restaurant since its earliest days, so they are intimately familiar with the menu, the kitchen, and the restaurant’s routine.

Camilla told us the Sardine team has a family feel to it because staff members have been working in harmony for so long. From the kitchen staff to the waitstaff, Sardine’s employees work hard to provide a world-class experience for newcomers as well as regulars who live in the area.

“You’ll always see someone in the family around greeting guests,” Camilla said. “We try our best to make sure our customers have a great experience, so they keep coming back.”

Photo of a Sardine server

Couples can savor unique flavors and make memories at Sardine.

Sardine has won over friends, couples, and families from all walks of life, and it has been the backdrop for more than a few romantic moments and joyful celebrations.

In 2017, one couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at Sardine, on a recommendation from their hotel concierge, and left a five-star review on TripAdvisor.

“Excellent food and service, very romantic, superb relaxed decor,” the couple said. “We highly recommend and will definitely revisit.”

Naomi from Florida called Sardine a must-visit dinner spot in Bali. “Very romantic restaurant with stunning views,” she reviewed. “The manager is great with guests. Plenty of outdoor seating.”

A TripAdvisor user named Elismha said she and her date felt pampered by Sardine’s fast and friendly service. They enjoyed cocktails at the lounge while waiting for a table, and then they dug into a meal of fresh fish and savory vegetables. The upscale dining experience helped them forget their cares for an evening and appreciate the flavors of Bali during a special night out.

Sardine sets the tone for a romantic and fun-filling dining experience, and its unforgettable flavor combinations impress guests whether they’re visiting for the first time or returning to recapture the magic of a special vacation or holiday.

“Sardine is one of those places that you visit and never forget,” said Geni29 from Australia. “The food is exceptional, each plate is a work of art, the chef is so creative, and the standard is international. The setting is just beautiful.”

Sardine is a Family-Run Business With a Big Heart

Sardine’s creative chefs use local ingredients and flavors as the inspiration for internationally acclaimed dishes, and that has been the recipe for its success for all these years. The restaurant has a warm family feel, and it has become a popular venue for locals and visitors celebrating life’s milestone.

If you’re looking for a romantic date-night spot, you can’t do much better than this breezy bamboo establishment surrounded by rice fields. At Sardine, couples can pull up a wicker chair or grab a couch on the terrace and enjoy a fine dining experience full of delicious bites, beautiful views, and a lot of smiles and laughter.

“Sardine is quite a romantic place, which is why we’ve had many people propose here,” Camilla said. “Happy to say they all said yes, and many come back for their anniversaries.”