The Scoop: Forest is a top-rated productivity app that can help you reduce your screen time and make the world a little greener while you’re at it. Forest users put themselves on the clock and commit to setting their phones aside during study sessions, date nights, and other IRL activities. In return, the Forest team promises to plant a tree every time its users successfully stay off their phones for a set period of time. The Forest app offers a lot of fun features to encourage user engagement, and now it has a personality test that can lead to further growth, creativity, and connection in the online and offline space.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, especially if you spend most of your time staring at one screen or another. We live in a world full of notifications, newsfeeds, and clickbait, and all that noise can sometimes distract us from the important things in life.

At the end of the day, we could all use a little quiet time to reexamine our priorities and recommit ourselves to the ones we love most.

Screenshot of the Forest app

Couples can make the most of their time together by using Forest on date nights.

Fortunately, an up-and-coming productivity app called Forest is on a mission to clear away distractions and foster positive moments of clarity.

Forest challenges users to set their phones aside for a certain period of time and focus on being present in the real world. Some people use the app to promote screen-free dates, while others use it to stay on task while studying for a test.

If you successfully stay off your phone during the allotted time, you’ll be rewarded with a virtual tree added to your profile’s virtual forest. This tree represents a real-life tree that will be planted in your name by the Forest team. Just like that, you’ve done a good deed for the world and taken some quality time for yourself.

Forest can help people unplug, unwind, and undergo a mindfulness transformation. The app provides a real-world incentive to users who want to put their smartphones down and become more productive citizens of the world. To date, Forest users have helped plant over 606,000 trees around the world.

“The more users stay focused, the more real trees we can plant,” explained Forest Founder Marcus Pi. “To get users to engage in the app more will indirectly help save the environment. The very thought of helping the Earth just by staying focused is what we want people to think of when they use our app.”

A New Personality Test to Get People Talking

Forest’s motto is “Stay focused, be present,” and the team pulls out all the stops to get people’s attention and keep them on task. The app battles smartphone addiction by basically turning it into a game. If you can stay off your phone long enough, you will watch a virtual tree grow on your screen, and Forest will plant a real tree through its partnership with Trees for the Future.

“The initial motive of most Forest users is to stay focused while completing a task without getting distracted, and that is what we’re trying to convey through this Easter egg design.” said Marcus.

In 2019, Forest has come out with a lot of flashy promotional features to give people a reason to log in, and its personality test has become one of its most successful projects to date.

A lot of people have flocked to the Forest app ready to learn about themselves and grow as human beings. The personality test delighted users with its insights and scavenger hunts, and it gave daters something to talk about and share with one another.

Screenshot of Forest's personality test

Forest users can grow virtual and real-life forests by following through on their commitments.

The Forest personality test reveals people’s study type, ideal study place, and perfect study buddy by asking a few simple questions. Users choose a favorite song, a book, and a getaway destination, and the test intuits personality traits from that information.

At the end of the test, users can redeem one tree species. Plus, with an Easter egg, users have the opportunity to redeem the newest Forest tree — the Starburst Tree. Finding the Easter egg is easy as long as you refrain from tapping your phone to answer messages from friends during the personality test. As usual, if you stay on task, Forest will reward you.

Many Forest users took to social media to share their results and seek a study buddy with similar personality traits.

“All in all, we’re just really happy that the personality test was well-received,” Marcus said. “It exceeded our expectations, and we will definitely be holding more events like this in the future.”

The App Has Reached 1 Million Active Users Worldwide

Forest can be useful in a variety of real-world situations. It can be a mediation buddy for people looking to set aside 10 minutes to an hour of quiet time. It can be a wingman on dates where couples agree not to check their phones. And it can be a support system that removes distractions while you study for a test or read for pleasure.

The Forest team says that a majority of users depend on the app to help them get work done. Its environmentalism appeals to young students who care about making the world greener and want to stop procrastinating on their studies.

Screenshot of Forest

This app holds users accountable for staying off their smartphones.

It’s no wonder that Forest has 4.5 stars on Google Play and 4.9 stars in the App Store. The app helps people focus on the things that matter to them, and it has led to hundreds of thousands of new trees being planted.

“This helps me keep track of myself,” said one Forest user. “Seeing the record of my study time also encourages me to improve more and more every day.”

“The trees are beautiful, the gamified elements are very well-designed, and creating your daily forest is very satisfying,” said Grace Knight in a review. “In short, this app will make you happier.”

Forest has won over many people looking to buckle down and complete time-consuming tasks, including study sessions, wedding planning, and yoga routines.

Since its launch, Forest has cultivated a global audience, and it sees over 1 million daily active users stretching from the U.S. to Indonesia and Thailand. As singles and couples become more conscious of how much time they spend online, they have begun seeking solutions, like Forest, to help them reconnect with the real world.

Forest Can Help Singles & Couples Be Present When It Counts

Forest is always growing to meet the needs of today’s digital natives. The development team evaluates the app’s content, usability, and efficacy to make sure it is doing its part to curb smartphone addiction and deforestation on a global scale.

Whether you’re preparing for a test or going out on a date, Forest can help you keep your smartphone from distracting you from your personal goals.

With its personality test and tree-planting program, Forest has come up with innovative ways to motivate people to open the app, put down their phones, and engage with people in the real world. This ambitious app is unlike anything else on the market because its goal isn’t to keep people swiping and scrolling but to set them free of their technological bonds so they can live in the moment and get more stuff done.

“Our hope is for Forest to become not just a tool to help stay focused, but a friend to accompany you as you study,” said Marcus. “We want Forest to be something that you can always rely on.”