The Scoop: Dentist Ben Underwood wanted his patients to brush their teeth more regularly and thoroughly, so he developed the Brush DJ app to make brushing more fun for everyone. The award-winning app plays two minutes of upbeat music and entertains individuals, couples, and families as they clean their teeth. The fresh tunes encourage users to keep brushing for the dentist-recommended two minutes. At the end of the day, Brush DJ can instill good habits and remind people to take care of their smiles.

In the House MD episode “Fools for Love,” Dr. Eric Foreman scoffs at the young, impassioned love of two teenagers who ran off together. He says that true love takes time to develop and mature. “Brush your teeth next to the same person every single day for 30 years,” he says. “That’s love.”

Brushing one’s teeth may not seem all that glamorous or romantic on the surface, but it’s an important part of a couple’s everyday life together. This task can bookend the day with a moment of quiet intimacy. It can bring couples closer and make those late-night or early-morning kisses that much sweeter.

The Brush DJ logo

Brush DJ plays music to support and reward healthy brushing habits.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the diligence to stick with the dentist-recommended regimen of brushing twice daily for at least two minutes, and they cheat themselves out of a bright, healthy smile by slacking on this chore.

Dentist Ben Underwood could tell that many of his patients weren’t spending enough time brushing their teeth, so he decided to create a fun app that could help foster better brushing habits. In 2012, he released Brush DJ to the general public and instantly transformed a tedious chore into a dance party.

Brush DJ accompanies your brushing time with two minutes of pop music and offers tips and reminders for proper teeth cleaning. Today, Brush DJ has been downloaded by more than 390,000 people in 201 countries and territories.

If you care about your teeth, your smile, and your relationship, you can do yourself a favor by adding Brush DJ to your favorite apps. Its musical regimen can motivate individuals, couples, and families to get brushing, dancing, and laughing in just two minutes.

Get In Sync With a Healthy Brushing Schedule

Brush DJ provides a fun playlist for teeth brushers of all ages. The app asks users to select an age range (from “under 3” to “over 18”) so it can provide age-appropriate tips.

It’s easy to get the hang of how Brush DJ works. You simply pick a background color, choose a song, get your toothbrush ready, and start brushing and/or dancing for two fun-filled minutes. You don’t have to keep an eye on the time because a timer will automatically alert you when you’ve brushed long enough.

Users can play a random song from their device, select a playlist from their device, play music from Apple Music or another cloud-based library, or play free music provided by Brush DJ. The app has a variety of songs in its catalog, and it highlights the most popular songs every week.

Brush DJ is obviously a great tool for families with small children who don’t like brushing their teeth, but it can also be a fun tool for couples who love to smile and dance. You can serenade your significant other while brushing and then end your jam session with a minty fresh kiss.

With the help of Brush DJ, couples and families can set aside time to take care of their teeth and rock out together. It’s a great opportunity to instill good habits and bring some excitement to a daily chore. At the very least, the musical experience can give people a reason to smile and show off their pearly whites.

The Brush DJ app can also set reminders for important teeth-related tasks, including when it’s time to visit the dentist or orthodontist, change their toothbrush, and/or floss or clean interdentally. The app can provide dentist-approved recommendations to make sure people stay on top of their oral hygiene. Users can even view animated videos on how to brush, floss, and care for teeth properly.

According to the app’s description, “Brush DJ has been developed by a dentist for anyone wanting to reduce their risk of gum disease and tooth decay. The app helps keep your smile healthy and breath fresh.”

Dentists & Families Agree: Proper Hygiene Rocks

Since its launch, Brush DJ has played backup to teeth-brushing singles, couples, and families around the world. Its supportive and fun-loving tools have helped people reinforce good dental habits, and the app’s many five-star reviews speak to its impact on this daily routine.

“I loved the app the couple times I’ve used it,” said Leatha Backus in a Google Play review. “The way the timer works is wonderful and so is being able to play my own music.”

Brush DJ has seen over 1,000 reviews in the App Store alone, and it boasts an impressive 4.7-star rating with many users recommending the app as a smile-whitening solution.

“Fantastic app. Never knew cleaning your teeth could be so much fun!” — A Google user

“I love this app!” said Gran Topherino. “It is so much fun to turn on my favorite music and have a solo dance party in my bathroom every time I brush my teeth! Plus my teeth always feel fresh-from-the-dentist clean because it ensures I brush them the full two minutes.”

In 2013, recommended Brush DJ as a healthy habit for readers who want to look after their teeth. The Brush DJ app has also received praise from top media outlets, including the British Dental Journal and The Telegraph.

“Brush DJ was borne out of frustration of seeing lots of people not brushing their teeth effectively, resulting in tooth decay and gum disease,” Brush DJ creator Ben Underwood said. “Two minutes of brushing twice a day would reduce all that suffering. I thought if I could make prevention fun, then that’d be good for everyone.”

Brush DJ Can Liven Up Your Daily & Nightly Routine

Everyone has their own idea of what love is. Hollywood tends to characterize it as an earth-shattering drama or a life-changing adventure. Sure, a whirlwind romance may get your heart pumping in the moment, but that’s not always the best foundation for a real-life relationship. As one fictional doctor put it, the couples who brush together stay together.

Brushing your teeth (much like a long-term relationship) requires a daily commitment, and a little discipline and TLC can yield remarkable benefits in the long run. The Brush DJ app can offer musical tools and educational resources to help couples follow through on their promises and take better care of their smiles.

The Brush DJ app serves as a helpful wingman and disc jockey as people brush their teeth day in and day out. By playing two minutes of carefree music, Brush DJ can empower people to bring more joy, health, and music to their lives.