The Scoop: Jaemor Farms is a family-owned and family-run operation that has provided the public with fresh produce since 1912. Visitors stop by this quaint spot in Alto, Georgia, to get a taste of farm life, pick up their groceries, and maybe go on a hayride or grab some ice cream or a slice of pie while they’re at it. Throughout the year, Jaemor Farms hosts many family-friendly festivals, activities, and events that give local couples the chance to have some good old-fashioned fun with their loved ones.

The Echols family started farming land in the foothills of North Georgia in 1912. It started out as a humble farm with some cattle and poultry, but, by the 1960s, the family had started planting peach orchards, apple trees, and vegetable crops. They sold this produce at a roadside stand on Old Cornelia Highway where it got attention from commuters and daytrippers.

Twenty years later, the construction of Interstate 985 and Georgia Highway 365 gave the Echols family a chance to sell peaches to a much larger market. Jimmy Allen Echols took over for his father and began working on expanding the farm’s reach. His efforts turned the roadside peach stand into Jaemor Farms, which is now one of the largest family-owned farms in Georgia.

Jimmy Allen Echols took his initials J.A.E. and combined that with his wife’s maiden name of Morrison to come up with the name Jaemor Farms. From the very beginning, the farm was rooted in family, and that legacy continues on to this day.

Screenshot from Jaemor Farms

Jaemor Farms is a pleasant and lively place to pick up groceries or enjoy a date.

In 2015, Jimmy’s two sons and his grandson became the co-owners of Jaemor Farms, and they have continued to run the farm and its famed produce market with good old-fashioned family values.

Carli Echols Jones, who’s the Agritourism and Marketing Coordinator for Jaemor Farms, is part of the fifth generation of Echols family farmers, and she told us that pretty much everyone working at the market is either a family member or a family friend.

Jaemor Farms is the type of place where younger siblings and cousins pitch in on the weekends while aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents work together to manage the day-to-day operations.

Today, Jaemor Farms has a lot more than just peaches and apples to offer — the market sells all types of fruits and vegetables as well as fresh-baked pies and other desserts. Couples can head to Jaemor Farms on festival days to get a taste of farm life and make some special memories picking strawberries, exploring a corn maze, going on a hayride, and they can come anytime to enjoy the market and all the healthy and delicious treats it has to offer.

“We are thankful for all of our customers. We’ve worked hard for the last 40 years to create a good place and create a fun experience for people of all ages,” said Carli. “Anyone can come on a weekend and stay for several hours and have a good experience.”

Engaging Events, Games & Treats for People of All Ages

Jaemor Farms sees people from all walks of life mingling in its daily market, and the staff members welcome all visitors with a smile. Small children clamor over the ice cream, while older adults appreciate the healthy vegetables in stock, and everyone enjoys the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Some couples and families stop by regularly to do their grocery shopping, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone say they grew up visiting Jaemor Farms. This is very much a family place where people go to share food and make memories.

“We really do have something fun for everyone,” Carli said. “Our market is open every day, except on major holidays, and it’s this nice, quiet atmosphere that’s not like anywhere else.”

The outdoor market has rows upon rows of fresh produce that can include strawberries, blackberries, watermelon, squash, tomatoes, zucchini, and pumpkins depending on the season. When the weather is nice and warm, people show up in droves to get some treats for a picnic or barbeque, and they can also get fresh ciders or ice cream as a special treat.

Photo of strawberries

A strawberry picking event can be a fruitful date activity to do with someone special.

Jaemor Farms also has a fully stocked bakery with desserts. If you’re looking for a sweet treat for your sweetheart, you can indulge in a fruit-filled pie or pair the fresh-baked bread with the farm’s homemade jams and jellies.

Throughout the year, Jaemor Farms hosts special events to make farm life come alive for visitors. Its seasonal events can be the perfect date activity for couples in the area.

The annual strawberry festival traditionally takes place in early May and kicks off the summer season. Couples can come by on festival days and pick their own strawberries. They can even take a joyful hayride through the farm. The festival offers many outdoor games, including skeeball, and a petting zoo to explore.

The peach festival in August has similar games and activities, but visitors get to fill their arms with peaches from the orchard. Festival days tend to draw big crowds of children, teenagers, and adults seeking something sweet to brighten their days.

From mid-September to November, Jaemor Farms transforms to reflect the season and offers a corn maze that’s full of games and surrounded by concessions. Many couples see the maze as a fun date activity that gives them the chance to chat, explore, and play around with that special someone.

Romance Blossoms on Farm Date Nights, Parties & Weddings

Jaemor Farms has a lot to offer couples going on a date. They can pick up fresh produce for a date-night dinner at home, or they could plan a special party by renting an event space on the farm.

As a wedding venue, Jaemor Farms can offer a rustic backdrop with modern accoutrements and friendly customer service. The barn can accommodate up to 240 people seated in chairs or 180 people seated at tables. The space has a stage and kitchen facility, but brides and grooms must bring in their own caterers, DJs, bands, and other wedding services.

Jaemor Farms logo

Couples can plant the seeds of romance at Jaemor Farms in Georgia.

Jaemor Farms can also set up an open-air pavilion for an intimate bachelorette party or wedding ceremony. Event rentals are not available during the corn maze festival in the fall.

Over the years, Jaemor Farms has hosted many wedding receptions, birthday parties, business dinners, and fun festivities, and couples seem particularly drawn to this open and inviting event venue.

This summer, couples and families can look forward to going to Jaemor Farms for a flower-picking event that promises to be something truly special. It’s a chance to take an eye-catching photo, put together a bouquet of fresh flowers for a loved one, and show support for Jaemor Farms.

If you’re looking for romance this September, you can always join the Date Night of the Farm event this fall. The sit-down dinner includes live music, a farm-fresh menu, and a s’mores bar. Couples can sit by the fire roasting marshmallows, and they can pick their own pumpkin to take home as a souvenir of their romantic night. The date-night event also has a petting zoo as well as some favorite games and activities from the fall festival.

You can follow Jaemor Farms on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for more updates and information about its seasonal events.

“Our goal to get more U-pick events and festival events on our calendar,” Carli said. “Couples really seem to enjoy coming out and experiencing everything the farm has to offer.”

Jaemor Farms Delights Couples With Food & Fun

Since 1912, the Echols family has grown its farm and market to keep the local community well-fed and well-satisfied. Whether it’s a festival day, a UPick event, or a regular market day, Jaemor Farms has a lot to offer local families and couples.

Sometimes people come to Jaemor Farms hankering for fresh strawberries or peaches, and other times they just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visiting the farm can be a calming and heartwarming experience full of good food and good old-fashioned fun, so it’s a natural date activity for local couples.

“Couples really enjoy our festival days, as well as just going to the market, maybe grabbing some ice cream and hanging out,” Carli said. “It’s a sweet place to get to know someone and spend time together.”