The Scoop: In the last decade, Brilliant Earth has become a global leader in ethically sourced and environmentally responsible diamonds and gemstones. Its fine jewelry is made with compassion and conscience, and many customer testimonials praise the company’s high-integrity and high-quality collections. Couples looking to tie the knot can trust Brilliant Earth to create original engagement rings that represent their values and meet their standards.

In 2005, Beth Gerstein knew she was about to get engaged, so she began shopping for rings. She wanted an ethically sourced diamond she could be proud to wear. She didn’t want to sacrifice quality for integrity, yet she couldn’t find many responsible or trustworthy jewelers.

Photo of Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg

Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg co-founded Brilliant Earth in 2005.

Beth voiced her frustrations to an old Stanford classmate named Eric Grossberg, who, during business school research, had also come to believe the diamond industry was ripe for an ethical alternative and could create a positive impact on the environment and third-world countries. Beth and Eric recognized an opportunity to become a responsible leader in a non-transparent industry, so they launched a jewelry company that would hold suppliers and miners accountable.

Brilliant Earth was borne out of a desire for social change, and its forward-thinking team has continually set high ethical standards that challenge the status quo.

“Beth and Eric founded Brilliant Earth in 2005 with the goal of providing high-quality beautiful jewelry, while cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and compassionate jewelry industry,” said Kathryn Money, Vice President of Strategy and Merchandising at Brilliant Earth.

Today, Brilliant Earth has gone beyond conflict-free diamonds by upholding mining practices and standards that minimize environmental degradation, maintain safe labor policies, protect against human rights violations, and support community development.

Brilliant Earth leads by example and has given couples everywhere a sustainable, ethical, and high-tech alternative to traditional jewelers.

Bringing Transparency & Integrity to the Jewelry Industry

Responsible sourcing means something to the Brilliant Earth team. It’s more than a policy — it’s a commitment to all customers to do better and never compromise on what’s right. Brilliant Earth sources its diamonds and gemstones from specific mine suppliers that uphold internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards.

Brilliant Earth also uses recycled metals and offers lab-created diamonds to create jewelry pieces that don’t require any new mining at all. Lab-created diamonds are affordable, environmentally friendly, and increasingly popular among modern-day couples.

Photo of Brilliant Earth wedding rings

Brilliant Earth fosters a fun, personalized shopping experience online and offline.

You can start your search for the perfect engagement ring, wedding jewelry, or anniversary gift on Brilliant Earth’s user-friendly website. This portal allows customers to shop by style, shape, and featured collections — or you can create your own diamond ring and customize the setting, metal type, diamond, and size to suit your preferences.

“We offer exclusive, unique designs to suit our customers’ distinctive style preferences,” Kathryn said. “This is particularly important as more customers are seeking products that express their individual personalities.”

When you create a ring, Brilliant Earth offers a 360-degree view of the ring as well as several visualization tools, including a way to see the ring on a hand of practically any skin tone. You can play around with the shape of the diamond, the color of the metal, and the size until you get it exactly right.

Some customers prefer to complete their purchases online and have the jewelry delivered to their doorsteps, while others prefer to book appointments in the physical showrooms and view jewelry in an elegant setting. Brilliant Earth currently has showrooms in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Diego, Denver, and Washington, D.C., with plans to expand to other locations.

Customers in need of guidance can contact Brilliant Earth’s jewelry specialists by phone, email, live chat, or in the physical showrooms.

“We also offer a personalized high-touch experience across multiple channels,” Kathryn said. “As an omni-channel retailer, we enable our customers to shop where and how they want.”

A Mission-Focused Company Supports Social Change

Brilliant Earth is a leading retailer of ethically sourced bridal and fine jewelry, and the company continues to make positive changes to the jewelry industry and the global community.

“At Brilliant Earth, our culture is central to how our business operates and how we make decisions,” Kathryn said. “We have clearly defined values that help us articulate what is important to us, and we consistently utilize these values in hiring, coaching, and developing career paths.”

Photo of a Brilliant Earth ring

The Brilliant Earth team works hard to create a brighter future for everyone.

Innovation is at the heart of Brilliant Earth’s core values. The team embraces growth and change in every aspect of its business. These dreamers and doers constantly look for ways to improve and adapt to a fast-changing world.

Brilliant Earth’s team members are educated and passionate advocates for social change as well. Many employees give their time and energy to the company’s philanthropic activities, which have included beach clean-ups, food and clothing drives, and assembling baby kits for local refugee families.

What’s more, the company donates 5% of its profits to communities impacted by the jewelry industry. This money supports bright young students, builds community centers, furthers land restoration, funds mining watchdog groups, and stimulates economic development in third-world countries.

As Kathryn said, “We focus on empowering employees to ensure they have a sense of ownership and accountability for their work, and that they are making an impact on our business and the world around us.”

Millennials Have Embraced the Online Retail of Diamonds

Brilliant Earth has positioned itself as the jeweler of the future, and its message has resonated with the younger population in the U.S. According to its internal data, millennials and Generation Z make up two-thirds of all purchases.

These young 20-somethings and 30-somethings have grown up around technology and understand the importance of environmental protectionism, so they are a natural customer base for Brilliant Earth, which uses high-tech tools to power its moral mission.

As members of this demographic come of age and tie the knot, they seek jewelry that will represent who they are and what they want for their future.

Photo of a Brilliant Earth couple

Brilliant Earth rings have accompanied proposals on mountaintops, under water, and even in space.

“As sophisticated digital natives, millennials comfortably and extensively utilize technology throughout their entire engagement and wedding process,” Kathryn noted. “In addition to our responsible sourcing leadership and giving-back initiatives, Brilliant Earth has elevated the engagement ring purchasing experience for customers in several ways that resonate with our largely millennial customer base.”

Brilliant Earth’s seamless online customer experience appeals to younger individuals who feel comfortable making major purchases from online retailers.

Many of Brilliant Earth’s customers also recognize the importance of knowing where products come from and how they impact the world. When surveyed by the company, 80% of millennials said they believe it’s important for an engagement ring to be responsibly sourced.

“Our ethical sourcing, unique designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and exceptional personalized service set us apart from our competitors and create loyal customers who are strong brand advocates,” Kathryn said.

Brilliant Earth’s Fine Jewelry is Made With Love

Brilliant Earth has inspired many proposals since its launch in 2005, and every #BELove story is a testament to the joy that comes from doing things right. The company’s transparent and quality-driven policies have led to tremendous success and set a high bar for others in the industry.

Beth may have had trouble finding an ethically sourced diamond ring in 2005, but she has ensured that today’s couples won’t run into such issues. Brilliant Earth empowers customers to discover beautiful, personalized jewelry that supports love and kindness throughout the world.

“We love playing a part in such an important moment in our customers’ lives and providing them with a lasting symbol of love and commitment that also reflects their values,” Kathryn said.