The Scoop: If you drink tea, love cats, and live in San Francisco, then KitTea Cat Café is a “purrfect” date spot for you. This Japan-inspired hangout is part tea house and part cat shelter, and its zen atmosphere sets everyone at ease. Next time you’re feeling a little frisky, you can stop by KitTea Cat Café to sip tea, join the cat lovers community, and maybe even adopt a cuddly new friend.

In 2013, Courtney Hatt decided to get out of the tech industry and get into the making-people-happy industry. This young and ambitious cat lover drew inspiration from the cat-friendly lounges in Japan and opened a tea house where humans and cats can play, relax, and be themselves.

The KitTea Cat Café logo

KitTea Cat Café serves tea and facilitates the adoptions of rescue cats.

KitTea Cat Café took the San Francisco social scene by storm, and its window of playful kittens has brought in many curious customers. This original tea house is one of the first establishments of its kind in the U.S. It features dozens of cats and kittens, which roam freely about the place. Some of them are up for adoption, and others are longtime residents of the café.

Patrons can meet, play, and cuddle with the felines while sipping premium Japanese green teas or digging into decadent pastries. KitTea Cat Café features a bottomless selection of four types of tea, and it’s currently home to 21 rescue cats.

Since it opened its doors, KitTea Cat Café has facilitated adoptions by working in partnership with Wonder Cat Rescue. If you fall in love with a rescue cat, all you have to do is fill out an adoption application. The staff can do same-day adoptions, and they encourage people to fall in love here. Customers should note that only the cats with collars are up for adoption.

Many couples have actually done just that, taking advantage of this unique stress-relieving environment to enjoy romantic and memorable dates. KitTea Cat Café fosters playfulness and exploration, and Courtney has recently expanded the café’s menu and events calendar to further satisfy cat lovers of all stripes.

“We definitely have adapted our menu to customer’s wants and needs,” Courtney told us. “Taking care of community cats is always a big learning curve for us. The cats teach us so much, and we are now more in tune with their special wants and needs.”

Engaging Events Reinforce the Community Spirit

Courtney had to jump through many hoops — including installing a medical-grade HEPA filter system — to make KitTea Cat Café possible, but the end result has been amazing for cats and humans alike. The clean, friendly tea house allows people to forget their cares for awhile and savor the simple pleasures of watching a cat chase a laser or sharing a waffle with a friend.

KitTea Cat Café has something special to offer daters in town, and many cat lovers go out of their way to spend some time here. It’s impossible to be a sourpuss in such an engaging and friendly atmosphere.

You don’t need a reservation to come by and grab a drink, but KitTea Cat Café does have limited capacity, so it’d be a good idea to call ahead, and maybe arrange a personal introduction to the cats. The staff members have pockets full of treats and toys to help guests engage with its feline residents. The regulars, including a blind cat named Blinx, are particularly friendly and outgoing.

At KitTea Cat Café, you can always find something fun to see and do (the cats make sure of that), and that makes it a terrific date-night staple for many local couples. The KitTea Cat Café events calendar is full of charming diversions to get cat lovers talking and laughing.

Photo of KitTea Cat Café

KitTea Cat Café’s whimsical cat-loving flair entertains its human guests.

Every Wednesday, KitTea Cat Café hosts Yoga Nights, an event during which people practice cat-like stretches while cats climb all over the silly humans. The event is $30 per person and includes bottomless Kyotan teas before and after the class.

The tea house is also known for its fondue nights, movie showings, and community-oriented activities. These events appeal to people with many diverse interests, but cats are at the heart of the evening. KitTea Cat Café even brought in a plants expert to teach visitors about pet-friendly plants during a one-of-a-kind Plants & Cats class.

Photo of KitTea Cat Café

This cat lover’s paradise is a great place to learn something new, have fun, and make a furry friend.

Courtney and her cohorts are always thinking outside the box to brighten the days of cat lovers and improve the health and happiness of cats everywhere.

“More cozy, stress reducing and communal activities were the trend,” Courtney said. “We stayed busy by hosting fun events, facilitating more adoptions, and we even had a celebrity visitor: T Pain.”

What’s next for KitTea Cat Café? Well, Courtney told us the team is brewing up something special and hopes to have the cafe’s beer and wine license soon. In the not-too-distant future, the tea house will be able to add wine tastings to its events calendar and locally sourced beers to its menu. Courtney said she’d also be interested in hosting speed dating events for cat lovers around town.

Whether you show up for a trivia night, a yoga class, or an adoption event, you can treat yourself to a fun-filled cat-approved date at KitTea Cat Café.

“Mewvie” Nights Set the Tone for a Cat-Friendly Date

KitTea Cat Café’s inventive premise is enough to make anyone prick up their ears. A cat-friendly tea house? What’s not to love? They say curiosity killed the cat, but it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at this place and see what it’s all about. Many regulars show up week after week to satisfy their cravings for herbal tea and kitten snuggles.

It’s not unusual to see couples claim a table for two and linger for hours at the café. This dynamic date venue gives people plenty to talk and laugh about as kittens romp around and the cuteness levels go through the roof.

Thanks to its wholesome mission, KitTea Cat Café has claimed a cherished spot in the hearts of cat lovers in San Francisco, and it has recently doubled down on that community spirit by organizing fun Mewvie (Movie) Nights every Thursday night. This February, the café is featuring some of Wes Anderson’s most popular films, including “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “The Royal Tenenbaums.” And, as a Valentine’s Day treat, KitTea Cat Café will play the romantic comedy “Amélie” on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

“The movies benefit both cats and people,” Courtney told us. “They are often engaging (sometimes cat-related), and they give the cats some after-hours time with guests in the space.”

Photo of a cat in KitTea Cat Café

KitTea Cat Café comes with built-in date chaperons in the form of 20+ cats.

KitTea Cat Café can host up to 14 humans and 24 cats in the cat lounge during the movie, and it welcomes couples, friend groups, and families from all walks of life. As everyone settles down for the flick, the cats often cozy up and get friendlier with the guests in their home.

“A great place to hangout with some kitty cats,” said Michelle R. in a Yelp review. “The tea was great. We were there for the movie night. My husband and I were in town for vacation. Finding this place was like heaven for us. We really enjoyed it!”

And, remember, all the cats with collars at KitTea Cat Café are up for adoption, so you can always find a cutie to take home with you at the end of the night.

KitTea Cat Café Shelters Humans & Their Feline Friends

People looking for a date venue with a little purrsonality don’t really need to look any further than KitTea Cat Café. This place practically has it all. Premium green teas. Friendly staff members. Engaging events. And dozens of sassy and silly kitties. You can spend many an entertaining afternoon watching these furballs pounce, climb, tumble, snooze, and prowl around the café.

KitTea Cat Café provides an unforgettable experience to the cat lovers in San Francisco. It pours delicious teas, hosts fun community events, and supports good mental health all while promoting adoptable cats and kittens. Couples can enjoy spending dates here because the cat crew can help break the ice and discuss their mutual admiration for cats.

Even while KitTea Cat Café has grown busier and more popular, its essential mission to shelter cats and humans has not changed. Looking to the future, Courney said she plans to continue offering a safe and engaging space where daters can find comfort, connection, and cat-cuddling.

“It’s the same mission as when we first began,” she said. “We rescue cats and help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other ailments with cat therapy.”