The Scoop: The average person has 27 different online accounts ranging from food delivery services to dating apps. Those accounts and passwords help form their digital identity — which makes hackers interested in them, too. That’s why Remme develops tools, including the Auth app, to protect the financial and personal information of users. The company’s technology makes it easier to sign in or sign up for new sites, all while ensuring digital identities remain safe. Dating sites and apps can also leverage the technology to keep users secure, and Remme includes a host of benefits that improve privacy without additional maintenance.

How many website and app membership accounts do you have? The average person has around 27 online accounts, including food delivery services, rideshare apps, communication platforms, and dating sites.

Those online accounts are the basis for an internet user’s digital identity, and savvy hackers know that information, which may include email addresses and passwords, can lead back to financial and personal data.

According to a fraud study by an independent research firm, more than 14 million people fell victim to identity theft in 2018. Of those people, 3.3 million were held responsible for some of the financial liability resulting from the hacking. In fact, out-of-pocket costs for fraud victims more than doubled from 2016 to 2018 to $1.7 billion.

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Remme offers digital privacy solutions that online daters can use to stay safe.

Remme saw that growing threat and decided to develop digital solutions. The company is currently developing a new powerful security app called Auth, which offers a more secure alternative of log-in and sign-up without passwords at all.

Forward-thinking companies, especially dating sites, can also integrate Remme technology like Auth into their platforms to improve user experience and safety.

“We believe that account security must be available to everyone,” said Alex Momot, Co-Founder and CEO of Remme. “We’re currently developing the Auth app that can be used by anyone no matter their location, gender, or occupation, and the app is meant to be easy to use and secure. Those are our top priorities.”

An Authentication App Designed to Protect Users Online

The rise in online activity over the last decade will likely continue for the foreseeable future. Technology is so ubiquitous that people may rely more on their digital proof of identity, including passwords and usernames, than on traditional ID documents.

But with accounts for everything, including checking email, taking online courses, and all types of financial matters, people create vulnerabilities that others are more than happy to take advantage of.

“Every single time we create a new account on a website or app, we share the ownership of our personal data with those resources. It means that if they are hacked, all data that we provide when submitting the form — name, email, address, and credit card number — could be exposed and used by someone else,” Alex said. “As many as one in 10 people become the victims of identity fraud annually.”

What’s more, all that signing in takes a lot of time. The Auth app is designed not only to protect sensitive information but also to make it easier to fill out those cumbersome online forms and create unique passwords for each site.

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The Auth app will allow users to easily safeguard their digital identity across platforms.

Auth offers options for both personal and business use. Companies can integrate its technology to create passwordless access for employees, customers, or partners, and individuals can use Auth every time they sign up or log in to a website or other app.

Those who are interested in becoming early adopters of the technology can join the company’s waitlist, and businesses can contact Remme to create a pilot program specifically tailored to their activities.

The Auth app will be available to the general public soon.

The Mission-Driven Team is Passionate About Security

Alex said the 30-member team behind Remme is dedicated to protecting digital identities while creating a user-friendly experience. The idea is to decentralize the technology and keep it safe for everyone to use.

“All our team is driven by one mission: To deliver solutions that suit the new online reality,” he said.

Alex has worked in blockchain technology since 2013. Today, he supports the idea that a decentralized, untampered ledger of transactions is attainable. It can help protect user privacy and keep sensitive information away from bad actors.

Remme CTO Roman Cherednik also has experience in blockchain project development. He was instrumental in a global software company with $650 million in revenue and more than 13,000 employees. He has experience working with crypto exchanges, as well.

That understanding of blockchain technology informs the Auth app, which will provide greater control over personal data. Users will experience improved security with type-free and password-free sign-in processes for websites and apps. Auth also includes flexible and easy recovery features in case of problems.

Websites and apps, meanwhile, can offer more robust personal data storage options and process compliance requirements. Businesses won’t have to worry about break-ins from weak passwords and may also enjoy lower account management costs. Customers can onboard faster and quickly recover their information.

Remme Strives to Make Our Digital Lives Easier

If you’re like most online users, your passwords and usernames may be similar across your online accounts. That may make remembering them a breeze, but it can also make it easier for a hacker to gain control of your dating profile or bank account.

That’s why Auth offers multiple profile levels for users for added security. For example, users can create a casual profile, containing what they may need when signing up for a new dating app. They can also set up a business profile that includes their full name, business email, and position title — things they may not want to share on a dating app.

Once users create an Auth account, they can easily create any other type of online account, often without entering any information at sign up, as the app can populate online forms automatically. They can also log in without having to remember their passwords.

The centralized system allows users to view and control all authentication-related online activities. If someone tries to access their social media account, the app will alert them so they can stop it. Users can revoke access for specific apps or sites to their information any time, or delete any information directly from the app.

Auth users don’t even need to share their email address with a company when signing up. Instead, the app allows them to have an address that is unique to that sign-in, preserving their privacy and saving them from spam.

Those features make it easy to tell if there is any sign of a problem. Users won’t have to worry about losing access to — or control of their online identities, saving them from future headaches and keeping them safe while they have fun online.