The Scoop: Take your texting to the next level with HiNOTE, the app that creates personalized and customizable personal communications. HiNOTE users can create text notes for every occasion, whether it’s a quick hello or a thoughtful birthday message. The app features countless predrafted notes, along with personalized stationery and special collections made in collaboration with influencers and fashion designers.

I love texting. I thoroughly enjoy sending a quick and funny message to a friend whenever I want, and as a writer, I have a special fondness for expressing myself in writing. A specific kind of humor can be developed through text messages thanks to the seamless integration of text, images, and videos.

There are a lot of people who don’t share my fondness for texting, and it’s understandable. When all you have to contend with in terms of reading tone, inflection, or intention is a little blue bubble of words, miscommunication can happen. As much as I enjoy texting, there’s nothing like talking face-to-face.

HiNOTE is bringing texting to the next level, making one of the most prevalent forms of communication more personal, thoughtful, and aesthetically pleasing. HiNOTE is an app that creates bespoke texts and notes for digital communication. Users can create personalized notes, send invitations, and enjoy one-of-a-kind collections made in collaboration with influencers and style icons.

Alexis Traina is the founder of HiNOTE. She told us about the app, its story, and all of the features users can enjoy. She also told us about the newest note collection, which features fabulously spicy messages made in collaboration with sexpert Dr. Emily Morse.

“HiNOTE makes crazy communications for everything from everyday banter, daily greetings, thank you notes, birthdays, friendship notes, personalized notes, monogrammed stationery– every kind of personalized, customizable text notes you could want,” Alexis said.

Customizable Notes For Every Occasion

HiNOTE appeared on the scene during the COVID-19 pandemic, when digital communications were pretty much all we had to stay in touch with one another. Social media, video calls, and text messaging became critical for us to stay connected at a time when nearly everyone was staying in their homes.

Pew Research Center conducted a survey of American adults in April 2021. They asked respondents about their experiences with and feelings about technology during the pandemic. Ninety percent of respondents said the internet had been essential or important for them personally during the coronavirus outbreak, and 40% reported they used digital technology differently during the pandemic than they had before.

hinote logo
HiNote adds a personal touch to text messages.

While digital technology enhanced life in many ways during the pandemic, it also caused some challenges. Forty percent of respondents reported feeling worn out or fatigued from spending too much time on video calls, while 33% said they tried to cut back on the amount of time spent on the internet during lockdowns.

Oftentimes, the lack of personal touch and connection is what tires folks out when they use the internet. We’ve never been more connected, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Alexis said HiNOTE was created to infuse a personal and meaningful feeling into a simple text message format. Small personal touches can go a long way, especially in digital communication.

“It’s been our mission to create this kind of designer communication that just didn’t exist before us,” Alexis said. “We use texting for so much now, for work, for planning events, for everything. HiNOTE levels it up.”

No More Basic Blue Text Bubbles

It’s super easy to use HiNOTE. Simply find the app in the App Store and download it. HiNOTE registration requires just your name and phone number. Once you’re in the app, you’ll find a homepage chock-full of different customizable notes.

Notes are separated by categories, including thank-you notes and messages for birthdays. There are diverse selections of notes within these categories – you can find notes to thank a friend for a great night out or a birthday card that you can customize with a photo of your loved one.

HiNOTE personalizes many of the notes with a user’s name or initials. In the stationery category, users will find several personalized stationery options. HiNOTE’s designs are diverse, so no matter what your personal preferences may be, you can find a template that suits your fancy.

hinote cards and notes
HiNote has personalizable cards for every occasion.

The holidays are often a time of year when we all rely heavily on digital communication, whether to make plans, send holiday wishes, or express gratitude. HiNOTE lets you take these texts to the next level. The app features holiday invites, photo cards, and thank-you notes. No matter what – or who – you celebrate, HiNOTE has a beautifully designed digital card for the occasion.

Once you’ve chosen a card, you can personalize it, add a message, and send it through text, email, and more. The greeting is sent as a high-quality standalone message if you send it over text. It’s a gorgeous upgrade that doesn’t take much time at all to make.

Alexis said that HiNOTE can be a helpful tool for couples. Couples who have been together for a long time and live together often struggle with making spending time together special. With HiNOTE, couples can send thoughtful messages to each other to plan a date night or just express their admiration. HiNOTE makes everyday messages all the more special.

HiNOTE Teams Up With Sexpert Dr. Emily

HiNOTE has collaboration collections with several influencers and brands. Users can find the Zoë de Givenchy collab, which includes invitations and blank personalized stationery. Zoë de Givenchy is a recognized entertainer, hostess, and founder and creative director of the luxury brand Z.d.G. The designs in this collection are antique, delicate, and elegant.

Alexis was excited to tell us about one of HiNOTE’s recent collaborations with sex expert and Doctor of Human Sexuality, Dr. Emily Morse. “We loved the idea of partnering with Dr. Emily because that’s just such a ripe space,” Alexis said. “We wanted to introduce a sexting collection that was inclusive and fun and gets the conversation moving.”

The collection is called Sexting with Sex w/ Emily and includes tons of sexy designs. There’s a card that pictures a napkin with a lipstick stain on it, with text that reads, “Love to see you again.” A different cheeky note also says, “Let’s get wildly inappropriate.”

hinote sex w/ emily collaboration
HiNote’s card set with Sex w/ Emily adds some spice to texting with your special someone.

The collection with Dr. Emily is spicy and sweet and a great way to keep things intimate even when you can’t be with your significant other. Dr. Emily is a sex and relationship expert and the host of the popular podcast, “Sex With Emily.” 

She’s helped tons of people struggling with sex and relationships and helped them find and maintain the health and happiness they’ve been looking for. HiNOTE users can know that these fun sexting cards were developed with expert influence.

HiNOTE is always expanding its note offerings. Alexis said she’s excited about the future of the app and doing more collaborations with different people and brands. She’s especially pumped for HiNOTE’s upcoming RSVP feature. This feature will allow users to send invites that include RSVP options. Recipients can use the digital invitation to select their RSVP response and submit it to the organizer.

Most of us send many texts every day, and HiNOTE gives us the opportunity to infuse these communications with a personal touch. “I feel like we’re taking life and making it more special,” Alexis said. “I love the feeling of it, you can see and feel the time and thought put into it.”