The Scoop: Fanfiction gives readers the chance to explore their deepest fantasies, including their sexual desires. The creators of Fangasm put an entertaining spin on erotic fanfiction by reading it on their podcast with accompanying comedic commentary. Their hilarious delivery makes the material more approachable for listeners while providing a forum to enjoy their favorite fandoms in fun, unexpected ways.

Most people would agree that sex can be a little silly at times. Forgetting the adventurous or unconventional, even vanilla sex can have awkward, messy, or downright funny moments. These missteps may feel mortifying and shameful to a person not yet settled in their sexual confidence. But as people gain more experience about their sexuality, they learn to find levity in sex. The ability to laugh off those awkward moments in the bedroom is not a sign of immaturity but rather a mark of the confidence that comes with being comfortable in your sexuality. 

People usually gain sexual confidence from experience. But people are surrounded by images and information on what happens in the bedroom. Many young people learn about their sexual preferences, fantasies, and desires through music, film, and literature that discusses sexual content in some capacity. Fanfiction works can also provide space for sexual discovery. 

Fangasm podcasters
Fangasm is a podcast that celebrates fanfiction’s raunchiest romps.