The Scoop: Nutritionist and health educator Cynthia Sass has spent her career developing nutrition strategies that help people reach optimum fitness and wellness. Thanks to her insights on healthy living, she has become a sought-after consultant for athletes, actors, business professionals, singles, couples, and many others who are looking to bring more nutrition onto their plates. As a registered dietitian, Cynthia specializes in helping people overcome toxic relationships with food and create more sustainable and healthy habits one meal at a time.

When I started dating my current boyfriend, we went out almost every night and had dinner together. The meal would fly by, and we’d still be lost in conversation. So, we’d usually order drinks and then dessert as an excuse to stay together just a little longer.

During those first few weeks, the fruits and veggies in my fridge withered up while I ate burgers and downed milkshakes. I stopped going to the grocery store and began eating leftover date-night food for breakfast. It was deliciously unhealthy.

Eventually, my boyfriend and I had to talk about changing our dating and eating habits. Our love was growing, but so were our waistlines. We both knew it was time to stop our restaurant routine. Instead, we started cooking at home together. Now our date nights include more vegetables and fewer crowds, and we’re both happier (and slimmer) for it.

While eating at restaurants is tempting in the short-term, the benefits of eating healthy can pay off in the long run. However, not everyone knows exactly how to transition or change their habits for the better. Health and wellness expert Cynthia Sass can help with that.

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As a private nutrition consultant, Cynthia Sass empowers people to reach their wellness goals.

After graduating with master’s degrees in both nutrition science and public health, Cynthia became board certified as a specialist in sports dietetics, and now she consults for the executive health program at the University of California in Los Angeles. As a health consultant, Cynthia has worked with athletes, actors, executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals seeking healthier living.

Cynthia has written extensively about plant-based nutrition, organic eating, weight management, and other health-related topics, and she teaches people of all ages to cultivate a healthier relationship with food.

“I’m very much a caregiver, so I have a gentle, supportive counseling style,” Cynthia told us. “I’m definitely not a food cop, and I don’t have an in-you-face demeanor. I’m nice, but knowledgeable and experienced.”

A Supportive Coach Aims for Optimal Wellness

Cynthia offers in-person consultant sessions in Los Angeles, and she can also work with people in other cities and states via live video coaching. She takes on individuals and couples from all walks of life, and she creates personalized health plans to help them reach their fitness and wellness goals.

Whether she’s creating meal plans or wellness regimens, Cynthia can give people the tools to nourish and energize themselves for years to come.

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Cynthia is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and writer based in L.A.

Throughout her career, Cynthia has written extensively about the relationship between food and health. Her articles have been featured by several major publications, including Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, Cooking Light, Elle Girl, and All You. Since 2013, Cynthia has been a contributing editor at HEALTH Magazine.

Cynthia has spent the last two decades giving helpful, healthful advice, and her private coaching business has reached countless people with a message of hope.

“When I work with couples, my goal is to help them each meet their own nutrition and wellness needs, while still enjoying meals together,” she said. “I’ve helped many couples resolve food-related conflicts that interfered with the health of their relationship.”

Couples often look to Cynthia as a peacekeeper in their daily conflicts over where to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. She can bring clarity to dinnertime and give couples the chance to come together and agree on a meal plan of action.

“It feels amazing to see the change in body language, voice tone, and expressed affection between partners when they work together to overcome these challenges,” she said.

How to Overcome Food Conflicts With a Partner

Some experts say that couples who eat together, stay together. Academic research has shown that eating together can improve relationship health and create a sense of intimacy and happiness. Many people say they feel more connected to their significant others when they share meals, and it’s an instant morale booster at the end of the long day.

However, most American families report eating one meal together less than five days a week, and 20% of Americans resort to eating in their cars at least one day a week. This dinnertime disconnect can negatively impact personal health and personal relationships — and Cynthia regularly raises awareness about this issue in her work with couples.

As a nutrition guru and relationship expert, Cynthia encourages couples to support each other’s health goals and work together to make mealtimes more enjoyable, nutritious, and fulfilling.

“Your partner is the person you can rely on most to support you in your day-to-day life,” she said. “If, as a couple, you’re experiencing food conflicts, or you feel you’re not receiving the support you need, it can impact the quality of your relationship as well as your health.”

Cynthia goes in-depth into this topic in “Your Diet is Driving Me Crazy,” a book about the relationship hurdles involved in dieting, meal planning, grocery shopping, and healthful eating.

Cynthia has worked with many couples who disagreed about all sorts of food-related issues, including the age-old question, “What should we have for dinner?”

Some couples wanted to diet together but couldn’t agree on a regimen they both liked, and other couples fought over when and where to eat together. Some parents sought Cynthia’s advice because they couldn’t agree on how to plan meals for their children.

Cynthia has found resolutions to all of these issues by focusing on the facts of nutrition and health. She delivers sage advice based on years of studying, consulting, and working in the health industry.

“In my experience, every couple encounters some type of food conflict,” Cynthia said. “I believe that all of these conflicts can be resolved with open communication, non-judgment, and sensible compromises that each partner can live with.”

Cynthia Sass Inspires a Healthful State of Mind, Heart & Body

My boyfriend and I had to work together to ditch our indulgent habits and settle into a healthier dating pattern. It helps that we share similar fitness goals and health attitudes, but sometimes couples can run into conflicts or miscommunications when it comes to their mealtimes.

Fortunately, nutrition experts, like Cynthia Sass, can offer valuable guidance to singles, couples, and families. Cynthia can give her clients the inspiration, information, and motivation to stick to their health goals and make better decisions when planning date nights and family meals.

As a private health consultant, Cynthia can offer workable solutions to anyone experiencing obstacles on the road to healthy living.

“I can tell it like it is, while still being supportive and encouraging,” she said. “I hope to build my private practice and continue to write, speak, and consult about nutrition strategies for optimal energy and wellness.”