The Scoop: Affairs have become more prevalent in society, whether they’re due to a marriage that has lost its luster or a relationship that isn’t meeting one partner’s needs. However, it isn’t always easy to find someone who has the same desire to engage in an affair. That’s the inspiration behind The Affair Site, an online dating site designed to help people act on their impulses. The platform allows users to quickly search for, and find, someone interested in participating in an affair or just having some no-strings-attached fun.

When it comes to sensitive subjects among couples, cheating is near the top of the list. While an overwhelming majority of people believe affairs are wrong, they have become increasingly common — but who is actually doing the cheating may come as a surprise.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, women in America aged 18 to 29 are slightly more likely to cheat than men. However, as couples age, the man becomes more likely to have an affair.

Overall, about 20% of men have admitted to having sex with someone other than their spouse, while 13% of women have admitted to doing the same. Additionally, statistics show that cheating often leads to divorce, which underscores the importance of not being caught.

The Affair Site logo

The Affair Site helps users have extramarital fun.

A spokesperson said keeping affairs discreet was the idea behind creating The Affair Site.

“The inspiration has always been to give people that opportunity to channel their wandering eye and having members who are just as willing to have an extramarital relationship,” he told us. “Plus, there are those who love the thrill of being with someone they shouldn’t. Everyone loves the taste of forbidden fruit. It’s the excitement of being caught that makes it taste so good.”

If there is unhappiness in a relationship and someone is looking outside of their marriage to meet unmet needs, The Affair Site can help.

Singles on mainstream dating sites are turned off by married men and women looking to have some fun on the side, which makes it challenging to connect with people willing to enjoy an affair.

The Affair Site allows those seeking extramarital affairs to connect with receptive partners while being completely honest about what they want.

An Extensive Database Makes It Easy to Start a Steamy Affair

The spokesperson said the team at The Affair Site has made finding someone interested in an affair fast and easy. And they have developed many convenient features along the way.

“With our Encounters feature, a few swipes open up a whole world of affairs very quickly. That has to be the feature we’re most proud of after many years of building,” he said. “Modern consumerism has all become about the speed in which you can acquire what you need. We realized that, and we deliver on it.”

The website’s interface is straightforward, and users are clear about engaging in no-strings-attached relationships. Members simply have to register on the secure site, set up a profile, and start looking for who they want.

Screenshot of recent members on The Affair Site

Members of The Affair Site understand exactly what other members want and don’t judge them.

The experience is similar to adult personal ads, but with a modern-day twist.

“Many people are turning away from conventional online dating and trying no-strings dating. Why commit to long term relationships when you can have fun whenever you want?” the site reads. “Casual relationships can be great fun, and sometimes, you need to do what feels right. A friend with benefits can bring all of the fun with none of the headaches.”

The spokesperson said the members of the site range in age between 18 and 65, with a nearly equal split between men and women.

“We have many young members who are looking to explore and fulfill fantasies that maybe others their age can’t,” he said. “Likewise, older couples are introducing themselves to much younger members.”

A Knowledgeable Team Provides How-Tos for Users

The Affair Site is filled with tips for not getting caught, since that is typically the most significant risk when it comes to having an affair. Of course, the risk is part of what turns many people on in the first place.

Still, it is worth learning some etiquette tips before embarking on this journey. First, the site recommends that the cheater pick up a second mobile phone. In today’s world, with so much of our lives documented on our devices, it just takes one text message — or a snooping spouse — to bring the affair out in the open.

And those participating in an affair need to create a cover story to explain why they’re out all the time. Don’t just say you’re “working late,” the team recommended, because that’s an overused excuse.

Screenshot from The Affair Site homepage

The Affair Site offers plenty of tips for users, so they don’t get caught cheating.

It’s also vital that people use protection so they don’t put their health, or the health of their spouses, at risk. Other tips include taking a shower afterward and never meeting a no-strings-attached date at home.

“There is a vast team behind the site, and we work together tirelessly to provide the optimal experience for our members,” the spokesperson said. “We want to make the journey as smooth and seamless as possible and not have members waste time on admin and endless chatter. We all know what goal our members have in mind.”

That’s why the site also encourages members to understand the risks associated with embarking on an affair. Before signing up and going for it, the site suggests they plan for the worst-case scenario. That means you need to think through all the implications and figure out what you would do if your spouse or significant other found out. And if you’re ready and willing, then go for it.

The Affair Site: Helping People Find Someone Who Won’t Judge Them or Their Situation

A marriage or relationship can become difficult when the spark is gone in the bedroom, especially after years of loving and caring for your partner. That’s why many people come to The Affair Site.

“Everyone needs a little black book of adult contacts to call on when they feel the need. But it’s not always simple to accumulate such a list,” the site reads. “That’s why adult dating sites can be so useful. They give you access to tons of dating contacts who want to enjoy naughty dating. We offer a discreet and secure way to conduct an online affair, and help you carry out your adventure in total secrecy.”

Perhaps one of the best parts about being a member of the site is that you know that whomever you connect with won’t judge you for your choices.

The spokesperson also said The Affair Site will expand to make it even easier to find a fling in more markets than before. Since users still covet privacy over most other features, the team is working on refining its mobile app.

“This year will see the site grow even more with our plans to expand further in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Australia,” he told us. “We also plan to revolutionize our mobile experience as we know more people are looking to meet others while they’re on the move.”