The Scoop: Tom Holland has spent the last three decades helping people lead healthy lifestyles, and his micro-workouts are perfect for everyday couples who train and diet together. As a world-renowned exercise physiologist and certified sports nutritionist, Tom can offer a lot of insights into health and fitness. According to his workout philosophy, consistent effort is the key to success, and it doesn’t take a gym membership to start. Tom, who is also Bowflex’s Fitness Advisor, has written several books, created hundreds of workout videos, and inspired countless individuals, couples, and families to take action and get results.

Tom Holland took an interest in health and fitness when he was 13 years old, and he has been honing his exercise regimen ever since. His passion led him to create TeamHolland LLC, a fitness consulting company that works with individuals, couples, families, companies, and organizations all over the world.

This success didn’t happen overnight — it took years of consistent dedication and hard work for Tom to position himself as a leading expert in the fitness world.

Photo of fitness expert Tom Holland

Tom Holland started his own fitness consulting company in 1998.

Tom jokingly refers to himself as the black sheep in his family. All of his five brothers followed in their father’s footsteps to work on Wall Street, but the finance sector didn’t appeal to Tom. He bounced around from job to job in his 20s before he decided he wanted to give his all to becoming a fitness instructor.

In the 1990s, Tom started working as a personal trainer in New York City. He entered the fitness industry with enthusiasm, and he helped many people hoping to lose weight, build muscle, and get healthier.

“I wanted to make my passion my vocation,” Tom told us. “It took a long time to get started, but I loved every minute of it. I still do.”

Today, Tom has built a brand around the idea that a little exercise can go a long way. He doesn’t buy into trending hacks or miracle-working secrets — instead, he offers science-backed exercise regimens that have proven successful for those singles and couples who stick with it.

Tried-and-True Exercises & Science-Based Recommendations

When Tom got his start in the fitness industry, he did a lot of one-on-one work and created specific action plans for his clients. He met with New Yorkers from all walks of life. Some were individuals training to run a marathon, while others were couples hoping to lose some weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

By leading workout sessions, Tom had the opportunity to see how diet, exercise, and discipline could transform a person’s body and build their self-esteem.

“It’s all about consistency,” Tom said. “I tell my clients, ‘just show up, and we’ll get you results.'”

Nowadays, Tom has expanded beyond individual workout sessions to offer workout videos, instructional articles, and virtual gym classes that teach his tried-and-true exercises to a larger audience.

Tom isn’t interested in reinventing or reimagining the traditional workout. His regimen involves push-ups, squats, lunges, and other proven exercises that have proven effective. “I’ve been doing this for years, and nothing has changed,” Tom said. “It’s the basic stuff that works.”

Singles and couples turn to Tom with a variety of health and fitness goals. Some focus on how they look and what they weigh, while others are more interested in building muscle, burning calories, becoming more active, and feeling healthier.

As a 51-year-old marathon runner, Tom understands that safety is an important consideration in any workout, and he does his best to promote workout routines that help people of all ages can get exercise without injuring themselves.

“My job is simple: Get the greatest results in the shortest amount of time and with the least likelihood of injury,” Tom explained. “My major claim to fame is that I’m 51, and I’m injury-free.”

“The Micro-Workout Plan” Offers an At-Home Health Regimen

Tom has written six books about health and fitness, and “The Micro-Workout Plan” is the newest book in his exercise library. Published in 2020, this self-help book encourages readers to skip the gym and still reach their health goals.

And the best part is that each workout regimen only lasts between 15 and 35 minutes.

Cover of "The Micro-Workout Plan"

“The Micro-Workout Plan” delivers a doable action plan for getting fit.

Throughout the book, Tom shares his philosophy that doing a little every day can go a long way toward supporting health and fitness. He has devised micro workouts that are more manageable for busy adults and can fit seamlessly into a daily schedule.

He calls his approach “excessive moderation,” and it allows individuals to do what they can when they can and still get great results.

In fact, the last three chapters of “The Micro-Workout Plan” showcase the success stories that Tom has seen over the years. From students to CEOs, this science-based workout regimen can benefit people at all stages of life.

“At the end of the day, I want to work with everyone and inspire everyone,” Tom said. “That’s what ‘The Micro Workout Plan’ is all about.”

In addition to promoting his new book, Tom is working on streamlining his online materials to one catch-all website and making workout resources easier to find. He is also looking into creating an educational documentary about health and fitness.

Those With a Supportive Workout Partner Get Fast Results

Tom has worked closely with singles and couples over the years, and he has seen how important a partner’s support can be in their workout regimen, commitment to a diet, and overall success.

He told us the story of a woman who, as a CEO, was at the top of her profession when she decided to reach for the top in the fitness world as well. She began going on daily runs with Tom at 5 a.m. in preparation for running in a 10k race.

Photo of Tom Holland

Tom Holland has worked as a fitness consultant for Bowflex, Nautilus, Schwinn, and Universal.

After she completed the race, she and Tom met up with her husband at the finish line and began to talk about the next big fitness goal she should try for. Tom brought up the idea of running a marathon, and the woman’s husband said she would never be able to do that.

Well, he was soon proven wrong. This powerhouse woman has since divorced her husband and run five marathons around the world.

It’s difficult to stay self-motivated when a significant other doesn’t believe in you, and that can be a make-it or break-it moment for a relationship. Couples who come together to show support and build each other up will naturally strengthen their bonds while working toward their goals. That can be a powerful motivator, especially if they’re training and dieting at the same time.

“Being consistent comes down to accountability,” Tom said. “Whether it’s a spouse or a friend who keeps you accountable and makes it more fun, that is a huge way to be successful with fitness.”

Tom Holland Motivates People to Lose Weight & Get Healthy

In his 20s, Tom left the finance sector and pursued a career as a health and fitness expert. He has led workout sessions, run marathons, written self-help books, hosted podcasts, and created trustworthy online resources to help singles and couples cultivate healthier habits.

Tom works hard to be a consistent and positive motivator for people, and he told us it’s all worth it when he receives emails from people saying they read his book and lost weight or when former clients follow up to say they’ve gained more confidence and reached their health, fitness, or life goals.

“I truly mean it when I say that I have the greatest job in the world,” Tom said. “I help people look better, feel better, and live longer, and there’s nothing better than that.”