The Scoop: pH-D Feminine Health provides trustworthy feminine healthcare products with a holistic approach. It uses organic, plant-based, and holistic ingredients to create solutions for vaginal odor, menstrual discomfort, and menopause. That means no harmful chemicals. The team also seeks to eliminate the stigma surrounding women’s health and has helped elevate the conversation on the topic. We spoke with Deeannah Seymour, the founder of pH-D Feminine Health, about its products and how they empower women through their health struggles. 

Before Deeannah Seymour created pH-D Feminine Health, she struggled with her own feminine health issues. Frustrated with expensive and ineffective retail solutions, she began researching holistic alternatives to treat her vaginal health. But finding a holistic product backed by science proved to be a challenging endeavor.

“I couldn’t find something on the market to meet my needs. Then I started finding a lot of data and studies on the use of boric acid vaginal suppositories. And I ended up trying them myself. And they worked wonders for me,” said Deeannah.

Deeannah consulted with OB/GYNs who routinely use them in their practice. Although boric acid has existed as a feminine care staple for more than 100 years, it isn’t easily accessible in today’s markets. It was only available through pharmacies at a steep price.

So like many other inventors before her, Deeannah decided to create a solution out of her own necessity. 

By creating pH-D Feminine Health, Deeannah would help make boric acid readily available and affordable for millions of women — or about 15% to 50% of women of reproductive age — who suffer from vaginal odor.

“Vaginal odor is recurrent 50% of the time in women who have it. And it had been debilitating for many of these women who’ve suffered for decades and didn’t have a great alternative until pH-D brought boric acid suppositories to the market,” said Deeannah.

Together with a friend, Deeannah launched pH-D Feminine Health on Amazon in 2014. Within six months, it was the best seller in its category and received tons of rave reviews. pH-D Feminine Health’s products not only free women from vaginal health issues but also empower them in the face of stigma. 

A Holistic Alternative to Feminine Hygiene Products

pH-D Feminine Health takes on a holistic approach to feminine care by leveraging an age-old remedy that has been effective for many women through the decades. Interestingly enough, Deeannah said she found an old bottle of boric acid crystals that came from her great-grandmother’s home. 

“Prior to having a gelatin suppository, women would make a douche out of boric acid because it works so well,” said Deeannah. 

deeannah seymour, founder
Deeannah founded pH-D to help women understand their health.

Today, pH-D’s boric acid suppositories are in every major retailer across the US and Canada, and that’s due to its effectiveness. But its suppositories are not only effective but also trustworthy – an element many buyers are seeking more of these days. 

“Everything we do at pH-D is a holistic alternative. So we are very intentional about all of the ingredients that go into our products,” said Deeannah.

Deeannah said she was frustrated to see so many feminine washes with multiple chemical ingredients that do more harm than good. Most were also not pH-balanced for the vulva. The pH-D team doesn’t add potentially harmful chemicals to save money or time.

All of its products, from boric acid suppositories to oral supplements, are sourced with holistic ingredients. 

“We have a full-time product development scientist and work with OB/GYNs and women’s health nurse practitioners and providers to have ingredients in our products that won’t affect the pH balance and won’t cause an imbalance,” said Deeannah.

Hero Ingredients for Every Stage of Life

One of pH-D Feminine Health’s brightest highlights is that it is a product line for women by women. Deeannah and her team of experts take feminine care to heart. They understand their target audience’s needs and care about delivering the best solutions because they experience those needs themselves.

“We spend a third of our lives navigating menopause. I remember my mom suffering through this portion of her life. We want to help women thrive throughout every stage of her life, including menopause,” said Deeannah. 

pHD feminine health products
pH-D Feminine Health offers a variety of products for many facets of vaginal and feminine health.

pH-D’s products go beyond vaginal health and cover overall feminine wellness, so women will have hero ingredients for every need. “We have a line of oral supplements. We have a fantastic menstrual support product to help alleviate menstrual discomfort, and then we have a menopause supplement too,” said Deeannah. 

Its menopause supplement includes creatine — an organic compound that supports brain health. Creatine also has benefits for immunity and sexual health. A common symptom of menopause is brain fog, and creatine can help women as they navigate those effects.

“In addition to the supplements, we’re leaning more into menopause products. We want to develop more products to help women navigate that part of their life,” said Deeannah.

Other pH-D products women can find are foam washes, body sprays, vaginal moisturizing gel, and an instant vaginal odor rinse. Its moisturizing gel is made with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and coconut oil. Its washes are entirely plant-based and holistic. 

Normalizing the Conversation Around Feminine Health

Conversations around feminine health have been few and far between. But the stigma and taboo surrounding it has been lifting, thanks to social media and increased public interest and awareness. Deeannah said public figures and celebrities have played a massive role in spotlighting women’s health and made it a less uncomfortable subject.

“One of the things we learned when we first launched was that there’s so much shame associated with all things feminine health. It broke my heart to see it hear the stories of women who had experienced these issues,” said Deeannah. 

PHD feminine health is making conversations
pH-D is making conversations about sexual health more open, honest, and unjudgmental.

Deeannah said an essential part of normalizing the conversation is letting women know that their health issues aren’t their fault. These issues are common occurrences, but because no one talks about them, women can be left feeling alone and with no solutions to help them.

“Regarding vaginal odor, it affects every aspect of a woman’s life. They shouldn’t feel the shame and stigma associated with it. It’s just a common occurrence. I feel like we’ve been a huge part of elevating that conversation, as well as menopause. So we’re excited about that,” said Deeannah.

Whether it’s menopause or vaginal health, pH-D Feminine Health wants its products to be there to help women through their challenges. And consumers can find its products, including its latest release, in stores near them. 

“We launched the vaginal moisturizing gel at Walgreens chain-wide. It’ll be available at more retailers later this year, but we’re really expanding our line. And we’ll have at least 10 different products at retailers this year, which is exciting,” said Deeannah.