The Scoop: In 2014, Dame Products launched a crowdsourcing campaign for a handless sex toy geared toward women, or anyone with a vulva, and it raised over $500,000 on Indiegogo. The female-led vibrator company made waves by putting the vulva’s pleasure front and center with its smart and compact designs. Today, Dame Products offers an array of high-quality sex toys to stimulate, titillate, and satisfy vulva owners during solo, partner, or group sex.

A 2005 study of 833 undergraduate students concluded that straight men and straight women experience pleasure differently in the bedroom — in that men often experience it, and women often do not.

About 91% of the cis-men in the study said they usually or always orgasm during sex, while only 39% of cis-women reported the same.

Sex is hardly a one-sided affair, yet it seems many heterosexual couples prioritize the man’s sexual climax over the woman’s. As the researchers said, “Orgasm for women is pleasing, but ultimately incidental.”

In 2014, two women set out to do something to change that. Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman co-founded Dame Products, a sex toy company, to revolutionize the way couples view sex and people with vulvas experience pleasure.

Photo of Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, Co-Founders of Dame Products

Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman co-founded Dame Products to stimulate equality in the bedroom.

Its products put the vulva first and “make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time.”

Janet and Alexandra came from vastly different fields to unite behind this cause. Janet graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, while Alexandra has a master’s degree in clinical psychology with a concentration in sex therapy from Columbia University.

“It only took one breakfast meeting to know we had the complementary skill sets to start something special,” Alexandra said. “Dame Products was born!”

Now Janet and Alexandra design unique vibrators that meet the sexual needs of vulva owners and foster greater intimacy and equality between straight and lesbian couples looking for a way to shake things up in the bedroom.

Satisfying Sexual Needs With Innovative Toys

Alexandra and Janet have put in a lot of work to ensure anyone with a vulva can enjoy Dame Products. They have testers as young as 18 and as old as 68 trying out the products and providing feedback during the design process. Their goal is to offer a range of versatile sex toys that work for everyone from virgins to post-menopausal women.

Eva II is the new and improved version of Dame Products’ original hands-free, strap-free vibrator for couples. This unique, waterproof sex toy has wings that tuck under the labia and help it stay in place, even during penetrative sex. The Eva II’s job is to stay in position and stimulate the clitoris with its three-speed motor.

“Most people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm,” Alexandra said, “so we wanted to make that as easy as possible during partnered sex.”

Photo of Fin

Fin can add a vibrating sensation to sexual activity involving one’s hands.

Additionally, many couples praise Fin for adding new life and intimacy to their sexual relationships. Fin is a small vibrator that can either be worn between the fingers or used on its own to push a woman’s buttons. As one customer said, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “magic fingers.”

In November 2016, Fin was the first sex toy allowed to have a campaign on Kickstarter, and it successfully raised over $394,000 from nearly 5,000 backers.

While Fin rests between the fingers, Pom fits snugly in the palm of one’s hand. This flexible, bendy vibrator can be used solo or as a couple, and it has the most powerful motor of any of Dame’s products.

Kip, also known as the lipstick vibrator, appeared on the market in 2019 as another handy toy in the bedroom. This compact, easy-grip device has a cupped face and an angled soft tip that offers “all-around, clit-enveloping stimulation.” Kip has five patterns and five intensities, but it is as quiet as a whisper, so it can power hours of clandestine playtime.

Finally, Dame Products has Pillo — a wedge-shaped foam pillow — to help vulva owners enjoy a variety of sexual positions without straining their hips or back. The soft yet firm pillow can help couples get the right angle and prioritize comfort during climax. In the words of the product page, “More libido, less lumbago.”

Tackling a Touchy Subject With Empathy & Openness

Alexandra told us she’s been interested in gender and sexuality for as long as she can remember. As a child, she had a natural curiosity for this adult topic, and her family encouraged her to ask questions and form her own opinions. Alexandra’s aunt even took her to a drag show once.

As a career woman, Alexandra has to follow her passion for human passion by co-founding a progressive vibrator company.

Photo of Dame Products

Dame Products are colorful, tactile, and discreet toys for vulva owners.

“We’ve created a company culture of authenticity, vulnerability, and trust,” Alexandra said. “All of these are critical in our business — where we talk about sex every single day at work.”

Dame Labs is powered by results-driven women and men who believe in the company’s mission. Together, they’re helping singles, couples, and polyamorous groups build intimacy.

Extensive research goes into the development of every Dame Labs product, and the design team listens to customer feedback to improve its functionality.

Alexandra told us it’s not just about building sex toys — it’s about building a community of sexually awakened and empowered individuals. Dame Products reaches out to people with vulvas and encourages them to express their desires and pursue their fantasies without inhibition.

“Dame is building a community to humanize a product space that isn’t always speaking to the audience it serves,” Alexandra said. “We’re aiming to contribute to a world with increased sexual understanding, so our customers can value and honor their well-being — sexually and beyond — because it’s all connected!”

On a Campaign to #DerailSexism & Promote Pleasure

Since its first product hit the shelves in 2014, Dame Products has delighted vulvas with its creative ideas. The vibrator company challenges heteronormative stereotypes and sexual biases by empowering women to prioritize their own sexual gratification.

One of the Dame ads rejected by the MTA

Dame Products confronts sexist double standards and advocates for women.

Dame Products has developed a strong line of sex toys, and now its marketing team has to get the word out. However, the company has met with some resistance on that front.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City refused to put up Dame Products ads, citing a rule that prohibits sexually oriented businesses from advertising on the subway. However, Dame Products noted that hasn’t stopped the subway from airing ads about erectile dysfunction and condoms.

The Dame team wouldn’t accept what they saw as a blatantly sexist policy, so the company filed a lawsuit against the MTA in June 2019.

“The MTA’s Victorian view of female sexuality and the First Amendment cannot stand,” reads the complaint. “The MTA’s censorship of Dame’s advertisements cannot stand. All New Yorkers — and all women — deserve better.”

Whether it’s producing playful sex toys or filing a lawsuit to #DerailSexism, Dame Products is determined to look out for the interests of women everywhere, and this team won’t be satisfied until they close the pleasure gap for good.

Dame Products: Something New for People With Vulvas

Alexandra and Janet have rejected the sexual status quo where a majority of men get what they need from sex and a majority of women are left unsatisfied. In 2014, this duo started a vibrator company to turn things around and give people with vulvas the tools to achieve climax more frequently than ever before.

Dame Products has produced sex toys engineered for intimacy and designed for maximum pleasure. The company’s playful, discreet, and user-friendly vibrators can enhance partnered sex, and it can also help vulva owners take care of themselves and take control of their own orgasms.

“Every time we receive a customer story, it reminds me why we started Dame in the first place,” Alexandra said. “I think we’re helping people discover new parts of themselves in the bedroom, and that they’re having better sex with our products. It’s amazing to get to be a part of that joy.”