The Scoop: Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal is in business to help people feel more confident in their looks. The laser treatment can make unwanted hair finer, sparser, or nonexistent, and these specialized services appeal to single men and women who feel self-conscious about their body hair. Romeo & Juliette uses the latest laser hair removal technology, and the results can also remove a person’s self-doubt and dating fears.

In 2002, Chris Karavolas joined forces with a close friend to start a laser hair removal company in New York City. Their convenient and affordable services offered a solution for aspiring actors, successful businessmen, young students, and basically anyone who wants to cultivate a smoother look.

The venture was successful, and now Chris is the sole owner of Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal. He said he’s very proud of the results he’s seen and the relationships his team has built with clients.

Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Remova

Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal is a results-driven company based in NYC.

“We’re very consumer-oriented,” Chris said. “We’re also very much into gadgets. We’re very much into getting results.”

Romeo & Juliette uses the latest technology to deliver top-quality service for customers from all walks of life. For nearly 20 years now, Chris and his team have partnered with companies to develop and build better lasers that are safe and effective.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Romeo & Juliette has had to temporarily close its doors, and the team has used that time to reassess its health and safety measures. Team members already wore masks and sanitized surfaces, but in the future, Romeo & Juliette will take even more precautions to make clients feel comfortable and safe.

When the business opens again, it will be for appointments only, and the team will administer temperature checks at the start of each consultation. Team members will also wear face shields on top of their masks.

“It’s going to be an even safer environment than it has been,” Chris assured us. “We’re just going to continue doing our business and keep our focus on our clients.”

State-of-the-Art Lasers for All Skin Tones & Complexions

Romeo & Juliette has made a name for itself by providing a top-quality hair removal service at a competitive price, and the team is serious about getting lasting results for people of all ages and skin tones. Its boutique treatment is especially helpful for people with darker skin, and Romeo & Juliette has become the go-to service for many African-American people in the area.

The company has perfected the process of laser hair removal and offers a free initial consultation to explain how the service works and what type of results a person can expect.

The laser bypasses the epidermis and disables the reproductive life of the hair follicle. A single treatment can make hair grow thinner and sparser, and multiple treatments can permanently stop hair growth on a person’s legs, chest, back, face, underarms, bikini area, or other parts of the body. The treatment doesn’t damage the skin, and technicians choose specific devices to cater to the needs of all types of skin.

Each client receives personalized treatment because Romeo & Juliette recognizes that the needs of a teenage boy will differ from that of a post-menopausal woman.

Screenshot from Romeo & Juliette

People can enjoy beautiful smooth skin thanks to laser hair removal.

In addition to helping a broad range of clients, Romeo & Juliette teaches and trains laser technicians to use cutting-edge technology. Whenever a new device comes on the market, the team makes sure to buy it and see how it works. The team currently has 14 types of lasers, including some clients won’t see anywhere else.

For instance, Romeo & Juliette was the first American company to incorporate the GentlelasePRO laser and the GentlemaxPro into its facility.

Each laser is unique, and Romeo & Juliette makes a point to keep many different types on hand because it services so many different types of people. Some lasers work better for certain skin tones, and it’s important to the team not to offer one-size-fits-all services.

“We have devices that nobody else has,” Chris told us. “And we’re constantly looking for better devices and better ways to treat people to get them better results.”

Helping People Feel Confident & Comfortable in Their Skin

Many people are tempted by the idea of laser hair removal because constantly plucking, tweezing, waxing, and shaving can take a lot of time and effort. It’d be so much easier to simply wave a magic wand and make the hairs go away! Laser hair removal treatments can be the perfect solution for people feeling self-conscious about their arms, legs, underarms, faces, unibrows, or other body parts with unwanted hair.

The Romeo & Juliette team can solve all types of hairy issues, and that can be an instant confidence booster for people of all ages and backgrounds. Its clientele has included celebrities, public figures, and Victoria Secret models as well as everyday folks.

Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal

Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal can change a person’s appearance and give them more confidence in themselves.

Romeo & Juliette has helped children as young as 8 years old, but its core clientele tends to be between 18 and 50. The gender split is relatively even with about 40% of clients being male and 60% being female. Chris told us that most women want the laser hair removal for their legs, bikini, underarms and face, while most men want it for their chest, back, buttocks, and bikini.

Some clients return to Romeo & Juliette months or years later because they have seen good results in one area and want to focus on removing hair from another part of their body.

One client wrote Chris an email 10 years after using the service to say that he hoped the laser hair removal company would stay in business another 10 years so he could bring his son there one day. This father said he would only trust Romeo & Juliette’s hair removal service for his son. Chris joked that he would wait for his former client’s son to use the service and then he’d retire.

“It was good to see a father who was thinking about his son and would trust us to help him,” Chris said. “We really care about getting good results and pleasing people — that’s really what we do.”

Romeo & Juliette Adds a Little More Beauty to the World

Chris has been in the hair removal business for nearly 20 years, and he has learned how to tailor services to meet a variety of individual needs. Whether it’s helping a child escape the stigma of having hairy legs to giving an older woman the confidence to wear a bikini, Romeo & Juliette takes pride in making people of all ages and backgrounds feel good about themselves.

Modern singles no longer have to rely on painful waxing or tedious shaving to remove unwanted hair on their bodies. They can take advantage of the high-tech treatments at Romeo & Juliette to make themselves look and feel more attractive.

Romeo & Juliette uses the latest in laser technology to give people the smooth legs or hairless chests that can really grab attention in the dating scene.

“We love our business,” Chris said. “We build a good relationship with our clients, and we like to see people get permanent results. That’s what makes us happy.”