The Scoop: Since 1997, the CNY Fertility Center has offered affordable fertility treatments and holistic health care to singles and couples who want to start a family but have been unsuccessful carrying pregnancies to term. Board-certified OB-GYN and reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Robert Kiltz leads the medical team with a combination of heart and head, offering highly advanced treatments, including In Vitro Fertilization, for a fraction of the cost traditional clinics charge. With low prices and compassionate care, CNY Fertility has given hope to families from all walks of life.

A close friend of mine once struggled to get pregnant without knowing why. She was in her 20s and healthy, and there was no history of infertility in her family or in her husband’s family. But months passed, and she still wasn’t pregnant.

During this difficult time, she became obsessed with solving puzzles. She covered every table and countertop with jigsaw pieces, and she went on an escape room marathon on weekends. The puzzles were therapeutic for her. She couldn’t solve the puzzle of her womb, but she could put a 1,000-piece puzzle together in less than a day.

My friend’s story has a happy ending. After over a year of trying, she conceived a baby girl. However, most family-oriented couples need more than puzzles to help them solve issues with infertility. That’s where the heartfelt medical professionals at CNY Fertility come in.

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CNY Fertility Center assists couples of all ages, orientations, and income levels.

CNY Fertility is a world leader in reproductive medicine and offers affordable fertility treatments for individuals and couples who want to have a child.

The hands-on team runs clinics in Central New York, Georgia, and Canada, and they’re known for never turning patients away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 35-year-old single mother or a 20-something lesbian couple — the CNY Fertility team maintains that everyone deserves to have a family.

“It’s our mission to provide the world’s most comprehensive and accessible high-quality fertility solutions,” said William Kiltz, Communications Director at CNY Fertility. “That way, everyone has a fair opportunity to fulfill their dream of starting or expanding their family. In short, we’re Making Priceless Affordable™ for everyone.”

Providing High-Quality Care Since 1997

CNY Fertility has become well-known as one of the most affordable fertility clinics in the U.S. It slashes prices to about one-third of the going rate at other fertility clinics, and it also offers in-house financing and payment plans to ease the financial burden on new families.

For instance, the clinic offers 24-month payments on IVF treatments, and it will start treatment as soon as the first month’s installment is paid.

One of the founding principles of CNY Fertility is that fertility treatment should be available to everyone. That’s why it sets prices so low, and that’s why the team will never turn anyone away. The clinic does not have age requirements, BMI restrictions, or any discriminatory standards for incoming patients. If you want a family, then CNY Fertility wants to help you.

“At CNY, we believe true success is only found in helping everyone achieve their dream of starting or expanding their family,” William said. “As long as doctors educate the patients on their odds, we feel that it is ultimately their choice to pursue a specific treatment. The only exception is if we see that it could be dangerous to the patient or the fetus.”

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CNY Fertility uses a variety of innovative techniques to help with fertility.

CNY Fertility stands out for a number of reasons. It’s one of the only clinics to pursue reproductive immunology, which is an experimental field of reproductive endocrinology focusing on how the immune system can impact infertility.

Additionally, CNY Fertility pushes the boundaries of fertility medicine with its two sister companies CNY Healing Arts and CNY Preserve. CNY Healing Arts gives patients access to acupuncture, abdominal massages, and yoga, all of which is specifically designed to improve fertility. CNY Preserve, which launched earlier this year, focuses heavily on addressing the growing need for fertility preservation as our society continues to delay having children.

Although CNY Fertility is headquartered in Central New York, hence the name, less than half its patients are New Yorkers themselves. A majority of patients travel hundreds of miles to the clinic because they lack the fertility coverage they need and are facing prices they can’t afford in their own home state or home country (5% of patients are international).

CNY Fertility can work with patients all over the world by partnering with their local OBGYN, fertility clinic, radiology office, and/or laboratory to provide preliminary testing between treatments. Clients need only spend two to seven days in New York to receive treatment at the clinic.

CNY Fertility offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative for singles and couples looking for advanced fertility treatments and quality health care backed by board-certified OB-GYNs.

“With us, patients receive incredible care and often save over $10,000 per IVF cycle,” William said. “Our clients come from around the world and are from every corner of society. Infertility is something that doesn’t discriminate across any income, ethnic, or geographical boundary.”

A Team of Renowned Specialists Show They Care

CNY Fertility charges a fraction of the price of other fertility treatments, yet its success rate is competitive with other clinics in the U.S. A lot of patients ask CNY Fertility how they can keep their prices so low and still maintain high-quality fertility care that’s just as effective as other treatments.

The short answer is that the team cares about giving everyone access to quality health care, and they don’t give up on anyone or turn away any patient who wants to start a family.

“I think it’s because of the special people who work here,” William said. “We believe in accessible health care, and our team is led by some of the world’s most renowned reproductive endocrinologists.”

Photo of Dr. Robert Kiltz

Dr. Robert Kiltz created the Finger Lakes Region’s first successful IVF program.

CNY has a remarkably experienced and compassionate staff. Some of its nurse practitioners have been working at fertility clinics for over 30 years, and they take pride in their work. CNY’s nurses have been known to travel to hospitals on their days off to sit beside patients who have gone through a miscarriage.

The compassionate team spirit stems from the heart-driven leadership of Dr. Kiltz, the clinic’s founder and director who also happens to be one of the world’s leading fertility specialists.

“Dr. Kiltz is truly the face of CNY. His compassion, empathy, work ethic, and surgical skill are genuinely world-class,” William said. “Because we have so many great people, we put a lot of trust and give everyone enough autonomy to really shine.”

Fertile Ground for Sharing Experiences & Finding Support

CNY Fertility is brimming with success stories from singles and couples who overcame infertility and added healthy children to their families.

Nicole and Corey had three daughters and wanted to try for a son. But they spent over a year trying with no success. A doctor recommended CNY Fertility, and they began going there for treatment. “This is where our lives changed,” the couple said. “By a miracle I can’t even explain, not only did it work, but our pregnancy thrived.”

Nicole had a baby boy she and her husband named Colson, and she said she believes God led her to CNY Fertility to make her dreams a reality.

Photo of Karrie and Mark, CNY Fertility patients

CNY Fertility can offer life-changing assistance and support to couples struggling to get pregnant.

After getting married, Karrie and Mark were ready to start a family, and they turned to CNY Fertility for help. Karrie was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which meant it would be more difficult for her to get pregnant — but not impossible. Even after treatments failed, the couple kept trying. They endured five failed IUIs, two egg retrievals, five embryo transfers, 79 doctors appointments, and 276 shots, and, finally, they conceived a child.

“The nurses at the Syracuse location were amazing,” Karrie said. “They have seen me laugh, cry, and get angry, yet still handled me so well and helped me never lose hope.”

CNY Fertility is there for patients throughout their journeys. The clinic hosts online and in-person support groups that meet every week and discuss the challenges of infertility and give hope by sharing successes like the ones in this article.

The medical professionals at CNY Fertility are always looking for ways to boost morale and comfort patients going through tough times. Whether it’s through acupuncture, IVF treatments, or dietary supplements, there are a number of resources and remedies available to patients at CNY Fertility.

“We treat with a holistic approach allowing us to help guide you medically, spiritually, and emotionally,” William said. “We have designed our facilities to look and feel like a spa so that you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible during this very stressful time in your life.”

CNY Fertility Takes a Holistic Approach to Health

My friend was fortunate in that she was able to get pregnant without relying on modern medicine — but not everyone has that option.

Couples can experience infertility for a number of reasons, and they need to seek medical assistance to get pregnant and carry a healthy baby to term. However, most people can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments. That’s too high a financial burden to place on a growing family.

Fortunately, CNY Fertility offers state-of-the-art fertility treatments without an exorbitant price tag. Individuals and couples can trust these reproductive specialists to be there for them every step of the way and to offer holistic advice about how to take care of themselves and smooth the way for a successful pregnancy.

“People come to us to help them build their family,” William said. “For some, that means preserving their fertility to pursue their career or before undergoing chemotherapy. For others, it’s actively engaging in fertility treatments to expand their family now.”