The Scoop: Primal Kitchen® began developing and producing condiments, dressings, oils, snacks, and other kitchen staples to prove that nutritious foods can be delicious, too. The company’s wellness mission is nicely summed up in the motto: “Eat like your life depends on it.” Primal Kitchen doesn’t add artificial flavors or refined sugars to its products. Instead, it lets the real-food and healthful flavors shine, giving singles, couples, and families a healthy way to jazz up their meals.

In the 1970s, Mark Sisson was a collegiate track star with dreams of running in the Olympics one day. He trained hard and loaded his body up on carbs thinking it would propel him to success. However, a series of medical ailments in his 20s dashed his hopes of qualifying for the Olympics.

Photo of Mark Sisson, Founder of Primal Kitchen

Mark Sisson’s dedication to health, fitness, and nutrition led him to launch the Primal Kitchen brand.

Mark didn’t let this setback defeat him. He got serious about eating healthy foods and continued to pursue athletic excellence. In 1982, at the age of 28, he finished fourth in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Much later, he became Executive Director of the U.S. Triathlon Federation.

Throughout his career, Mark has focused on fueling his body the right way. In 2006, he started a blog called Mark’s Daily Apple to educate people on fitness and wellness topics, and, in 2015, he founded Primal Kitchen® to deliver real food, delicious condiments, cooking oils, and dressings to health-conscious eaters like himself.

Primal Kitchen is on a mission to create uncompromisingly delicious pantry staples using no processed or artificial ingredients. Its products contain no sugar, gluten, dairy, or soy. They are all made with simple ingredients, fats, and lots of nutritional value.

As a former endurance athlete and current wellness expert, Mark understands the importance of eating right, and he encourages people to start their journey toward better health with a luscious dollop of dressing or mayo made with all the right ingredients — acocado oil, organic cage-free eggs, organic herbs and spices.

Couples can use Primal Kitchen’s products to improve the quality of their at-home date nights by cooking nourishing, satisfying, and delicious meals together.

“Primal Kitchen’s team is a passionate group of wellness enthusiasts who understand our founder’s mission,” said Ana Goettsch, Marketing Director at Primal Kitchen. “Whether through Mark’s blog, his bestselling books, or through selling condiments, snacks, and pantry staples, we all get excited about Mark’s vision and the change that can come when a company like ours focuses on real, high-quality ingredients and delicious flavor.”

Tasty Condiments & Dressings Transform At-Home Recipes

Primal Kitchen’s first product was a simple mayonnaise made with avocado oil, organic vinegar, and cage-free eggs. It was the first mayo to use avocado oil as a healthy alternative to vegetable oil — and people ate it up! Today, Primal Kitchen’s Mayo continues to be its top seller, and the company has spiced things up by selling chipotle lime mayo and garlic aioli mayo as well.

Couples can use this mayonnaise when making picnic sandwiches or whipping up a creamy Alfredo sauce to pair with chicken or summer squash pasta.

“This is the perfect rich, creamy sublime mayonnaise,” said Puma in a five-star review of the original mayo. “Great natural body with no feeling of a gel or gum or anything.”

Primal Kitchen has a full pantry of mayos, dressings, cooking oils, condiments, sauces, protein bars, and other snacks that can satisfy your cravings while energizing your body. The secret to Primal Kitchen’s success is no secret at all — the company is proud of its quality-first, real-food approach to food, with no added sugars, no preservatives, no soy, no gluten, no grains, and no dairy.

Photo of Primal Kitchen products

Primal Kitchen has 14 varieties of salad dressings and marinades that can glam up any date night.

Couples can spend quality time together by cooking and eating meals at home. The intimate setting and shared activity can create lots of warm, romantic feelings. If you’re looking for a simple, nutritious meal, you can browse Primal Kitchen’s recipes for some good ideas.

It doesn’t have to be labor-intensive to taste great. Couples can toss a quick Caesar salad with Primal Kitchen’s Caesar Dressing and grill steak topped with organic steak sauce or baked chicken smothered in smoky BBQ sauce.

If you really want to treat yourself, you can use a blender to mix together your favorite fruits with a scoop of Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptides and freeze the concoction to make delicious fruit Popsicles.

“Primal Kitchen sauces, toppings and dressings can transform any ordinary dish of protein and veggies into a flavorful feast,” Ana said. “Our simple staple recipes can help bring a ton of flavor to your kitchen when making meals for loved ones.”

Shoppers can buy Primal Kitchen products online, or they can look through the aisles at Whole Foods®, Sprouts Farmers Market®, Fresh Thyme®, HEB®, Target®, Walmart®, Costco®, Wegman’s®, and other local retailers.

A Beloved Staple in Many Kitchen Cabinets

Primal Kitchen appeals to people who want to create hearty meals filled with natural flavors. These health-conscious eaters need high-quality ingredients to complement their meals, and they trust the Primal Kitchen brand to supply real-food condiments, dressings, sauces, and snacks.

Photo of a Primal Kitchen recipe

With the help of Primal Kitchen, people can create many tasty dishes.

Some Primal Kitchen customers had to cut mayo and dressings out of their diets before discovering Primal Kitchen and bringing the flavors they love back to their plates.

Deborah C. and her husband maintain a strict no-sugar and dairy-free diet, which can limit their options at mealtime, but Primal Kitchen has helped them find ways to treat themselves. Deborah said she uses Primal Kitchen’s avocado-based mayo to make chicken salads. “It passed my husband’s taste test, and that’s not easy to do,” Deborah said.

“I love this dressing,” said Francoise B. in a review of Primal Kitchen’s ranch dressing. “It’s so nice to actually be able to enjoy dressings without all the bad ingredients. Primal Kitchen know how to make a person happy!”

“The ketchup has loads of flavor, and the sweetness from the tomatoes is perfect,” said Erin K. in a review of the Organic Unsweetened Ketchup. “I love that I can feel good about eating ketchup, and not have to worry about the sugar.”

Primal Kitchen products use real ingredients — avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, organic eggs, sea salt, etc. — and highlight real, simple foods. The company’s steadfast commitment to quality has made its products stand out on the grocery store shelf, and its competitors have taken notice. In 2018, the Kraft Heinz Company acquired Primal Kitchen and incorporated the brand’s organic vision into its business.

Primal Kitchen: Real Food Fuels Exceptional Meals

The right foods can fuel our bodies, shape our experiences, and enrich our lives. From the beginning, Primal Kitchen has focused on putting real foods in people’s hands and making meals both healthy and delicious. Countless individuals, couples, and families have embraced the company’s condiments and dressings, and they have stocked their pantries with the ingredients to make savory meals.

Looking to the future, Primal Kitchen’s team intends to spread its nutritional philosophy to kitchens everywhere, using real ingredients and fun recipes to make clean eating more exciting and accessible to everyone.

“That is the power of food: It can propel you to increased wellness and vitality,” Mark Sisson said. “That’s why I set out to create Primal Kitchen, the world’s best-tasting, real-food pantry staples.”