The Scoop: Bershan Shaw is a warrior in life and love. She has overcome great personal challenges — including battling breast cancer twice — and now she travels across the country inspiring singles to believe in their power to change their lives. This motivational speaker and matchmaker understands that success and happiness starts from within, and she coaches her clients to bring out the best in themselves. In the last 10 years, she has created workshops, produced podcast episodes, and written books to teach valuable life skills to men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Singles can book a free one-on-one consultation to see what Bershan is all about and embark on a transformational journey toward a loving relationship.

Many singles come to matchmakers with preconceived notions about what they want in a partner. She’s got to be beautiful. He’s got to be tall. She needs a good sense of humor. He needs a college degree. They often approach the matchmaking process as if it’s a made-to-order menu of personality traits.

Some matchmakers cater to these demands. Some matchmakers will go out of their way to find a tall blonde who works out, loves dogs, and makes six figures, but that person may not actually be right for the client. Dating isn’t just about looks and qualifications. There’s an x-factor that can make or break a serious relationship.

Photo of Bershan Shaw, Warrior Matchmaker and Life Coach

Warrior Matchmaker Bershan Shaw guides singles on the path to love.

Bershan Shaw focuses on that x-factor when seeking compatible partners for her clients. This motivational speaker, life coach, and matchmaker listens to her own intuition as well as the client’s demands. She often looks past what clients say they’re looking for and tries to ascertain what they need to make a relationship work in the real world.

Backed by over a decade of experience, Bershan is a warrior matchmaker and life coach on a crusade to bring more love into the world. She has honed a simple and effective matchmaking system to help single men and women trade up after a divorce or a toxic relationship and land a fabulous date with someone who has relationship potential.

By getting to know her clients on a personal level, Bershan gains insight into what they’re looking for and how she can help them find true, lasting happiness in their lives. Sometimes that means setting them up with a dynamic date, and sometimes it means coaching them to approach men or women on their own. Whatever the situation, Bershan empowers daters to take control of their love lives and get the results they desire most.

“I want to change lives,” she said. “No one does it like me. I take the time to get to know the person’s beliefs. I will go on dates with my clients, so I see what’s going on.”

Pushing Singles Out of Their Comfort Zones

Bershan offers high-end matchmaking services for men and women seeking a long-term relationship. She caters to busy and successful professionals who haven’t been lucky in love and want to flip the script on their next date. She encourages singles to let go of their preconceived notions about what the perfect date looks or sounds like. She specializes in pairing up interracial couples.

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Over the last decade, Bershan has built her brand as a dating, relationship, and empowerment expert.

She’s upfront with her clients about what she can do for them, and she isn’t afraid to tell them what they need to do for themselves. Sometimes she has to persuade singles to think outside the box when looking for a compatible partner.

“Everyone lives in their comfort zones because it’s easy, but when you step out, you get to see the real you,” she said. “I push being different and trying different — otherwise everything is going to stay the same.”

Bershan keeps in close contact with her matchmaking clients throughout the process. She follows up with them to find out what they thought of the date and to talk through their options going forward. Her no-nonsense guidance comforts and bolsters singles as they consider making a lifelong commitment.

“We all come with our pasts, our fears, and our doubts,” she said. “But we have to come into relationships with a blank slate.”

Love Prescription™ Leads to Deep Healing & Happiness

In addition to matchmaking services, Bershan provides coaching services for the future warriors of the world. She acts as a career coach, a leadership coach, and a life coach for anyone feeling uncertain about how to move forward and get the life they want. First, she sits down with her coaching clients and evaluates them on a deeply personal level. Then she recommends how to heal their past hurts and move forward in a healthy way.

“I really know the psyche of my clients. It’s not just a piece of paper. It’s more than appearance and income,” she said. “I understand the psychology and the behavior. I can coach you to find what you want because it all starts with you.”

Bershan empowers her clients to understand what’s been going wrong in their relationships and how they can set it right. Whether you’re sitting down with her in a coaching session or her podcast episodes, you can learn a lot from Bershan’s upbeat outlook and indomitable spirit.

Photo of Bershan Shaw

Bershan has traveled across the country as a motivational speaker and author.

Bershan offers many helpful resources for people looking for inspiration and love. Her hands-on workshops prepare singles mentally and emotionally for a committed relationship. The Love Prescription course’s teleseminars, flash cards, and homework assignments inspire singles to take the lead in their love lives.

This relationship expert emphasizes the importance of self-love and authenticity in the dating scene. She identifies roadblocks on the path to marriage and promotes strategies to turn things around. Throughout the course, she pushes singles to develop strong relationship-building skills.

Susan Burch described Bershan’s workshop as “the best thing I ever did for myself.” She said the lessons she learned during the course have been invaluable to her.

Bershan makes an effort to get past surface-level problems like “I can’t find a date” or “I don’t like my job” and figure out why those issues are arising. She approaches personal issues from a psychological standpoint and prescribes solutions to end negative dating, relationship, and career patterns.

“If you’re staying on the surface, you’re not dealing with the real truth,” she said. “I love connecting people. I love helping people find love. I love matching people for life.”

Bershan Shaw Aims to Change Lives

Matchmaking isn’t just about finding someone a date — it’s about finding the right date. That special person doesn’t always check all the boxes in terms of looks, career, age, and other desirable traits. Compatibility isn’t that straightforward a formula, and love can sometimes spring from unexpected places. Bershan Shaw has found success as a matchmaker by looking beyond what her clients say they want and focusing on what they need from their romantic partners.

In the last year, nine of Bershan’s former clients have gotten married and four have gotten engaged. The warrior coach and matchmaker has seen insecure daters come into their own, and she has witnessed the transformational power of love countless times. Thanks to her compassionate and soulful coaching style, hundreds of singles have conquered their fears and gained clarity and confidence in the dating scene.

“I push people to push their boundaries,” she said. “I believe life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”