The Scoop: Since 2013, FabFitFun has brought exclusive deals and premium beauty products to its loyal members. The lifestyle brand offers curated subscription boxes that surprise and delight over 1 million trend-savvy customers. Each box offers up to 10 beauty-related products, including makeup, accessories, decor, candies, and other tantalizing items. If you want to shower your loved one with appreciation, you can get her a FabFitFun membership and encourage her to pamper herself with every unboxing.

Getting a subscription box in the mail always puts a little spring in my step. I enjoy the mystery of those colorful boxes, and I spend the time between the mailbox and my home imagining the unknown treasures they contain. I may have a vague idea of what I’m getting, but I never really know what goodies are in store until I peel back the tape, rip open the cardboard, and look inside.

Subscription boxes can become like your own personal Santa Claus or genie in a lamp. You make a wish, and your subscription box gives you what you heart desires.

The FabFitFun logo

FabFitFun inspires personal growth through its subscription boxes and lifestyle content.

FabFitFun has jumped at the chance to grant the wishes of its fashionable customers. This trusted lifestyle brand designs subscription boxes that add beauty and glamour to people’s lives.

The first FabFitFun subscription box made its debut in 2013. The editors lovingly selected each item in the box, and their unique sense of flair charmed customers who wanted to be at the forefront of the latest trends.

Soon FabFitFun became a go-to style and beauty guide for fashion-forward singles and couples looking to make a splash in the social scene.

Today, FabFitFun brand has over 400 employees based in Los Angeles. This team goes to great lengths to stay ahead of the trends and put the world’s best-kept beauty secrets into the hands of their subscribers.

Whether you’re reading FabFitFun’s how-to articles or unboxing its subscription boxes, you can up your beauty game and don a more confident and fashionable look.

Delivering to Over 1 Million Members Every Season

FabFitFun started out in 2010 as a newsletter about beauty, fitness, health, and other lifestyle topics. However, its trendsetting advice became so popular that readers began wanting more. And the FabFitFun brand delivered. More specifically, it delivered boxes of beauty products, accessories, decor, and other fun items.

The FabFitFun subscription box became a way for the editors to make beauty come alive for their loyal followers. Now they could do more than give advice — they could give people the tools to take care of themselves and look their best.

Photo of a FabFitFun subscription box

Everyday people can give themselves a makeover by subscribing to FabFitFun’s seasonal boxes.

FabFitFun is all about cultivating joy and beauty in everyday life, and the subscription boxes embody that vivacious spirit. As of 2018, over 1 million members have joined the FabFitFun subscription.

Every month, FabFitFun members receive 8-10 beauty products from premium and emerging brands. Each box contains over $200 worth of full-sized products, and you have options to customize some items to suit your unique style.

FabFitFun offers seasonal and annual membership packages. The standard seasonal package costs $49.99 and includes many perks in addition to the subscription box. For instance, members also enjoy exclusive sales of up to 70% off on partnering brands. Check the FabFitFun calendar for information about upcoming sales and events.

FabFitFun members also have access to FabFitFunTV, which includes more than 750 wellness classes, makeup tutorials, cooking videos, and DIY projects. Anyone can join the FabFitFun community and gain access to a world of fashion, fitness, and friendship.

If you run into any snags along the way, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team, which is available 24/7 via email inquiry. The FabFitfun team does everything in its power to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase.

A Fabulously Trendy Gift for That Special Someone

Some couples have a hard time coming up with unique gift ideas year after year. After all, you can only get someone so many pieces of jewelry or boxes of chocolate before even these old standbys start to feel a tad overdone.

If you want to go beyond your normal gift-giving routine, you can head to FabFitFun’s website and sign your sweetie up as a member.

Photo of a woman opening a FabFitFun box

FabFitFun subscription boxes give members something to look forward to every month.

A FabFitFun membership is a gift that keeps on giving because she’ll receive a new box with fresh content four times a year. It’s a great reminder of your affection, and you can also enjoy the benefits as your loved one pampers herself and tries different beauty products.

Many FabFitFun members have nothing but good things to say about the subscription. They praise the imaginative and unique products, applauding the team for picking out such quality items.

“I liked it so much I signed up for annual,” said Gina W. in a review. “Their boxes are full of fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, hand-picked by the FabFitFun team.”

“It’s a little gift to myself,” said Tammy K. in her review. “When I get the email that it’s soon time for add-ons, I do a little dance knowing the boxes are not that far off. If you’re considering getting FabFitFun box, you really can’t go wrong.”

“The box was amazing, and I will use just about everything,” said Courtney P. in a review on SiteJabber. “I’m very impressed!”

Every FabFitFun box is different from the last, and its seasonal items can vary from sun lotion in the summertime to stylish scarves in the wintertime.

Customize a FabFitFun Box to Fit Your Lifestyle

It’s exciting to receive a subscription box because you never know what wonders it may have set aside just for you. Maybe you’ll discover a new product you love, or maybe you’ll sample something you never would’ve tried before. FabFitFun subscription boxes give people a chance to experiment with different styles and beauty products, so they can come into their own.

You can pamper yourself or someone special by subscribing to a FabFitFun membership. Not only will you get monthly boxes of goodies, but you’ll also enjoy great discounts, informational content, and entertaining videos as full-fledged FabFitFun members.

For the last several years, FabFitFun’s boxes have given people a fantastic way to celebrate the beautiful and bold things that make life worthwhile.

“Unboxing is always an event at my house,” Toni D. said in a review. “Subscribing to FabFitFun was a great decision. I use everything in the box. If not, I give to my family and friends.”